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As the Duality Experiment we have experienced on Earth for so long now comes to a close, we must clean up the Karma and Magnetics which has been created and which is the old structures existing of the Old Earth.

Team Dark aka Illuminati has been the creators and masters of the material world. Behind the scenes today many persons are speaking of their waking to what is going on, with the increasing planetary energies and waking of humanity and they are looking for a way out ~ without being lynched... I don't blame them.

See they "held" the polarities of the opposite side so we could have the duality experience. They did this so very well. FYI, it took the Lightest of the LIGHT souls to anchor the darkness, much as in Lucifer's being the Brightest of the Bright, the Morning Star descending into the opposite polarity so that we could have that and experience duality... It is the basic mechanics of how the game works.

Now the game is over. The Lightworkers, Light Warriors, Gate Keepers and all who are raising the frequencies of Mother Earth and Humanity have done such a wonderful job that both humanity and Team Dark has awakened... Team Dark wants a way out and without being eliminated... They too want to ascend and want LOVE... Could you imagine playing their part in all this?

Not for me... No thank you! But, I am so very grateful they volunteered to play their part...

With the magnetics and electron storms shifting all right now, we must clean up those old messes of 3-4D, the opposite polarities... Many of us do this naturally but now it is time for us who are awakened to do this collectively... WE must also send GREAT LOVE TO THOSE WHO HAVE HELD THE DARK, helping them to release old magnetics aka Karma and fear so they too can ascend...

For those who know energies, sending them LIGHT can not be used for darkness... So dont worry about that... But it is time now we must help bring their frequencies up so the messes that have been created can be transfigured into something New and Wonderful(L)!

Aisha North has called for the 2nd "Across the Pond" Gathering on June 2nd... Please join us in doing whatever ceremony you feel called to do but connecting to the grid and all the rest of us who will participate sending LOVE to Team Dark with the intent to shift that opposite polarity back to the center and changing Mother Earth and the systems currently in place to one that works for Humanity instead of the Corporations and business.

Thank you to all who chose to join in!


♥We Are A Whole One♥

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