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                                               WE ARE WHAT WE EAT                                                (Ancient Eastern wisdom)

Doctors, nutritionists all over the world come together at last in the list of the most harmful products for humans. Apparently not

nothing worse than sausage rolls in combination with lemonade.

1. Sweet drinks.

Created not to quench their thirst, and for its evocation.

Differ giant sugar: one glass of it for at least five teaspoons.

2. Potato chips, especially cooked not from whole potatoes, and puree.

What it is is a mixture of carbohydrates and fat, plus artificial flavoring.

3. Candy bar.

The combination of large amounts of sugar and various chemical additives provides high caloric content and the desire to eat them again and again.

4. Sausages, boiled sausages, pates and other products of the so-called hidden fats.

Their composition fat, visceral fat, pork skin occupy up to 40% of the weight, but disguised as meat, including those with taste


5. Fatty meats, especially fried.

High fat diet leads to weight gain.

The abundance of food that contains a large number of substitutes and dyes gradually poisons the body, however, and is addictive.

Cooked food sensation of satiety.

Coarse plant food stimulates the digestive system.

Therefore, as your daily diet so that it included as many raw fruits and vegetables.


The list of harmful products:

Chewy candy, candy, "meybony", "lollipop".

They contain a lot of sugar, chemical additives, colorants, and the substitutes

so on.

Chips, like corn and potatoes - are very harmful to the body. Chips - this is nothing but a mixture of carbohydrates and fat in the shell colors and taste substitutes. Just do no good eating potatoes - Fries.

Sweet drinks - a mixture of sugar, chemicals and gases - to quickly spread through the body of harmful substances. Coca-Cola, for example, a wonderful means of lime scale and rust. Carbonated soft drinks are harmful and a high concentration of sugar - the equivalent of four or five teaspoons, diluted in a glass of water. Therefore, quenching his thirst a soda, you're through for five minutes again want to drink.

Chocolate bars. This huge amount of calories, combined with chemical additives, genetically modified foods, dyes and flavors.

Hot dogs and sausages. Deli meats are some of the most harmful products. They contain so-called hidden fats (pork skin, fat, visceral fat), all veiled flavors and taste substitutes. Many manufacturers of meat products using transgenes. So sausages, sausages, sausages by 80% (!) Consist of transgenic soybeans.

Fat meat contributes to the formation of cholesterol plaques on sosudak, which accelerates the aging process and leads to cardiovascular disease.

Mayonnaise. Mayonnaise is a very high-calorie product, in addition, contains a great amount of fat and carbohydrates, as well as coloring agents, sweeteners, substitutes, and so on. Some of the harmful products is not just mayonnaise and ketchup and various sauces and dressing, in a wide range presented in our shops. The content of colorants, flavors and substitutes genetically modified foods in them, unfortunately, not less.

Instant noodles. All this solid chemistry that deals unquestionable harm to your body.

Salt. Salt lowers blood pressure, salt and violates Kislova balance in the body, contributes to the accumulation of toxins. So if you refuse it can not, then, at least, try not to use it in large quantities.

Alcohol. Even at the minimum prevents absorption of vitamins. Alcohol also very high in calories by itself.


After 10 minutes:

10 teaspoons of sugar "hit" on your system (this is the recommended daily rate). You will not pull and tear, because phosphoric acid inhibits sugar.After 20 minutes.

There will be a leap of insulin in the blood. Liver converts the sugar into fat.After 40 minutes.

Caffeine absorption is complete. Your pupils are dilated. Blood pressure will increase, because the liver emits more sugar

blood. Adenosine receptors are blocked, preventing drowsiness.After 45 minutes.

Your body will increase the production of the hormone dopamine, which stimulates the pleasure center of the brain. The same principle of action in heroin.An hour later.

Phosphoric acid binds calcium, magnesium and zinc in your gut, speeding up metabolism. Increases the excretion of calcium through

urine.More than an hour.

Diuretic effect comes into play. Derived calcium, magnesium and zinc, which are in your bones as well as sodium,

electrolyte and water.More than a half hour.

You become irritable or lethargic. All water containing a Coke, appears in the urine.

Who supplies WORLD with GM food?

PictureWhose products contain transgenic ingredients?Kellogg's (Kellogs) - produces cooked breakfasts including cerealsNestle (Nestle) - produces chocolate, coffee, coffee drinks, baby foodUnilever (Unilever) - produces baby food, mayonnaise, sauces, etc.Heinz Foods (Hayents Foods) - produces ketchup, saucesHershey's (Hershis) - produces chocolate, soft drinksCoca-Cola (Coca-Cola) - Coca-Cola, Sprite, Fanta, Tonic "Denali"McDonald's (McDonald) - a network of "restaurants" fast foodDanon (Danone) - produces yogurt, kefir, cottage cheese, baby foodSimilac (Similac) - produces baby foodCadbury (Cadbury) - produces chocolate, cocoaMars (Mars) - produces chocolate Mars, Snickers, Twix PepsiCo (Pepsi-Cola) - Pepsi, Mirinda, Seven-UpManufacturer company Kellog "sCorn Flakes (cereal) Frosted Flakes (cereal) Rice Krispies (cereal) Corn Pops (flakes) Smacks (cereal) Froot Loops (cereal-colored rings) Apple Jacks (cereal-flavored apple rings) All-bran Apple Cinnamon / Blueberry ( bran flavored apple, cinnamon, blueberry) Chocolate Chip (chocolate chips) Pop Tarts (pastry stuffed with all flavors) Nutri-grain (toast filled with all kinds) Crispix (cookies) Smart Start (cereal) All-Bran (Flakes ) Just Right Fruit & Nut (flakes) Honey Crunch Corn Flakes (cereal) Raisin Bran Crunch (cereal) Cracklin "Oat Bran (Flakes)Manufacturer company Hershey'sToblerone (chocolate, all kinds) Mini Kisses (candy) Kit-Kat (chocolate bar) Kisses (candy) Semi-Sweet Baking Chips (Cookies) Milk Chocolate Chips (cookies) Reese's Peanut Butter Cups (peanut butter) Special Dark (dark chocolate ) Milk Chocolate (milk chocolate) Chocolate Syrup (chocolate syrup) Special Dark Chocolate Syrup (chocolate syrup) Strawberry Syrop (strawberry syrup)Manufacturer company MarsM & M's Snickers Milky Way Twix Nestle Crunch (chocolate rice flakes) Milk Chocolate Nestle (chocolate) Nesquik (chocolate drink) Cadbury (Cadbury / Hershey 's) Fruit & NutManufacturer company HeinzKetchup (regular & no salt) (ketchup) Chili Sauce (Chili sauce) Heinz 57 Steak Sauce (with meat sauce)Manufacturer company Hellman'sReal Mayonnaise (Mayonnaise) Light Mayonnaise (Mayonnaise) Low-Fat Mayonnaise (mayonnaise)Manufacturer company Coca-ColaCoca-Cola Sprite Cherry Coca Minute Maid Orange Minute Maid GrapeManufacturer company PepsiCoPepsi Pepsi Cherry Mountain DewManufacturer company Frito-Lay / PepsiCo (GM components may be present in the oil and other ingredientsLays Potato Chips (all) Cheetos (all)Manufacturer company Cadbury / Schweppes7-Up Dr. PepperManufacturer company Pringles (Procter & Gamble)Pringles (chips with flavors Original, Low Fat, Pizza-licious, Sour Cream & Onion, Salt & Vinegar, Cheezeums)Information provided by GreenpeaceInformation provided by the Center for standardization and certification of the Russian Health MinistryIMPORTANT ABOUT SOEINJURY
Discussed the hot issues of genetically modified soybeans - it's just the problem of producers in the fight for market (after all just sort of apples are also genetically modified in relation to other species).

For the consumer, it is important to others - all, without exception, soybeans, because of their species, soybean contains flavonoids (isoflavones, including diadzein) - plant analogs of the female hormone estrogen, which in soybeans in 1000 than in other plants .

So every time you eat soy (or industrial products of meat, with the inevitable predominance of soy flour in them), you conduct yourself (or your children) effective hormone therapy, with all the negative consequences (including those leading to allergy, immune deficiency and obesity).

Oh, and the risk of miscarriage facts from those of mothers who consumed a significant amount of products made of natural soy or soy shallow processing, has long been established.

And that is the main soy "substitute" meat in all industrial products of meat (meat almost did not put).

Especially harmful soy consumption when there is a formation of the endocrine system - and it is during fetal development and infancy to 15-16 years.

Therefore, soy can only be considered as a valuable technical, but not food crops.

And for the power of the people there are very friendly bean beans, peas, beans - eat on health, especially in the winter.

(Beans are not widely popular, as most people do not know how to cook, and it turns out, in spite of a long soak, hard, vitreous.)

The most useful products for health (diet)

Prunes and dark plum, dark grapes, and all that is made of it (red wine, red and purple grape juice, black raisins, etc.), various beans, as red and even black tomatoes and their derivatives (pasta Natural ketchup, canned food, etc.), beets, apples, black currant and chokeberry (aronia), cabbage, and especially red and purple cabbage and eggplant dark, dark cherries, spinach, artichokes, raspberries, pomegranate, grapefruit , strawberries, cranberries, blackberries, garlic, onions, tea, cocoa, and low-calorie products made of it, different nuts, most types of greens.

Particularly useful are the seedlings of beans, peas, alfalfa, mustard, watercress, soybeans, wheat, etc.

In general, soybean ... still in question. Alcohol at a dosage of 50 grams of alcohol per day.(According to the site Alpha-Omega)+ + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + 

Genetic SafetyA complete set of studies on the impact of GMOs on human and animal is not held. Assessment of risks from the consumption of food GMO products now available on the basis of fragmentary data and disparate scientific facts.To create a frost-resistant tomato gene used North American plaiceWhat is a GM plant?This plant, in which foreign genes are inserted in order to improve the properties of useful plants, such as the development of resistance to herbicides and pesticides, increasing resistance to pests, improve yield.How are GM plants?They are produced by the introduction of DNA into plant gene from another organism. Donors could be bacteria, viruses, other plants, animals and even people. For example, get frost resistant tomato, which is built into the DNA of the gene of the North American plaice. To create wheat varieties resistant to drought, used gene scorpion.Who and when created GM organisms (GMOs)?First transgenic products have been developed by the company "Monsanto" (USA). The first planting of transgenic crops have been made in 1988, and in 1993 the first products with GM ingredients became available. In the Russian market the transgenic products in the late 90's.What GMOs are dangerous to human health?Many scientists fear that GMOs increase the risk of dangerous allergic reactions, food poisoning, mutations and cause the development of resistance to antibiotics.What is the danger of GMOs to the environment?Scientifically documented anecdotal evidence of destruction in areas of growing GM crops of entire groups of insects, the emergence of new mutant forms of weeds and insects, biological and chemical contamination of soil and the gradual loss of biodiversity, especially in the centers of origin of cultivated plants.What GMOs are dangerous for the Russian agriculture?Introduction of GMOs in agriculture threatens Russia, first, the reduction of long and impoverishment of biodiversity and species, and secondly, getting into economic dependence on producers of GM crops and the loss of such an important domestic industry as a seed, and third, to undermine our product security and, in the fourth, - environmental degradation across the country.Whether to allow GMOs in Russia?Yes. Our country is allowed to use 14 types of GMOs (8 varieties of maize, four varieties of potatoes, one variety of rice and one variety of sugar beet) for sale and food. While only in Moscow, Nizhny Novgorod and the Belgorod region has a law that bans the sale and production of baby food with GMOs. Industrial production of GMOs are not allowed, but in order to get approval, each grade must pass environmental review and obtain a certificate of registration.How to distinguish GM foods?If the product contains more than 0.9% GMO, this have to be reported on the package. Appropriate changes to the RF Law "On Protection of Consumer Rights" were made Dec. 12, 2007. However, direct labeling "Contains GMO" does not exist. GMO and its percentage should be indicated in the list of ingredients of the product.If the content of GMOs in the product does not exceed 0.9%, the manufacturing company can deliver on its product icon "No GMO". This marking - voluntary. It can be found now only in Moscow. Since June 2006, the capital declared a "zone free of GMOs." Moscow government adopted the law "On Food Security" prohibits the use of transgenes in baby food, to spend the city's budget for the purchase of GM products, as well as to finance the production, which use feed containing GM ingredients.In the regions, the basic guideline for buyers can still serve as marking "No transgenic" and Greenpeace guide "How to choose products without transgenes."

GMOs - genetically modified foods:

Picture 83 of 8537List of GM products:Genetically modified organisms (GMOs) are developed as a biological weapon, a deterrent to population growth and a means of undermining food security.GMOSo, the first in the list:Tea "Lipton"Coffee "Nescafe"Modified coffee is actively growing company "Nescafe". So far, the vast plantations of the coffee is grown only in Vietnam.List of GMOs:Production company UnileverLipton (tea)Brooke Bond (tea)Conversation (tea)Calve (mayonnaise, ketchup)Rama (oil)Crumpet (margarine)Delmas (mayonnaise, yogurt, margarine)Algida (ice cream)Knorr (seasoning)Production company NestleNescafe (coffee and milk)Maggi (soups, soups, mayonnaise, spices, mashed potatoes)Nestle (chocolate)Nestea (tea)Nesquik (chocolate)Production company Kellog'sCorn Flakes (cereal)Frosted Flakes (cereal)Rice Krispies (cereal)Corn Pops (flakes)Smacks (flakes)Froot Loops (cereal-colored rings)Apple Jacks (cereal-flavored apple rings)All-bran Apple Cinnamon / Blueberry (bran flavored apple, cinnamon, blueberry)Chocolate Chip (chocolate chips)Pop Tarts (pastry stuffed with all flavors)Nutri-grain (toast filled with all kinds)Crispix (cookies)Smart Start (flakes)All-Bran (Flakes)Just Right Fruit & Nut (flakes)Honey Crunch Corn Flakes (cereal)Raisin Bran Crunch (flakes)Cracklin 'Oat Bran (Flakes)Production company Hershey'sToblerone (chocolate, all types)Mini Kisses (candy)Kit-Kat (chocolate bar)Kisses (candy)Semi-Sweet Baking Chips (cookies)Milk Chocolate Chips (cookies)Reese's Peanut Butter Cups (arahisovoemaslo)Special Dark (temnyyshokolad)Milk Chocolate (molochnyyshokolad)Chocolate Syrup (shokoladnyysirop)Special Dark Chocolate Syrup (shokoladnyysirop)Strawberry Syrop (strawberry syrup)Production company MarsM & M'sSnickersMilky WayTwixNestleCrunch (chocolate rice flakes)Milk Chocolate Nestle (chocolate)Nesquik (chocolate drink)Cadbury (Cadbury / Hershey 's)Fruit & NutCompany proizvoditelHeinzKetchup (regular & no salt) (ketchup)Chili Sauce (Chilisous)Heinz 57 Steak Sauce (souskmyasu)Production company Hellman'sReal Mayonnaise (mayonnaise)Light Mayonnaise (mayonnaise)Low-Fat Mayonnaise (mayonnaise)Manufacturing company Coca-ColaCoca-ColaSpriteCherry CocaMinute Maid OrangeMinute Maid GrapeProduction company PepsiCoPepsiPepsi CherryMountain DewProduction company Frito-Lay / PepsiCo (GM components may be contained in the oil and other ingredients)Lays Potato Chips (all) (chips)Cheetos (all) (chips)Production company Cadbury / Schweppes7-UpDr. PepperProduction company Pringles (Procter & Gamble)Pringles (chipsysovkusami Original, Low Fat, Pizza-licious, Sour Cream & Onion, Salt & Vinegar, Cheezeums)Honey can be harvested from genetically modified plants.The high frequency information that bees can not pollinate genetically modified crap. Hence, there is such.Fig. Generally, it is best not to buy the anonymous class of plant foods, but concrete. For example, rice "Basmati". Most likely, in this case, the product will not be GMOs.Anonymous figure, as well as Chinese and Taiwanese, most likely, is transgenic.Russia - one of the main importers of this product from China. However, according to environmentalists, the Chinese two years produce GM rice informally and have it delivered for export.The fact that China is illegally cultivated genetically modified rice, environmentalists said in April. "In the spring of 2005," Greenpeace "took samples of rice obtained from suppliers, farmers and millers from the PRC for genetic examination in German laboratory Genescan, - said" NO "spokesman" Greenpeace Russia "Maya Kolikova. - It turned out that more than two thirds of the samples (19 of 25) were genetically modified.In a survey of farmers and grain suppliers from China found out that for more than two years of illegal transgenic rice is grown and actively sold both domestically and abroad. "The situation, according to environmentalists, is compounded by the fact that the PRC government is considering the legalization of industrial production of GM rice. "The Greens" believe that the strongest of all the actions of the Chinese authorities will suffer the Russians - with the product of the country's more than 60% of our rice imports.However, in this case there are both bad, but the pluses. Until now rice supplied to Russia, formally considered unmodified, and checks the content of GMI was conducted. Therefore, no one can say how many transgenes we ate and still eat. If, however, the consumer will have the information about where it comes from rice, it will be able to decide whether to buy him a product or not.Environmentalists, however, see the problem is not so much the rump, from which you can really give much in distributing products with the addition of rice flour, including many children - infant formula and cereal, noodles, convenience food. Country of origin of the ingredients, the manufacturers usually do not show.I note that the "Indica", a term which can be found on the package of rice, not the original title of any sort. It only means long-grain rice. He may be from China.Attention! Signs of transgenic fruits and vegetables.Can you tell the modified fruits and vegetables from the natural?Overly neat little different from each other tubers or tomatoes perfectly correct form - a reason to think. After all, a sure sign of genuine natural products - the presence in the mass "eaten by" insects and rotten pieces. GM food insects do not eat ever! If we cut the natural tomato or strawberry - they immediately give juice, unnatural shape stability.The most famous products containing GM ingredients:(According to Greenpeace)1. Snickers candy bars2. Pepsi3. Maggi seasoning4. Pringles potato chipsVegetable stalls piled "Volgograd" tomatoes, the twins look like Turkish. It turns out that in Volgograd for years cultivated on a large scale only imported "plastic" variety with no taste or smell.I would not be surprised if they're GMO. I stopped buying these varieties of tomatoes, and used to buy rare.
From an article by E. Yakusheva "What transgenic foods?":Now 90% of the exports of transgenic foods - corn and soybeans. Popcorn, which trade on the streets everywhere, all 100% made from GM maize, with appropriate markings on it still lacks. Soy products in North America or Argentina by 80% - GM products.GM products are attractive to retailers. For example, genetically modified fruits and vegetables are in the 4 - 5 times cheaper than their natural counterparts.From the book Linizy Zhuvanovny Zhalpanovoy:"Products that kill you":Transgenic products are purchased by Russia in other countries, with the permission of the Health Ministry of the Russian Federation. According to statistics, about 70% of imported products made from genetically modified raw materials. These products include: soya products, flour, chocolate, chocolate bars, wine, baby food, milk powder, milk, sour milk, yogurt, cottage cheese, soft drinks, canned corn, tomatoes, corn, biscuits, starch, soy protein, soy oil, soy lecithin, cottonseed oil, syrup, tomato sauce, coffee and coffee drinks, popcorn, cooked breakfasts, etc.It is assumed that some of the imported beer also contains a genetically engineered molecule, takes a drink from the modified yeast.According to the National Association for Genetic Security, about one third of all the products in the Russian market are composed of genetically modified ingredients.Reference Greenpeace "Avoiding the use of products with genetically modified ingredients (GM food)?"From here, on the website "Greenpeace"Directory contains listings of food companies, divided into three categories (green, orange and red list) by the presence of GM ingredients in products.In the New Year's menu-store often include canned vegetables. But canned corn and peas are extremely undesirable. They are GMO.According to the six-week study of our food is just crammed with genetically modified organisms. And the food is the most popular in our area - sausages, dumplings, dry soups, canned vegetables, chocolate.Environmentalists ("Greenpeace" and Ukrainian Environmental League) categorically include in this list the products of well-known brands - Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Nestle, Gallina Blanka, Knorr, Lipton, Bonduel. The full list of companies that have confirmed that their products may contain GM components or denied their use, can be found at www.ecoleague.net."The results showed that 18 of 42 randomly selected food content of genetically modified soybeans than 3 percent - said the CEO" Ukrmetrteststandarta "Michael Muharovsky. - In this case, nine of them did not indicated the presence of soy protein. "Bonduel, so the black list!I understand that the accuracy of what is listed, is not guaranteed, as the sources of information can be questionable. But otherwise I have almost no way to keep such a list at all.Orchard, mashed Rich-genetically modified foods.By the way, the first genetically modified products on the market - it is a food banana, and any (to increase productivity it is roughly duplicated set of chromosomes).If about banana man: polyploidy - is a form of genetic modification (because the chromosome set is compared with the original body), most importantly, cheap and cheerful. But its journalists have not yet learned to frighten the people.Firm "Mistral" is probably not intentionally labels on packs of the country growing grasses and legumes, which are in the package. The fact that it is "lit up" in the sale of American culture, which, most likely, are genetically modified. Not marked and "Basmati". Unfortunately, I only found out today, it is highly probable that may be transgenic. From the book "Seeds of Destruction. Hidden Agenda of Genetic Manipulation" by F. William Engdahl:Texas biotech company "RaysTek" has decided that it will receive payments for patents on rice "Basmati" variation, which for millennia has been a staple of everyday nutrition in India, Pakistan and Asia. In 1998, "RaysTek 'patented genetically modified rice" Basmati "and due to American laws prohibiting genetic labeling of products," RaysTek "managed to sell it legally, marking as plain rice" Basmati ". Found that "RaysTek" dubious means captured the precious seeds 'Basmati', which had been placed in storage at the International Research Institute of Rice Rockefeller Foundation in the Philippines (IRRI). (10)In the name of "security" IRRI did duplicate the priceless collection of rice seeds collected in the Philippines, and has kept it in the seed bank in Fort Collins, Colorado, gave a very dubious promise that the seeds will be stored as a secure supply of seed rice to farmers regions. IRRI has convinced farmers that provide their precious finds in IRRI varieties of rice seeds will provide their own security.Back in the Philippines Colorado IRRI gave valuable seeds (without which "RaysTek" may not have made their patented genetic modifications) researchers' RaysTek "which immediately patented all possible. They knew that it was quite illegal: even in Texas rice researchers know that rice "Basmati" usually does not grow in the dusty plains around Crawford Texas. (11)"RaysTek" in collusion with IRRI stole the seeds for a patent. Moreover, according to carefully explore the rules established by the Rockefeller Foundation's IRRI, although the seeds of a gene bank can not be patented, but it is possible to patent any man-made advanced variation on them.
Grade of "Jasmine" also has GM modification.From the article "Transgenic" Senor-tomato "and Dolly the sheep ...":Delay ripening fruit can already collected by placing them in special conditions. With the help of carbon dioxide block the action of ethylene released by the fruit. These properties are manipulated traders carrying bananas, citrus fruits, and vegetables - and tomatoes in particular. They are going green, and in a way was treated with ethylene, causing artificial ripening. These fruits and vegetables lose their taste, ripen unevenly. And see this easily. Here, for example, tomatoes that we buy in the market that looks red, and inside - white. Delay ripening is due to the fact that most of those tomatoes that we have sold, imported from Turkey, and they all transgenic. Even on the box in which they are packed, written TRANSGEN.Excerpts from Michael Ephraim: "Caution! Harmful products! "Supplements with high probability content GI-components:• E-153 - Vegetable Carbon (coal plant);• E-160d - Annatto, Bixin, Norbixin (annatto, biksin, norbiksin);• E-161c - Paprika extract, Capsanthin, Capsorubin (paprika extract, capsanthin, kapsorubin);• E-308 - Synthetic Gamma-tocopherol (y-tocopherol synthetic);• E-309 - Synthetic Delta-tocopherol (d-tocopherol synthetic);• E-471 - Mono-and Diglycerides of Fatty Acids (Mono-idiglitseridyzhirnyhkislot) ;);• E-472a - Acetic Acid Esters of Mono-and Diglycerides of Fatty Acids (efirymono-идиглицеридовуксуснойжирныхкислот) ;);• E-473 - Sucrose Esters of Fatty Acids (эфирысахарозыижирныхкислот) ;);• E-475 - Polyglycerol Esters of Fatty Acids (эфирыполиглицеридовижирныхкислот) ;);• E-476 - Polyglycerol Polyricinoleate (полиглицеринполигрицеринолеаты) ;);• E-477 - Propane-1, 2-diol Esters of Fatty Acids (propane-1 ,2-diolovyeefiryzhirnyhkislot) ;);• E-479b - Thermally Oxideized Soya Bean Oll Interacted with Mono-and Diglycerides of Fatty Acids (термическиокисленноесоевоеибобовоемаслосмоно-идиглицеридамижирныхкислот) ;);• E-570 - Fatty Acids (zhirnyekisloty) ;);• E-951 - Aspartame (aspartame, or nutrosvit).Supplements based on GM components:Riboflavin (B2) otherwise known as the E 101 and E 101A, made from genetically modified organisms, approved for sale in some countries. It is added to cereals, soft drinks, baby food and products for weight loss. Caramel (E 150) and xanthan gum (E 415) can be produced from corn.Lecithin (E 322) is made from soybeans, which can be genetically modified. A soybean uses, in particular, the company Neslte in its chocolate, baby food and other products. Other additives that may contain GM components: E 153, E 160 d, E 161 c, E 308-9, E-471, E 472a, E 473, E 475, E 476 b, E 477, E479 a, E 570, E 572, E 573, E 620, E 621, E 622, E 633, E 624, E 625.Emphasize that nutritional supplements for any purpose (process, to "improve" consumer qualities) can be incorporated into including supplements. It is therefore important to know which supplements are banned or dangerous.I saw how the production of milk. Once the milk is then not very thirsty.A milk can only eat raw cow milk. From the store you can make yogurt, and not from any, or preferably from the one on which it is written that it is made from natural (whole) cow milk (fat content it is usually indicated as 3,4-6%). Drink this milk in its pure form is not necessary, because it is pasteurized and its regular use over time will hurt the joints - most likely due to the deposition of inorganic calcium in them that appears when pasteurization (moving from organic to inorganic forms related) . But yogurt can make of it - it turns out quite well and does not cause problems.But any milk, normalized to fat is a real poison. And even curdled milk obtained from such unimportant, except that the fat content of not more than 1% - with concentrations of modified milk fat lactobacilli somehow cope.GMO - manufacturer:KetberiMarsSnickersTwixMilky WayUncle BensCoca ColaSprite7upPepsiNestleKnorrLiptonParmalat (cookies)Similac (baby food)Potatoes (from Monsanto USA)

LIST OF INTERNATIONAL PROIZVODITEY found to be using GMOs:'' Greenpeace'' published a list of companies that use GMOs in their products. Interestingly, in different countries, these companies behave differently, depending on the laws of the country.Total registered in Russia, more than 120 names (brands) of GMO products, according to a special register dobrovolnoyregistratsii and products imported from abroad. Among manufacturers, the products containing GMOs, were:Ltd.'' Daria - semi-finished'','' Company'' Meat Klin, inventories Tagan'''''' inventories KampoMos'' Company'' Vichyunay'' Ltd.'' MLM RA'' Ltd.'' Talostoprodukty'' Ltd.'' Kolbasnyykombinat'' Hercules'','' Company'' ROS Marie LTP.The manufacturer Unilever: Lipton (tea), Brooke Bond (tea),'' conversation'' (tea), Calve (mayonnaise, ketchup), Rama (oil),'' Vaseline'' (margarine),'' Delmas'' (mayonnaise, yogurt, margarine),'''' Algida (ice cream), Knorr (condiments) The manufacturer Nestle: Nescafe (coffee and milk), Maggi (soups, soups, mayonnaise, Nestle (chocolate), Nestea (tea ), Neseiulk (cocoa);The manufacturer Kellog's: Corn Flakes (cereal), Frosted Flakes (cereal), Rice Krispies (cereal), Corn Pops (flakes), Smacks (flakes), Froot Loops (cereal-colored rings), Apple Jacks (cereal rings with apple flavor), Afl-bran Apple Cinnamon / Blueberry (bran flavored apple, cinnamon, blueberry), Chocolate Chip (chocolate chips), Pop Tarts (pastry stuffed with all flavors), Nulri grain (toast filled with all kinds) , Crispix (cookies), All-Bran (Flakes), Just Right Fruit & Nut (flakes), Honey Crunch Corn Flakes (cereal), Raisin Bran Crunch (cereal), Cracklin'Oat Bran (flakes);Production company Hershey's: Toblerone (chocolate, all kinds), Mini Kisses (candy), Kit-Kat (shokoladnyybatonchik), Kisses (candy), Semi-Sweet Baking Chips (cookies), Milk Chocolate Chips (cookies), Reese 's Peanut Butter Cups (peanut butter), Special Dark (dark chocolate), Milk Chocolate molochnyyshokolad), Chocolate Syrup (chocolate syrup), Special Dark Chocolate Syrup (chocolate syrup), Setoawberry Syrup (strawberry syrup);Production company Mars: M & M'S, Snickers, Milky Way, Twix, Nestle, Crunch (chocolate rice flakes), Milk Chocolate Nestle (chocolate), Nesquik (chocolate drink), Cadbury (Cadbury / Hershey 's), Fruit &Nut;Production company Heinz: Ketchup (regular & no salt) (ketchup), Chili Sauce (chili sauce), Heinz 57 Steak Sauce (with meat sauce);Manufacturing company Coca-Cola: Coca Cola, Sprite, Cherry Cola, Minute Maid Orange, Minute Maid Grape;Production company PepsiCo: Pepsi, Pepsi Cherry, Mountain Dew;Production company Frito-Lay / PepsiCo: (GM components may be present in the oil and other ingredients), Lays Potato Chips (all), Cheetos (all);Production company Cadbury / Schweppes :7-Up, Dr. Pepper;Production company Pringles Procter & Gamble: Pringles (chips with flavors Original, LowFat, Pizzalicious, Sour Cream & Onion, Salt & Vinegar, Cheezeums).1 Chocolate products Hershey's Cadbury Fruit & Nut2 Mars M & M3 Snickers4 Twix5 Milky Way6 Cadbury (Cadbury) chocolate, cocoa7 Ferrero8 Nestle Nestle chocolate'''''' Russia''9 Nestle Nesquik chocolate drink10 Soft drink Coca-Sola'' Coca-Cola'' Coca-SolaSprite 11'''''''' Fanta, Kinley tonic'''''''' Fruktime12 Pepci-Pepsi Co 13'' 7-Up'','' Fiesta'','' Mountain Dew''14 Kellogg's Cereals15 Campbell Soup16 Figure Uncle Bens Mars17 Sauces Knorr18 Lipton Tea19 Biscuits Parmalat20 Sauce, mayonnaise, sauces Hellman's21 Spices, mayonnaise, sauces, Heinz22 Nestle baby food23 Hipp24 Abbot Labs Similac25 Yogurt, kefir, cheese, baby food Danon26 McDonald's (McDonald's) network'''' fast-food restaurants27 chocolate chips, coffee, baby food Kraft (Kraft)28 ketchups, sauces. Heinz Foods (Hayents Foods)29 baby food products'' Delmas'' Unilever (Unilever)Products, cooking techniques that use GMOs:- OJSC Нижегородскиймасложировойкомбинат'''' ('' mayonnaise Ryaba'''''' in store, etc.).- Products Bonduelle'''' (Hungary) - beans, corn, zelenyygoroshek.- Company'' Baltimore-Neva'' (St. Petersburg) - ketchup.- Company'''' Mikoyan meat processing plant (Moscow) - pies, mincemeat.- Company FOODS EUROPE GB'' (Nizhny Novgorod region.) - Soups'' Galina Blanca''.- Concern'' White Ocean'' (Moscow) - Russian potato chips''.''- OAO'' Lianozovo Dairy'' (Moscow) - yogurt, milk'' Miracle'','' Miracle'' chocolate.- OJSC Cherkizovo MPD'''' (Moscow) - minced meat frozen.- Company'''' Campina (Moscow reg.) - Yogurt, baby food.- MK Ltd.'' Gourmet'' (Novosibirsk) - pates.- Frito Company'''' (Moscow reg.) - Chips'' Lazy''.- Company'''' Ehrmann (Moscow reg.) - Yogurt.- Unilever Ltd.'''' (Tula) - Mayonnaise'' Calve''.- Factory'' Bolshevik'' (Moscow) - cookies'' Jubilee''.-'''' Nestle (Switzerland, Finland) - dry milk mixture Nestogen'''''' mashed vegetables with beef.''Notice how carefully screened products for children everywhere have GMOs here and there so if your child does not eat yogurt, but he eats or Nesquik cereal or puree. And anyway but GM fallsin his body. In stores now, this situation: is stuck on all the products label GMO''''. Read the label structure: modified soy, modified starch and so on.Greenpeace positionMust label all foods derived from transgenic plants, including food, oil, finished products and imported raw materials.Greenpeace considers it particularly important to introduce a moratorium on the use of genetically modified ingredients in baby food, until proven their biosafety.Greenpeace calls for a moratorium on the commercial growing of GM crops in open systems to prevent negative impacts on the environment.Greenpeace also considers the need to publicize all the problems associated with the cultivation and use of GMOs.Official sites:http://www.greenpeace.org/russia/ru/campaigns/90828 - site GREENPEACE

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