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Stelans Aliens - who they are - ET Contactees Share Their Stories

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Stelan culture is a difficult topic to discuss because of the rampant brainwashing that has permeated every aspect of society. People, routinely educated through misfunded TV documentaries and mass market popcorn films, have the wrong ideas about Stelans. None of this has been accidental. It happened in the beginning that the covert agencies managed to set the tone through the magic of movies: "All aliens are evil monsters. An alien is any life form other than the superior human beings. Thank you for believing and trusting in us, your supreme masters." These movies then infected subsequent generations of filmmakers who made reboots of old alien invasion classics without realizing they were feeding the propaganda machine (eg Nazis demonizing the Jews). Today, it has become so toxic that there are almost zero alien-themed films that depict "genuine ETs." In fact, no one even knows what a genuine ET really is and people who think they might know are not talking for fear of ridicule and chastisement.
What is invariably the case is the fact that tentacled monsters are not necessarily flying advanced zero-point energy starships. Acid-blooded demons did not build giant inter-cosmic motherships. Sure, that's what is in the back of people's minds, but this is so far from the truth that it can be compared to thinking that the Feebleminded should all be sterilized, as the eugenicists did in America in the early part of the twentieth century. Because of the demonization of undesirables and the fear of the mentally ill 70,000 people were sterilized, usually without their consent. The radical program to maintain race hygience in America did not show signs of slowing down till citizens learned of Germany's radical approach to race betterment and how the mass sterilization programs only opened the door to euthanasia. In 1939, 100,000 undesirables were gassed.
The same radical misunderstandings and general paranoia are present today in the interstellar community (ie UFO Industry). The mainstream public still do not believe in aliens necessarily. Many people have their opinions on the subject with no certain conclusion. But, it is true that the decades of evil alien propaganda and subliminal messages folded into blockbuster films adorned with megawatt stars has created a general fear, disbelief, and disdain for any offplanet life forms. Of course, this is not an accident since organizations such as the National Security Council (NSC) in America are acutely aware of nonhumans on the planet's surface, and on the surface of the moon. (For most people, the idea of an alien life form is still just a distant idea.)
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 Stelan People come in many shapes and sizes. Many races are so similar to humankind that they are indistinguisable from earthlings. In fact, many people who you know and see regularly are likely Stelans. Probably even friends, lovers, dentists, government workers, talk show hosts, celebrities, and family members.
You can see why this is a difficult topic to discuss: If people think of monsters when they think of aliens then they will never realize the true nature of offplanet people. Additionally, while there are criminals within any race, the distribution of criminals within the Stelan community is likely no worse than the distribution of criminals in America, the country with the highest incarceration rate in the world. What is the distribution of criminals in the U.S.? About three-percent (3.1% in 2009). Ninety-seven-percent of American citizens are not evil, in fact they are well-meaning, hard working, good-hearted people. So how is it possible that 97% of all aliens are evil? Propaganda and brainwashing.
The agencies who are aware of interstellar visitors and real starships, these people do not want Humankind to make friends with Stelankind. It's one of the greatest threats to the established order (eg Cosmic Criminals, Secret Societies) and they will do anything they have to in order to prevent any sort of interstellar reunification. This puts the average citizen, censored from the truth and fed disinformation, in a very difficult situation. And it makes the job of Stelans, who want to befriend their cosmic cousins more openly, nearly impossible.
What is fundamentally true is that any culture that can build advanced intergalactic ships, can use telepathy as a form of routine communications, can cure most diseases, can reincarnate, can master DNA sciences, can control wormhole technology, and can genetically improve an entire civilization are extremely educated, dedicated, and pleasantly spiritual; certainly not seething evil monsters. Likewise, human sciences did not evolve because of contributions from thieves, human art did not manifest because of contributions from mass murderers, and Mozart's genius was certainly not rooted in evilness. On the contrary, culture grows from harmony, compassion, dedication, discipline, education, divine inspiration, things of this nature. Stelans are people who simply have a different set of origins.

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