8 New Powerful Conscious Films With A Message That You Can Watch In 2018

Thursday, May 10, 2018
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8 New Powerful Conscious Films With A Message That You Can Watch In 2018
By Mark DeNicola
There are few, if any, mediums more powerful in this world at captivating our interest and inspiring change than film.
Whether it be the perfect balance of sensorial stimulation that movies have to offer, or the storytelling that lies at the core of every one ever made, we all know what it’s like to walk away from a film feeling like a different person than the one who hit play or bought the ticket.
While there are bound to be a countless number of films that will make us laugh, cry, and evolve in 2018, there are 8 in particular that standout as ones we all need to bookmark. Films that for the most part are still on their way to a local box office or Netflix category, but ones that the organizers behind the Illuminate Film Festival have had the privilege of seeing and now recommending.
Here are 8 new powerful conscious films we all need to see in 2018 (in no particular order):

1. Liyana

Set in Swaziland, Liyana tells the story of five orphaned children entrenched in a life filled with aids, alcoholism, and abuse. With the help of a professional storyteller and powered by their innocence, these children create a new world filled with hope and dignity in the guise of a fictional character named Liyana. The film strikes a perfect balance of food for thought and amazing artistry to shed light on subject matter we, as humans and change-makers, all need to be aware of.

2. Calling All Earthlings

Calling All Earthlings takes viewers into the very interesting life of seminal desert UFO contactee George Van Tassel -a confidante of Howard Hughes and the creator of the Integratron. Pictured above, the Integratron is an electromagnetic dome built near Joshua Tree, California in the 1950s designed to rejuvenate life and provide free energy. Everything from Van Tassel’s fantastical story to the FBI’s involvement is covered in this must-see film for anyone even loosely interested in the world of exopolitics.

3. Hotel Salvation

The Hindu holy city of Varanasi, India is the setting for this heartfelt film packed with meaning and a celebration of life, loss, love and relationships. In the film, a son accompanies his father as he checks into Mukti Bhawan, a hotel exclusively for those hoping to live out their final days in a manner that provides spiritual liberation. This beautiful story not only tugs on every heart string possible, but also holds the capacity to change your perspective on life regardless of your current age.

4. The Miracle Morning

How do you start a typical day in your life? Whether it regularly involves hitting the snooze button or begrudgingly pushing yourself to get ready for work, Hal Elrod -author of the best-selling The Miracle Morning: The Not-So-Obvious Secret Guaranteed to Transform Your Life (Before 8AM) -is convinced you can transform your life by doing it better. This film takes you through what Hal suggests as the ideal way to create success for yourself on a daily basis -no matter how you define it.

5. Free Lunch Society

We’ve all heard of the concept behind a basic guaranteed annual income, but to most of us it is nothing more than an abstract possibility for the future. But what if I told you that it’s not only a lot more realistic than it may seem to your mind, but that attempts to redistribute wealth and power are already underway? The film Free Lunch Society follows a narrative where economic inequality becomes a thing of the past, and power is not defined by our possessions. What impact would a reality of this nature have on our well-being? And would we all become more creative and productive?

6. Stay Human

It’s easy to get caught up in the stress-filled and frantic nature of daily life, but famous singer-songwriter and director Michael Franti takes us on a trip around the planet to discover what we can do to Stay Human. The film introduces viewers to six incredible individuals who despite incredible hardship, manage to bless their communities with life and love. The film is a wonderful tool to overcome cynicism and replace it with genuine optimism, hope and love for the human experience.

7. We Rise Up

What sets visionary entrepreneurs like Michael Beckwith, Jack Canfield, Barbara Marx Hubbard, Marie Forleo and so many others apart from you and I? Believe it or not, it’s no one thing. We all carry the potential to share our own unique gifts, and it’s that potential that the work in progress film We Rise Upsets out to tap into within every viewer. The film is meant to pick up where the 2011 film Thrive, featuring Deepak Chopra, David Icke, Steven Greer and many others left off, and is a powerful call to action.

8. May I Be Happy

Stress, anxiety, and depression are no longer reserved for those riddled in the trials and tribulations of adulthood. The world’s youth -thanks in large part to societal issues and pressures such as violence, poverty, and unemployment -are struggling, and in the film May I Be Happy, a group of educators in San Francisco decide to explore how much of an impact incorporating mindfulness practices into education can have in remedying it. The film not only encourages viewers to be a part of creating a brighter future for younger generations but inspires each and every one of us to build mindfulness into the fabric of our daily life.
Looking for a great movie to watch while waiting for all of these to be released in 2018? Get a list of the 10 best conscious films of 2017 that you can watch today sent straight to your inbox – SIGN UP HERE!
This article (8 New Powerful Conscious Films With A Message That You Can Watch In 2018) was originally published on Collective Evolution and syndicated by The Event Chronicle.

Stephen Hawking’s Last Words: We Live In ‘The Matrix’?

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By Zero Hedge
Before he passed away in March, renowned physicist Stephen Hawking had published more than 230 articles on the birth of the universe, black holes and quantum mechanics. But,ten days before his death, Hawking finished his final theory on the origin of the universe  – now published posthumously – and it offers an interesting departure from earlier ideas about the nature of the “multiverse.”
As PBS reports, the new report, co-authored by Belgian physicist Thomas Hertog, counters the longstanding idea that the universe will expand for eternity.
If you asked an astrophysicist today to describe what happened after the Big Bang, he would likely start with the concept of “cosmic inflation.” Cosmic inflation argues that right after the Big Bang — we’re talking after a teeny fraction of a second — the universe expanded at breakneck speed like dough in an oven.
But this exponential expansion should create, due to quantum mechanics, regions where the universe continues to grow forever and regions where that growth stalls. The result would be a multiverse, a collection of bubblelike pockets, each defined by its own laws of physics.
“The local laws of physics and chemistry can differ from one pocket universe to another, which together would form a multiverse,” Hertog said in a statement. “But I have never been a fan of the multiverse. If the scale of different universes in the multiverse is large or infinite the theory can’t be tested.”
Along with being difficult to support, the multiverse theory, which was co-developed by Hawking in 1983, doesn’t jibe with classical physics, namely the contributions of Einstein’s theory of general relativity as they relate to the structure and dynamics of the universe.
“As a consequence, Einstein’s theory breaks down in eternal inflation,” Hertog said.
Einstein spent his life searching for a unified theory, a way to reconcile the biggest and smallest of things, general relativity and quantum mechanics.
He died never having achieved that goal, but leagues of physicists like Hawking followed in Einstein’s footsteps. One path led to holograms.
Diagram of evolution of the (observable part) of the universe from the Big Bang (left) to the present. After the Big Bang and inflation, the expansion of the universe gradually slowed down for the next several billion years, as the matter in the universe pulled on itself via gravity. More recently, the expansion has begun to speed up again as the repulsive effects of dark energy have come to dominate the expansion of the universe. Image and caption by NASA
Instead of the ‘standard’ description of how the ‘universe’ unfolded (and is unfolding), the authors argue the Big Bang had a finite boundary, defined by string theory and holograms.
The new theory – which sounds simplistically like the world of the red-pill-blue-pill Matrix movies – embraces the strange concept that the universe is like a vast and complex hologram. In other words, 3D reality is an illusion, and that the  apparently “solid” world around us – and the dimension of time – is projected from information stored on a flat 2D surface.
The Telegraph reports that Prof Hertog, from the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven (KT Leuven), said:
It’s a very precise mathematical notion of holography that has come out of string theory in the last few years which is not fully understood but is mind-boggling and changes the scene completely.
Applied to inflation, the newly published theory suggests that time and “the beginning” of the universe arose holographically from an unknowable state outside the Big Bang.
Prof Hawking said before his death:
We are not down to a single, unique universe, but our findings imply a significant reduction of the multiverse, to a much smaller range of possible universes.
And believe it or not, there’s actually evidence that the world works this way.

Hawking’s final paper can be read in full below…
As PBS concludes, some physicists point out that the Hawking-Hertog theory is preliminary and should be considered speculation until other mathematicians can replicate its equations.
Sabine Hossenfelder, a theoretical physicist with the Frankfurt Institute for Advanced Studies, said on her blog that the ideas put forward in this paper join others that are currently pure speculation and don’t yet have any evidence to support them. She makes it clear that while the proposals aren’t uninteresting, Hawking and Hertog haven’t found a new way to detect the existence of universes other than our own.
“Stephen Hawking was beloved by everyone I know, both inside and outside the scientific community,” she wrote.
“He was a great man without doubt, but this paper is utterly unremarkable.”

This article (Stephen Hawking’s Last Words: We Live In ‘The Matrix’?) was originally published on Zero Hedge and syndicated by The Event Chronicle.

10 Spiritual Powers You Inherently Have Since Birth But Most Of Us Choose To Ignore

Wednesday, May 9, 2018
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Картинки по запросу spiritual powers
By Life Coach Code
If human beings only know how spiritually powerful they are, human suffering wouldn’t be an issue. Only that people tend to chase another kind of power, that which makes others their slaves.
But, to desire power over others is futile because, in the long run, when the tides turn as they sometimes will, it is this very power that will cause it’s holder’s ultimate downfall.
What humans should be aware of are the powers that they inherently owned but failed to give importance. These powers are a given, and when used fully, wouldn’t make other people as slaves but would liberate them, instead.
All we need to do is cultivate these powers through constant practice and application. The process isn’t easy because more than discipline, it requires commitment and focused intention.
Once you have mastered it, you not only become spiritually powerful but act as a light who will guide others in finding their own spiritual powers.

10 Spiritual Powers You Inherently Have Since Birth But Choose To Ignore:

1. Your inner voice

You have an internal voice that serves as your inner guide and warns you when something isn’t right by making you feel uneasy.
Others call this inner guidance gut instinct or intuition.
Listen more to this inner voice because this can only be enhanced by thorough practice.

2. Your inner peace

There is inner stillness inside each and every single one of us.
Once you find your inner place of peace you can go there to recharge whenever you like.
The best way to discover this place within yourself is through meditation in a calm and relaxing place, like a beautiful sit spot or a park.
There is power in solitude, especially when you’re out in nature.
By being alone, you’re able to think clearly and recharge yourself in the process.

3. Your ability to control your breath

The shortest way to relieve your nerves of stress is by taking deep long breaths.
Doing this for several minutes relaxes your mind and calms your soul.
When you’re calm, you’re able to vibrate higher and able to face anything that stands in your way.

4. Your gaze

Have you tried gazing at someone and having them look in your direction? It’s because there’s power in your gaze.
There’s even called a ‘power gaze’, a gaze you can use when you want others to give you a favor. It’s a gaze where you maintain an eye contact with the other person without blinking and without appearing aggressive.
The secret is in keeping the eye contact longer and reducing your tendency to blink.

5. Your ability to connect with others

You are given the ability to connect and communicate with others. It’s a power most often ignored by people who have difficulty opening up with others.
Use this power to reach out to your friends and loved ones. Having them by your side increases your personal power too.
You can’t have one close friend if you can’t become one. Everybody needs one close friend to share with the ups and downs of their life.
And when you’re powerless at times, they could be the source of your power.

6. Your capability to give

You can always give these 3 things to others:
Your kindness, your smile and your labor.
You can reach out to others by offering yourself as a volunteer to some kind of selfless endeavor. A homeless shelter or an animal shelter will benefit much from it.
Doing things that benefit others is a great way of increasing your energy and perceiving yourself in a different way.
Without a doubt, you’ll feel much better after helping others out.

7. Your ability to choose

You have the power to choose. This is much bigger than you realize. In fact, solely this spiritual ability is enough for you to start living the life you want.
You do not have to settle for things you don’t deserve. Don’t do things just because others prefer to do it. Do things because you love doing them.
The more you do the things you love doing, the more powerful you’ll feel.
William Ernest Henley says, “I am the master of my fate, I am the captain of my soul”. There’s no greater power than that.
Owning your power is liberating. Don’t allow others to run your life. You alone hold the power over it.

8. Your laugh

The famous adage “laughter is the best medicine” is timeless. Because it actually works.
There’s power in your laugh that the more you share it with others, the stronger your bond will become.
Most of all, a good laughter is actually good for your physical well being.

9. Your ability to align with your higher self

Before coming into this world, your higher self has an intention that’s coded in your spiritual DNA. Once you align yourself with this intention by following the path intended for you, massive support will come your way.
The Universe will open up more opportunities and provide you the help that you need. Your flame will be rekindled and you will just light up.
And that’s where your spiritual power will ultimately skyrocket.

10. Your creative juices

You are creative because you came from a creative God or Source.
If you don’t know what areas you’re good at, experiment and explore. Try anything that makes you feel good.
Pouring your creative juices on a project helps you stay in the moment. And there’s great power in staying in the moment.
This article (10 Spiritual Powers You Inherently Have Since Birth But Most Of Us Choose To Ignore) was originally published on Life Coach Code and syndicated by The Event Chronicle. Via Dreamcatcher Reality.

The Earth’s Magnetic Field and Consciousness

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This is having a very strange effect upon human consciousness, specifically your biological experience. Many people are experiencing an increase of exhaustion and weariness. (these symptoms are also caused by movements of energies from deep space as they pass through your galaxy and your solar system.)
But this (perturbation) is of a different category. This is caused by the magnetic field itself, which is responding to the deep energies from space. It is a response of the molten core of your earth itself; and the magnetic field is having a conversation with the cosmos, if you wish to think of it in this metaphorical way. Now, your science does not view things in this manner, but from our perspective the magnetic field is having a conversation with these cosmic visitors, the energies from deep space, which are, by nature, catalysts for spiritual evolution.
Another set of symptoms directly related to the perturbations of your magnetic field are distinct changes in how you hold short term memory—because memory is a function of the magnetics of your own nervous system and that of earth. Your brain processes information through the minute gravitational and non-gravitational fields of it’s own structure and it is affected directly by fluctuations in the earth’s magnetic field. And so you can expect an increase in short term memory anomalies. You may find yourself speaking a sentence and suddenly the words do not come to you or you mix up the words from their normal syntax. While in some cases this is the sign of a brain disorder, you will find this happening within the general populace at an increasing rate. Escalations in collective short-term memory glitches will lead humanity to a most novel situation. This situation is an opportunity or a curse, depending on how you work with it.
The opportunity is to see through the mental matrix of your own creation. What we mean by this is when your mind is unable to continue its story line in the ways it is used to, you have an opportunity to glimpse the realities behind the curtain (of perception). You are the ones who have created the curtain, and you have done this to keep yourselves separated from things you do not wish to see or experience directly, or in some cases what others do not wish you to see or experience directly. We refer here to the unseen manipulators of your collective reality—those who hold the economic and political reins of power.
We have said before that there are forces on your planet that actively resist the impulse for spiritual evolution. They are invested in continuing their lies through the misappropriation of information in order to control you. Their job is getting more difficult.
Their job is getting more difficult because the perturbation of the magnetic field creates gaps in the creation of mental realities projected by the human mind. They – meaning those who wish to control and manipulate you – have vast resources at their command, and they are employing every one of them. But they cannot control the magnetic field of the earth! And for this, you should give thanks.
The impulse that is affecting the magnetic field of the earth comes from far beyond their locus of influence. It is our expectation, based upon our understanding of hyper-dimensional physics, that the perturbations of your magnetic field are going to increase over the next several years. Those of you who are sensitive energetically are the ones feeling this most intensely at the present moment, but we suspect that in the next two to three years most people will be affected by this in a way they are consciously aware of, even if they do not know why.
We have a couple of suggestions for dealing with the situation.
Our first suggestion is the easiest. It involves understanding your connection to the core of the earth itself. As an energetic being, in addition to your flesh and blood, you can form a conscious energetic relationship with the core of the earth.
This understanding, or orientation, is that you are immersed in and surrounded by, earth’s magnetic field. By going into mental resonance with the core of the earth (the generator of earth’s magnetic field), you become energetically stabilized. The earth, as a conscious being, can reveal herself to you in ways that are difficult to describe because your culture does not have a language for this. And you have been manipulated and controlled to insure that you do not have an awareness of this, for it could be one of your greatest strengths.
By entering into resonance with the core of the earth you become more conscious of the earth as a living conscious being. Through this link, you receive a type of energetic-solidity—even in the midst of earth’s increasing chaos.
The odd thing about it, however, is that when you bring yourself to your senses, so to speak, you are less controllable, less “manipulatable” by those forces that control the thought stream of humanity through mis-information, manipulation and mind-control.
In other words, forming a direct conscious relationship with the earth’s core bypasses many of the affects of what we call life-negative technologies.
If you wish to do something in addition to entering into mental resonance with the core of the earth, we suggest using your pranic tube, a subtle energetic channel that runs from above your head, through the center of your body, and into the earth. This tube, this channel, can be extended deep into the earth, down into the very core itself, and also above the head deep into space. In this method you are not dealing with extending the channel beyond the top of the head. Instead, you only extend the channel into the core of the earth.
But the essential thing is not so much the sending of this channel into the earth. The essential thing is to understand that you are in resonance with the core of the earth simply by knowing it. This will impart a sense of stability even in the midst of increasing chaos. It will awaken your senses. It will bring you into greater conscious relationship to earth. And, we must caution you that it will also de-hypnotize you—make you less controllable. And you will see through the lies around you more clearly!
The second suggestion involves developing a conscious relationship to the core of the galaxy.
Essentially, understand that you can be in resonance with the core of the Milky Way Galaxy, which is a black hole, and that in similar ways to being in resonance with the core of the earth, you can become stabilized in relationship to the galaxy.
If you are capable of this, simply hearing this described to you will activate the knowingness of how to do it. It is not a complex affair. It is quite simple, but requires the understanding that a part of you is not limited by the time and space coordinates of your physical body.
It requires an understanding that consciousness can extend instantaneously, anywhere in time and space, and by extending your consciousness to the galactic core, you are stabilized in relationship to the galaxy.
The ideal is to be in relationship to earth’s core and the core of the galaxy simultaneously.
Then you will be able to ride the waves of energy from deep space with a greater degree of mastery.
But, again, we caution you that this will make you less controllable, harder to hypnotize, and then you may have the very odd experience of waking up while many around you are still asleep. What you do with this awareness is, of course, your choice and your response-ability. 
This article (The Earth’s Magnetic Field and Consciousness) was originally published on Fourwinds10 via Body Mind Soul Spirit and syndicated by The Event Chronicle. h/t: Openhearted Rebel.

3 Powerful Guided Meditations To Help More People Feel Peace & Overcome Procrastination

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3 Powerful Guided Meditations To Help More People Feel Peace & Overcome Procrastination
By Joe Martino
It can be tough after a hard day or when you are in the midst of a challenge to sit back and get into a good meditative state. Perhaps it’s the fact that our minds are extra engaged in thought or because we might have our emotions riled up. Either way, we’ve all been there and know what it feels like to have a tough time quieting our minds.
What can we do about it? Instead of taking the edge off with a glass of wine, beer or even smoking cannabis, what if we could throw on a meditation and take that edge off more naturally? It isn’t to say there is anything wrong with the options above, but that it’s possible we don’t have to go outside of ourselves to find peace.

3 Powerful Meditations

Here are three really powerful free resources that you can experiment with. All of these meditations are considered Tapping Meditations. If you’ve never heard of a Tapping Meditation, it’s a powerful process that combines traditional meditation with Tapping, a technique which has been scientifically proven to send calming signals to the amygdala in the brain.
In these meditations you’ll get to follow along as New York Times best-selling author of “The Tapping Solution” Nick Ortner guides you through three calming and empowering processes.
The three meditations we’re sharing with you are:
1 – From Overwhelm to Calm
(Something that we can all use on a daily basis as it can be very useful!)
2 – Releasing Feelings of Not Being Enough
(A huge and very common challenge many of us face. Can help release some deep seeded challenges.)
3 – Overcoming Procrastination
(A big challenge that we all face in getting what we want done in life. All about getting the wheels turning.)
To check out the meditations and download them for further use, click here.

My Experience With Tapping

What’s incredible about Tapping Meditations is that they not only help you to feel calm and balanced, they also help you to release deep core issues that you may be dealing with.
It was March 2014 and I was days away from having to get on a plane to fly to New York City to give my TEDx talk. I was nervous because I wasn’t used to public speaking on that sort of stage and to be downright honest I didn’t want to f*ck it up.
I sought out the help of a friend who introduced me to tapping. I went into the session with her pretty damn nervous and with a pit in my stomach about what I had to do in a few days. Then came the tapping. Within 20 minutes of going through some tapping, I was chilled out and no longer nervous. “How could it have worked so fast?” I thought. Nothing had worked that well before to clean up my nerves about public speaking and I have to say I was very happy about it. But was it going to last?
Leading up to the hours before doing the talk I got nervous again, but not anywhere as bad as I had in the past. I knew I was prepared but I couldn’t help but feel nervous when I saw the stage, the people, the cameras and knew that shit was about the get REAL.
So I tapped it out. I stood in front of the mirror in the holding area right as I was about to go on stage and I tapped out my nerves. By the time I stepped out onto the stage my nerves were at a very manageable point and all went well with the talk. You can check out my talk here.
Enjoy these meditations. I know they can be a great resource for you.
If these meditations don’t do it for you and you want to try something else that might get it working, check out these 6 meditation methods that can get anyone meditating.
This article (3 Powerful Guided Meditations To Help More People Feel Peace & Overcome Procrastination) was originally published on Collective Evolution and syndicated by The Event Chronicle.

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