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What time really is...just the information filling the space, that is all

Friday, June 28, 2013
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 People assume that time is a strict progression of cause to effect, but actually it's more like...
  (words of Quarks to Quasars)

That is why when i do anything i do it multidimensionally on all levels at all spaces, realities and dimensions in the Universe , as i am being present everywhere at the same time, and there is information about me anywhere, that is why its so important to do any work which you are doing at any dot of the universal net which has information about you, your whole being and reincarnations,whereever you are being present. Time its just the  information of energy vibrating on different frequency.
 Natalia Maznitsina 

This is the net of the universe, its looking like


I am everywhere present
I am a multidimentional being

 Image source:

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David Wilcock - Explains The Pineal Gland - multidimensional source

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The Future of Free Energy is here now! The end of oil, coal and nuclear...

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 MUST WATCH!!! PLEASE SHARE!! The Future of Free Energy is here now! The end of oil, coal and nuclear pollution! A new Non-profit Group promoting and financing Free Energy Technologies

Originally posted at the link above:

The future of free energy is at hand. the end of the energy barons, war mongers and central bankers will follow. So, let's all demand this technology be implemented immediately.

Imagine the technology shown here interfaces with Corning's new Display Glass Technology. This is the future for all of us. Free Energy and Free Thinking, the free interchange of all vital information via a free energy system. This is what I have been working for this past decade and now it s hear in our very faces:

1 Million Watt Cold Fusion Reactor Running in Italy

Physics in the Age of Fakery- Bibhas De

Much Love to one and all!!!

Free Energy and Free Thinking

Mirrored by Robert Otey 11-6-11

Visit the AlienScientist Discussion board for this topic:

Below is an excerpt from:

Nanoholdings is a team of scientists, investors and innovators working at the cutting-edge of nanotechnology to develop solutions to the world's growing energy problems. Working in partnership with the world's best universities we develop products and companies that will revolutionize the way we use and generate energy.

Two things stand out about us -- we focus exclusively on nanotechnology-based energy solutions and we work at the very cutting-edge of nano-energy research.

Our extensive network of leading scientists in the nanotechnology field are central to our work - scientists based at eminent universities around the world, who are working at the coal-face of nano-energy research to seek out alternative solutions for how we generate, transmit, store and use energy. We support and guide their research, transforming breakthroughs into viable solutions -- products to revolutionize the way we use and generate energy.

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David Icke - Come On - Wake Up

Thursday, June 27, 2013
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Please circulate far and wide - make an effort, make a difference.

This is the link to send ...

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New Cobra Interview

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You might want to listen to this new Cobra interview with many questions answered:


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"Becoming An Ascended Master"

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According to the book, “You Can Avoid Physical Death: Physical Body Ascension To The New Earth”, by Robert E. Pettit, PhD, souls who are eventually going to become ascended masters must complete some initiations throughout the ascension process through the temples of ascension. According to the author, the initiations and temples are as follows:
- The Temple of God/Goddess Will (The candidate brings all thoughts and feelings into alignment with their divine self.)
- The Temple of Learning (Information about the Universal Laws are given to the candidate.)
- The Temple of Love (The candidate learns harmony and unconditional love for all of creation.)
- The Temple of Ascension (The candidate is faced with tricks of the ego so that they may discern their God/Goddess within and become aware of their past negative creations and transgressions so that they will be transformed into white light.)
- The Temple of Consecration (All body systems are purified in preparation for ascension.)
- The Temple of Service (Candidates are guided towards “service to others”. It is expected that candidates put aside worldly pursuits in order to be of service to others. The candidate is eventually expected to volunteer some of their time to service on a planetary level. This often manifests in the form of becoming a teacher to others.)
- The Violet Flame (The Violet Flame has been given to humanity by Ascended Master, Saint Germain. It is a combination of visualization and energy healing and can also be used in combination with affirmations. It purifies the physical body and all energy bodies. It heals on all levels (physical, mental, emotional, energetic, spiritual, and cellular). It transmutes dissonant energies to pure light at their core origin point and throughout all time, space, dimensions, parallel realities, and throughout all eternity. It has been used successfully for eliminating fears, phobias, negative beliefs, allergies, pain, medical issues, cleansing the home and surroundings, and for many other purposes.

The initiations for becoming an ascended master that are mentioned in this article are not to be confused with new age rituals, nor does one need to search for opportunities in order to fulfill them. The opportunities will automatically be presented to each individual in perfect divine timing. As the saying goes: "The teacher will appear when the student is ready."

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e came from)
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Short Situation Update

Wednesday, June 26, 2013
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Significant progress has been made after the opening the Portal on May 25th.

On the non-physical planes, the final offensive of the Light forces to clear all remaining negative entities has commenced. This offensive will continue until the final and complete liberation of the non-physical planes and the Light forces will not retreat under any circumstances. This offensive is one of the key elements for the planetary liberation and we can compare it with Operation Overlord offensive in 1944 which decided the victory of the Allied forces in World War 2. Although it will still take some time for the liberation to be completed, our victory is assured. 
  In the subterranean network below the surface of the planet, a process of integration of the Resistance Movement into the Galactic Confederation is taking place. Many different positive cosmic races are building their bases in the deeper portions of the underground network as part of spiritual, cultural and sociological integration process. You need to understand that only about 70 percent of Galactic races are humanoid and there are many exotic forms of life out there. Nevertheless, cosmic Love is the deeper bond which connects all these races, no matter how strange or exotic their physical body or psychological makeup might be. This integration process will strengthen cosmic Love and brotherhood between different cosmic races and the Resistance as part of preparations for the First Contact for the surface population which will happen after the Event. The other part of this process will include the appearance of certain members of some of those races on the surface of the planet within this year of 2013. Those appearances may or may not be public. Details about this project must remain classified for now. 
Needless to say, there are many projects and operations taking place behind the scenes and hopefully soon there will be results and I will have interesting news. 
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~ AA Metatron – Magic Substance IODINE – YOUR link to HEALTH and DIVINITY ~ Please Share

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There is a magic substance that is abundant on your planet, a substance that is a living physical manifestation of the VIOLET FLAME, a substance so strong that it can take care and heal and cure many dis-eases, many stresses, aid in a variety of ailments, and most importantly allow you to keep the connection to your true selves and to the divine.

----Dear Children of Light today we would like to address the issue of your environment and how it affects you yet again. Please understand that no matter what is occurring outside of you, YOU ARE ALWAYS IN CONTROL OF YOUR REALITY. Understand that all is frequency, all is vibration, and you are the ones that are creating the obstacles in your lives in order to learn from them. However it is indeed true, that your vehicles are affected by the environment that you find yourselves in, IF you allow yourself to be influenced by your environment, instead of having an influence on your environment.

Nevertheless, many of your vehicles are indeed of a tune up for there are many forces that are working against your biological machines which you call your bodies. And so…

There is a magic substance that is abundant on your planet, a substance that all of you have integrated into the GAIA sphere you now find yourselves on, eons ago, for you knew that you will be in need of it in this very moment of NOW, a substance so strong that it can take care and heal and cure many dis-eases, many stresses, aid in a variety of ailments, and most importantly allow you to keep the connection to your true selves and to the divine, a substance that is a living physical manifestation of the violet flame. A substance that all of you are familiar with, and have used in your daily lives before, and it is now time dear children of light, to turn to this substance yet again and utilize it in order to cleanse your system from all the toxic matter that it is being bombarded with daily. This substance is called – IODINE!

Personal note - HOW TO USE IT: First of all please use a 2% iodine solution (tincture) for EXTERNAL use, that you can find in any health food store. Dab it on various part of your body for about a week. It usually takes 24 hours for it to get absorbed by your body. If it disappears from your skin in a matter of hours, it means that you were iodine deficient. This is GREAT for opening up your Pineal Gland!!! And hence opening up the channels of communication with the source.

And according to ( The health benefits of iodine are so far-reaching, it boggles the mind. And, according to the World Health Organization (WHO), iodine deficiency is rising in America with estimates of over 2 billion at risk. Severe deficiency can result in brain damage. Over one third of the global population (1.5 billion people) is living on iodine deficient soils resulting in 72% of global population as iodine deficient.

Iodine increases the production of thyroid hormone which in turn increases all hormones in the body, including testosterone and adrenalin. The hormones affect behavior, metabolism and libido.

Health benefits of iodine include:
• Fluoride detoxification
• Improved cognitive functioning
• Improved metabolism because it helps the body bio synthesize food into usable nutrients
• Deficiency leaves thyroid gland susceptible to free radical exposure
• Balances hormones resulting in emotional balance (increased libido)
• Can improve fibrocystic breast disease
• Hair growth and hair color restored
• Increased energy
• Radiation protection
• Destroys pathogens, molds, fungi, parasites, and malaria
• Supports apoptosis (programmed cell death of unhealthy cells) to protect against cancer and facilitate youth
• Iodine removes toxic chemicals: Iodine can flush out chemical toxins like fluoride, lead, mercury, biological toxins and can even strengthen the immune system. It also prevents the proliferation of harmful bacteria in the stomach.

Copyright © by Anna Merkaba. Sacred Ascension - Key of Life - DISCOVER YOUR TRUE SELF THROUGH THE VIBRATIONAL MESSAGES FROM BEHIND THE VEIL - Visit the blog for more channeled messages to help you on your journey of self discovery.
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The keepers of truth...

Sunday, June 23, 2013
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Are always free if they choose to be...we are all we have got, if you want you will always find that we are the World...its what we are ♥ and who we choose to be...we could choose to be our true selves...deep within you always knew who your true being is..


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Fix The World Documentary Released

Wednesday, June 19, 2013
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"How To Fix The World" documentary has been released. Watch it and share it far and wide! You might want to repost the link to it anywhere possible or even upload it to some other medium except only on Youtube and Vimeo as it was deleted a few times there. Obviously this film has hit a nerve. 

The link to the film is here:

Or you can watch directly on Youtube:

You can watch our Weekly Liberation Meditations from 48 to 53 minute mark in part 1. 


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There is some information going around the internet that there are going to be psychic attacks on June 21st. You are being advised to stay away from computers, phones, any and all electronic equipment, etc.,

And although it is advisable to lower your activity, unfortunately, it is not quite feasible for most people to do so, due to work related activities, and so on and so force. Furthermore, Psychic attacks can and do happen through the distance, through air, through space, and thus, not being by the computer or on the phone only will not protect you from having a psychic attack done to you.

What will protect you are your own higher self and the universal energies that you can easily manifest around you. You can use this method at any given moment in time.

 Here are the detailed instructions given to me by AA Metatron:

-Stand upright, with your palms facing up to the sky.
-Imagine that from the top of your head (your crown chakra) there is a GOLDEN cord that is extending all the way to the source/god/all that is.

-Now imagine and ask for the violet flame to enter each and every one of your chakras and act as a protective shield, a filter of sorts against all the psychic negative energies.

-Imagine/Ask that your whole body be encapsulated in a golden “filter” light of protection, followed by Platinum and finally Diamond.

-Activate your Merkaba by imagining that 2 tetrahedrons are rotating around you (one clock wise and the other counter clock wise)

-Ask/see that a beam of light is coming from the source and goes through like a pillard of light through your entire body exiting at the feet and going all the way down to the core of the earth, grounding you. Ask that you are grounded and feel as if you’re growing roots form the bottom of your feet that go all the way down to the core of the earth. From there you are drawing the earths energies back up to you and allow it permeate through your whole being and go out of the top of your head. Do that in such a way as to have a continuous flow from your crown down to the core of the earth and back up again in a circle type formation.

-Finally build/imagine ask that there be a Diamond Sacred Geometrical Sphere of protection around your whole aura and body which is called the tree of life/merkaba, just as you see on the picture that is what you should be seeing around you.

- And if you can please carry Black Tourmaline Stone for protection with you at all times. Black Tourmaline crystal is a powerful stone for protection against negative energy of all kinds... as well as being a strong spiritual grounding stone.

It is powerful for healing and for psychic protection and spiritual purposes... and will strengthen the immune system and help allergies. You all have times when you feel negative... or when you encounter other people who are giving off vibrations that are not pleasing to you.

One of the powerful things about Black tourmaline is that it will suck up any negativity or disharmony that it encounters from its surroundings. But it does not absorb it... but will transmute, or convert the negative energy into positive energy.

Much love & Light to all of you ALWAYS!

~Anna Merkaba -

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Russell Brand on “Superficial” Media Agenda Lectures MSNBC

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Comedian terrifies corporate news anchors by acting like real person 


Comedian Russell Brand terrified anchors on MSNBC’s Morning Joe program by lecturing them about how the media distracts from real news by obsessing about superficial distractions.
Brand almost immediately put host Mika Brzezinski on the back foot by describing his tour as an exploration of how Malcolm X, Gandhi, Che Guevara and Jesus Christ “are significant culturally and how icons are appropriated and used to designate consciousness and meaning….they’re all people that died for a cause, they’re all people whose icons are used to designate meaning, perhaps not in the manner in which they intended.”

Brand then poked fun at MSNBC’s army of “actors” in the back of the shot who were supposedly tweeting, noting that they were merely a gimmick to create the impression that the program was a hotbed of news.

The anchors began to get visibly uncomfortable when Brand made the point that mass media was an operation in changing information “so it suits a particular agenda” and that viewers were being manipulated.

Instead of addressing Brand’s point, the anchors instead obsessed about the comedian’s accent and his clothing.

“You’re talking about me as if I’m not here and as if I’m an extraterrestrial,” responded Brand, “thank you for your casual objectification.”
“I’m a little nervous,” retorted Brzezinski, presumably not used to entertaining guests on her program who act like real people.

When the conversation began to break down, Brand asked , “Is this what you all do for a living?” before hijacking the broadcast to talk about Edward Snowden, the NSA spying scandal and Bradley Manning.

“Look beyond the superficial, that’s the problem with current affairs, you forget about what’s important, you allow the agenda to be decided by superficial information – what am I saying – what am I talking about – don’t think about what I’m wearing, these things are redundant, superficial – don’t be distracted,” said Brand as Brzezinski physically cowered.

Brand, who is a close friend of David Icke and was the only celebrity of note to draw attention to the Bilderberg Group with a recent tweet, is known for broaching topics of conversation which firmly go against the establishment grain. He also follows Alex Jones on Twitter.
His Brand X show routinely features guests from the counter-culture as well as those with controversial political views.
Paul Joseph Watson is the editor and writer for and Prison He is the author of Order Out Of Chaos. Watson is also a host for Infowars Nightly News.

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Short Update about the Spiral Goddess Retreat in Hawaii

Sunday, June 16, 2013
Posted by 卍ᛣᛉ卐 ᛝ ↯↯↯ ѪDurgaѪ ↯↯↯ ᛝ 卍ᛉᛣ卐
Goddess energy is the key to bringing lasting peace to this planet. Our purpose was to anchor the Goddess energy through the Hawaii vortex after the successful opening of the portal on May 25th.

We have been very successful! Against much opposition from the etheric and astral planes, we have managed to anchor the Goddess presence in our bodies. As a result of all energy work that we did, a new balance will be much more easily created between female and male polarities among the surface population of planet Earth and real soulmate relationships will begin to be created. These soulmate relationships will be crucial for the transformation of the non-physical planes which needs to happen before the Event.

Source :

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♥ Мы не стандартны, и социум никогда этого не изменит...♥

Friday, June 14, 2013
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 ♥Мы Единое Целое♥

♥ We are not standart, and the society will never change it ♥

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