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"Becoming An Ascended Master"

According to the book, “You Can Avoid Physical Death: Physical Body Ascension To The New Earth”, by Robert E. Pettit, PhD, souls who are eventually going to become ascended masters must complete some initiations throughout the ascension process through the temples of ascension. According to the author, the initiations and temples are as follows:
- The Temple of God/Goddess Will (The candidate brings all thoughts and feelings into alignment with their divine self.)
- The Temple of Learning (Information about the Universal Laws are given to the candidate.)
- The Temple of Love (The candidate learns harmony and unconditional love for all of creation.)
- The Temple of Ascension (The candidate is faced with tricks of the ego so that they may discern their God/Goddess within and become aware of their past negative creations and transgressions so that they will be transformed into white light.)
- The Temple of Consecration (All body systems are purified in preparation for ascension.)
- The Temple of Service (Candidates are guided towards “service to others”. It is expected that candidates put aside worldly pursuits in order to be of service to others. The candidate is eventually expected to volunteer some of their time to service on a planetary level. This often manifests in the form of becoming a teacher to others.)
- The Violet Flame (The Violet Flame has been given to humanity by Ascended Master, Saint Germain. It is a combination of visualization and energy healing and can also be used in combination with affirmations. It purifies the physical body and all energy bodies. It heals on all levels (physical, mental, emotional, energetic, spiritual, and cellular). It transmutes dissonant energies to pure light at their core origin point and throughout all time, space, dimensions, parallel realities, and throughout all eternity. It has been used successfully for eliminating fears, phobias, negative beliefs, allergies, pain, medical issues, cleansing the home and surroundings, and for many other purposes.

The initiations for becoming an ascended master that are mentioned in this article are not to be confused with new age rituals, nor does one need to search for opportunities in order to fulfill them. The opportunities will automatically be presented to each individual in perfect divine timing. As the saying goes: "The teacher will appear when the student is ready."

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