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Dimensional Ascension: An Elevation in the Holographic Frequency on Earth

Thursday, May 30, 2013
Posted by 卍ᛣᛉ卐 ᛝ ↯↯↯ ѪDurgaѪ ↯↯↯ ᛝ 卍ᛉᛣ卐

We are living in a time of a change, shift, and elevation in the organized level of the frequency pattern on Earth.  For hundreds of thousands of years, humanity has experienced life on Earth in a 3D frequency field.  Thus, the human soul and mind-body has been decoding, perceiving, interpreting, and experiencing this reality through the frequency of a 3D hologram.
In addition to our Divine infinite consciousness incarnating in a more limited 3D conscious reality, the experience in 3D became distorted by the infiltration of a fear-based matrix of conflict, control, and separation.  Because of the nature of this embedded false matrix in human consciousness for so many years, as humanity awakens and remembers the true infinite self, it is part of an ascension in the dimensional expression on Earth. The elevating shift is to a 5D consciousness and embodiment.

Divine Humanity of Love, Freedom, and Unity
There was a time on Earth when humanity lived a heart-centered unity consciousness in the 3D holographic frequency.  We have no known records or artifacts of human civilization experiencing this level of consciousness.  Certainly, the last 5,000 to 6,000 years have been heavily structured in the fear-based conditioning.  Before this time, we find a mix of some higher consciousness civilization, but not a true Divine unity consciousness in 3D.
The higher technology civilizations such as ancient Egypt, Atlantis, Lemuria, and others all existed within some level of the duality 3D matrix.  In fact, a true heart consciousness human civilization in 3D is before any of the advanced technology structures and monuments on the planet.  This includes high technology sites and monuments such as the Great Pyramid at Giza, Baalbek in Lebanon, Ollantaytambo Peru, Sacsayhuaman in Cusco Peru, Tiahuanaco and Puma Punku in Bolivia, and Gobekli Tepi in Turkey. Therefore, what we understand as golden ages from various traditions are not cycles of fully incarnate Divine 3D human life.  We need to go back at least 250,000 years of more before this level of human consciousness was experienced Earth.

The true infinite consciousness of the human being is multidimensional.  The spirit and soul of humanity is infinite and eternal, and expresses through the incarnate form of the physical body.  We are each unique beings of frequency expression that is love, freedom, and creativity with the unity of all that is.  As we awaken and remember who we really are beyond the fear-based mind and body programs of limitation, we will begin to experience and express our infinite consciousness directly through the cellular consciousness of the physical body.  For a more detailed description of the higher mind in the heart of cellular consciousness, see my recent article, “Awakening the Higher Mind of Cellular Consciousness.”  I am working on a book on Divine cellular body consciousness, “Heart Consciousness and the Body” which is scheduled to be released by the end of 2013.

Interior Technology of the Multidimensional Human
The multidimensional human expressing in the fifth dimension and above is the fullness of an interior consciousness technology.  The current bandwidth of the physical senses and the thinking mind within the fear-based 3D matrix is a very narrow band of frequencies within the electromagnetic spectrum.  Along with the narrow electromagnetic frequencies, the current capabilities of the conscious mind are limited to only a few experiences of attention at once.  Within the limits of 3D, the direction has been to extend the human senses through external technology.  The difficulty of reliance on external technology in a distorted 3D culture of conflict, control, and separation, is that it has become part of a devolving transhumanist agenda.
If personal consciousness stays at this level, humanity in 3D will succumb to a continual restriction of consciousness.  With the higher dimensional galactic and solar energies now interacting with human consciousness, we have the choice to awaken and remember our infinite Divine awareness.  This is our true self where we experience our interior consciousness technologies of the spirit and soul through the mind and physical body.
Our own internal technology includes telepathic consciousness, multichannel telepathy, teleportation, bi-location, harmonic cellular regeneration, and intentional creativity and manifestation.  The human consciousness of the higher mind in the heart through cellular consciousness is the power of Divine love and creativity.  We have been asleep to our true being on Earth for thousands of years within the fear-based matrix conditioning of severe limitation.  As we remember and awaken to our Divine consciousness, we will move beyond using artificial technologies to extend a very narrow conscious and sensory awareness.
The Devolving Transhumanist Agenda in 3D
Because of the nature of the infiltration of the inharmonic energy of fear, conflict, control, and separation into human life in 3D, this matrix continues to devolve in 3D with participation from a negative bandwidth in 4D.  As this matrix continues to centralize through external technology and the religious, political, and economic cultural system, its agenda is to create an artificial reality.
The transhumanist agenda is an extreme movement of limitation through external genetic modification, mind control, and biological electronic interface.  The fallacy is the need to transform a perceived fallible biology and limited consciousness with external control and technology when the current limited consciousness and body is only a result of the false fear-based matrix.  We are expressing a limited consciousness because of the infiltration of a dense inharmonic matrix, not because of our true nature.  Therefore, we do not need to transform and evolve to a new being through external means.  We need to awaken and remember who we already are as infinite Divine consciousness.  It is at once an awakening and change to a higher frequency dimension of our authentic being of love, creativity, and unity.

The agenda of the transhumanist matrix is to create an artificial reality of control using the centralizing structures of religion, politics, economic, and material scientific institutions.  As part of this agenda, we see the movement to alter human genetics and biology through artificial changes in food, air, and water.  The agenda includes the genetic modification of food through GMO’s, water fluoridation, weather modification through chemtrails and external frequency systems such as HAARP, and through electronic radiation from wireless technologies.  This is changing the climate, vegetation, and animal life, and is all leading to human genetic engineering.  With artificial genetic alteration and ever expanding electronic technology, the religious, political, and economic culture is moving toward a central global fascist state with the merger of biology and the machine through the microchip and electronic tracking of all information.  In the current 3D culture, this is devolving through environmental and chemical stressors on the body, mind, and consciousness, and through hypnotic programming of the limited 3D mind-body consciousness through mass media.
Awakening Divine Awareness and Choosing Ascension
In this time of shifting frequencies, we are awakening to the infiltration of humanity by a false conflict, control, and separation system that began on Earth and within human consciousness thousands of years ago.  We see its ultimate devolutionary movement in the current centralized global control and transhumanist agenda.  

The infinite human soul incarnate in the physical body on Earth was never meant to live under an authoritarian system of rulers, conflict, and separation.  The fear-based consciousness that dominates and controls through separation and its extreme negative emotions of fear, hate, greed, and control has divided humanity against itself.  It has become embedded in all religious traditions and cultural institutions because we always find the same pattern of external doctrines and authority outside of the self which promotes separation from our infinite consciousness and our unity with all that is—nature, universe, cosmos, infinite spiritual dimensions.  This good and evil duality experience within human consciousness is not human nature.  For thousands of years, humans have been living on Earth co-opted by this enslaving consciousness.  The true nature of the human being is an infinite unique expression of free choice to experience the soul in body consciousness so the infinite goodness of the Divine can express infinite ways of love and creativity within certain frequency dimensions of the Earth.
In truth, we are infinite information, consciousness, and energy of spirit and soul in the vehicle of the body.  When we remember who we are, we will emanate our Divine consciousness within the cells of the body.  Through Divine consciousness, we open the full capabilities of the heart to receive, organize, and transmit the highest frequency information and energy in harmonic flow through spirit, soul, and body.  Here, our DNA becomes a receiver/transmitter of our complete expression of infinite information through biophotons and liquid crystals.  The consciousness of the physical body level becomes a pure harmonic expansion and contraction of plasma pulsation without friction or stress.  The true human being is unlimited creativity without disease, conflict, or limitation.  We journey in soul evolution by experiencing and learning from incarnate life through infinite choice of love and creativity.

As the 3D holographic frequency devolves, we have the opportunity to awaken and choose Dimensional Ascension to a higher dimensional frequency of Earth reality.  We do not yet understand the actual progression, the mechanics, and the Divine timing sequence of both a change in the Earth hologram and human dimensional consciousness.  This understanding will continue to unfold as we move through the evolving shift in consciousness frequency.  For now, it is important to make a firm choice and commitment to awaken, remember, and be our infinite consciousness.
An Earth and Human Shift in Holographic Frequency
In this article, we have described the reality of thousands of years of humanity living on Earth in a false 3D matrix of consciousness and energy that is fear, conflict, control, and separation.  It has invaded all of human life and severely restricted human consciousness in limitation and fear-based enslavement.   When in reality, the human being is an infinite Divine consciousness that is unlimited.  Any healing , transforming, and evolving of the limiting beliefs, emotions, and experiences of frequencies of consciousness is really within the awakening and remembering of the infinite consciousness that is our true being.  Our infinite consciousness is part of our current experience of bodily form within a certain Earth dimensional frequency.

We also discussed the continuing devolutionary pathway of the fear-based conflict, control, and separation system in the 3D hologram as part of the transhumanist agenda.  Given the collapsing nature of this embedded frequency within the 3D holographic dimension of the Earth, how do we awaken, remember, and ascend to a higher dimensional consciousness on Earth in this shared frequency space.  Human awakening involves our own personal work to heal and remember our true infinite Divine consciousness, and to live our awareness within the body in unity with others and nature.  As part of this healing and awakening, we must truly wake up to the full extent of the fear-based reality of conflict, control, and separation that has been restricting human consciousness–this includes the devolving transhumanist agenda.  Our seeing and remembering opens awareness and assists our ascension to a Divine consciousness in the body on Earth.
Within this experience, we then open to the larger context of a shift in Earth dimensional reality.  This is part of a Divine intelligence timing sequence of galactic, solar, and planetary evolution.  In our awakening and remembering, we are preparing for a shift, change, and ascension to a 5D and beyond consciousness that is within a higher frequency dimension of the Earth.  May we continue to awaken and choose to live our infinite Divine consciousness through the physical body vehicle in the organization of a 5D Earth hologram that will emanate in Divine timing.


 EVENT On Earth
If you would like to have all of the information related to The Event at your fingertips during and after the time of The Event you may get a pdf book with all information related to the time before, during and after the Event 


or Read it here :

                                       ♥We Are A Whole One♥


Posted by 卍ᛣᛉ卐 ᛝ ↯↯↯ ѪDurgaѪ ↯↯↯ ᛝ 卍ᛉᛣ卐
Where the  insincerity appearing from , masks , failure of yourself , no love for yourself.How did it all begin? Where is a start ... where'sThere, where there were fears of convictions, not being accepted by others and society, the fear of not compliance to standards and regulations , such fears not to be like others .It takes beginning from the  Lack of self-love ♥The thing is that you always kntw that your inner being, YOU YOURSELF ... never ... never mathed them.

And no one does, because they are all far-fetched , they are not true. But Your Being, Your True Essence, only YOU YOURSELF is  genuine, the very

We do not say what's on our minds for real, do not behave as we wish, do not dress or speak as if WE  did that .Why we do not look into each other's eyes, and by looking wearinng  a veil on ourselves... we see others ...ourselves  in them. We come together, behave in any way, or just say anything somehow ...  not sincerely, because  often it supposed to be so, or  it is necessary or because of  money ... but how is it on our soul after while all that?

If we show ourselves, even being ourselves, then we internally upbraid  or criticize  ourselves for that... yeah ... by drawing an attention to ourselves, it's very easy to notice it... by looking after others.And may we be happy, by not showing our inner essence? After all, all this suffering, the
torments of the soul ... yeah, they appear because of this ♥ that is why it may be  so hard on our hearts , like a load ...the unnecessary excessive burden, a burden ... sufferings .Just because of that we are not OUR TRUE SELVES ...

And if you turn your eyes to others ... you will notice that they always hide their inner essence. Because they know ... everyone knows that his inner essence does not correspond , and never corresponded to what he should be ... it never was.It just always was , being created precisely just what is it :) it just always has been , and just with this it was much easier for it.Where to start? .... Well, how can we be with all this affair ...
To Love Ourself... completely and fully LOVE OURSELF ... we have always been told that the one who loves himself is selfish ... but this is not the case at all ... the One Who LOVES Himself :) actually recognizes in Himself  All That Is, His Inner Essence, and With this He Thanks all Creation, that he was created ... :)

 Self-Love is first of all that Thanks the Universe, accepting himself, the Whole Entire Life in Himself. Today, I take out All My Treasures from the Depths of My Being and Endow them to Every One of You ... and to  All That Is and Sending those gifts to everyone... Today we are having a party! I AM SENDING ALL GIFTS ABUNDANTLY
! TO THE UNIVERSE AND TO ALL THAT EXISTS! And fill everything with a Primal Love, Wisdom and Power of the One Spirit! And I am no longer afraid to lose, because I  Have all that abundantly!


And no matter what you did, no matter what and how you said ... how silly you would not be at times for others, or as an idiot you would not look, do it YOUR WAY ... WITH IT YOU ARE FEELING THE TRUE HAPPINESS! With no berating yourself for what it is not right, without feeling shame in front of  others ... For YOU YOURSELF, well, my God .. how unnatural that is and stupid ... To do so with Yourself ... I noticed it after myself too :) and today I Began To LOVE MYSELF ...! completely and I Thank With This the Whole Universe ... I am thanking All  That is.. with my action ... And I'm happy about that ... My Soul is Free ... I Exist!!! YAHOOOOO!!!

What A Happiness just By Simply Being Who You Are! A Beautiful unique and irreplaceable  Particle of The Universe, Creating The Whole♥ I made a Discovery, I Have a Birthday Today, I am Starting a New Day :)! What A Happiness to Bestow Others with Myself!!!


And there is nothing happier than that ... ♥
♥ Today I'm dancing the Dance of Love ♥ :) join me...


Maznitsina Natalia
♥We Are A Whole One♥ 


Posted by 卍ᛣᛉ卐 ᛝ ↯↯↯ ѪDurgaѪ ↯↯↯ ᛝ 卍ᛉᛣ卐

От чего берется неискренность,маски,непринятие себя,не любовь к себе.

С чего все начинается? Где начало...где же

там , где были страхи осуждений, не принятия другими и обществом, страх не соответствия стандартам и правилам, страхи быть не таким как все.С Отсутствия Любви к СЕБЕ ♥

Все дело в том, что ты всегда знал что твоя внутренняя суть, ТЫ САМ...никогда не соответствовал им...никогда.

И никто им не соответствует, потому что они все надуманы, но не истинны. Но Твоя Сущность , Твоя Истинная Суть, только ТЫ САМ являешься подлинным, самими ИСТИНАМИ БЫТИЯ... ♥

Мы не говорим что на самом деле думаем,не ведем себя как желаем, не одеваемся и не говорим как бы это сделали МЫ.От чего мы не смотрим друг другу в глаза, а при взгляде одеваем на себя словно пелену...мы других видим...себя в них. Мы собираемся вместе,что-то делаем, ведем себя как-либо, просто так или говорим что-то...не искренне, потому что зачастую так положено или так надо или из-за денег...но какого нам на душе?

Если проявляем себя, даже Являемся самими собой, то внутренне себя укоряем за это или ругаем...да...обратив на себя внимание, заметить это очень просто...понаблюдав за собой и другими.Ну как же мы можем быть счастливы, не проявляя свою внутреннюю суть? Ведь именно от этого все мучения, страдания души...да, они появляются именно из-за этого ♥ от чего нам может быть так  тяжело на сердце, словно груз...ненужная излишняя тяжесть, ноша... и страдания.Именно из-за того что мы не являемся САМИМИ СОБОЙ...

И если ты обратишься к глазам другим...ты заметишь что  они всегда прячут свою внутреннюю суть. Потому что они знают...каждый знает, что его внутренняя суть совершенно не соответствует и никогда не соответствовала тому кем он должен быть... никогда такого не было.
Она просто всегда была, создана именно такой какая она есть :) она просто всегда была и от этого ей было гораздо легче.

С чего начать?....ну как же нам быть со всем этим делом...
 Полюбить себя...целиком и всецело СЕБЯ ПОЛЮБИТЬ...нам всегда говорили что тот кто любит себя эгоист...но это вовсе не так...Тот Кто ЛЮБИТ Себя :) на самом деле признает во Себе Все Сущее , Свою внутреннюю Суть, И этим благодарит все Творение за то ,Что Он был создан... :)

 Любовь к себе это прежде всего благодарность Мирозданию, принятие его , Всей Единой Жизни в Себе . Сегодня я достаю сокровища Из Глубин Моего Существа и Одариваю Ими Каждого из Вас... и Всё Сущее и Рассылаю Всем Дары ... сегодня мы гуляем! Я РАССЫЛАЮ ВСЕ ДАРЫ ИЗОБИЛЬНО! МИРОЗДАНИЮ И ВСЕМУ СУЩЕМУ! И заполняю все Изначальной Любовью, Мудростью и Силой Единого Духа! ♥
И я больше не боясь потерять, потому что у меня Это Изобильно! 

И что бы ты ни сотворил, что бы ни сказал...как бы глупо порой для других или по-идиотски ты бы ни выглядел, сделав ПО-СВОЕМУ... В ЭТОМ ТЫ ОЩУЩАЕШЬ Истинное СЧАСТЬЕ!!! Не ругая себя за то что это не так, не ощущая стыд перед другими... ЗА САМОГО СЕБЯ, ну господи .. но как же это неестественно и глупо...так с Собой Поступать... ♥ 

Я это замечаю за собой :) и сегодня я ПОЛЮБИЛА СЕБЯ...! полностью, и я Благодарю Этим Все Мироздание...Я благодарю все .. своим поступком... И я счастлива от этого...Моя Душа Свободна...Я Существую!!! УРАААААА!!!

Какое же счастье просто Быть Именно Тем Кем ты Являешься! Прекрасной незаменимой уникальной и неповторимой Частичкой Вселенной, Создающей ЕДИНОЕ ♥ Я совершила Открытие,У Меня Сегодня День Рождения , У меня Начался Новый День :)! Какое же это счастье одаривать собой других!!!

И нет ничего счастливее Этого... ♥
♥ Я сегодня Танцую Танец Любви ♥ :) присоединяйтесь...


Мазницина Наталия
♥ Мы Единое Целое♥

Открытие Портала Отчет

Tuesday, May 28, 2013
Posted by 卍ᛣᛉ卐 ᛝ ↯↯↯ ѪDurgaѪ ↯↯↯ ᛝ 卍ᛉᛣ卐
Мы открыли портал! Впервые в человеческой истории, энергия божественной благодати поступила на поверхность планеты непосредственно из Галактического Центрального Солнца.
Это оказало резкие и длительные последствия на эфирную и астральную сетки вокруг нашей планеты. Все эфирные и астральные матрицы все архонтов и рептилий и их технологии были сжаты в очень тонком слое, который проходит около 100 футов (30 метров) вверх и вниз от профиля поверхности планеты. Все области и  вверх и вниз  от профиля поверхности были полностью очищены и освобождены. Это огромная победа Света и один из основных необходимых шагов, необходимых для окончательной победы и события 

Возможно,вы начинаете чувствовать, что меньше атак и меньше влияния от негативых нефизических сущностей.

Активация ALMA вихря обеспечило то, что человечество наконец-то  начнет воссоединиться со своей Душой.


♥Единое Целое♥ 

Opening of the Portal Report

Posted by 卍ᛣᛉ卐 ᛝ ↯↯↯ ѪDurgaѪ ↯↯↯ ᛝ 卍ᛉᛣ卐
We have opened the Portal! For the first time in human history, the energy of divine grace has entered the surface of the planet directly from the Galactic Central Sun. 

This has drastic and long lasting consequences on the etheric and astral grid around our planet. All etheric and astral matrix, all Archons and reptilians and their technologies have been squeezed into a very thin layer which extends around 100 feet ( 30 meters ) upwards and downwards from the surface profile of the planet. All areas further up and further down from the surface profile have been completely cleared and liberated. This is a huge victory of the Light and one of the main necessary steps needed before the final victory and the Event.

You might being to feel that there are less attacks and less influence from the negative non-physical entities.

The activation of the ALMA vortex has insured that humanity will finally begin to connect with its Soul.


♥Whole One♥ 

Освободи свою душу, Проявляя Истинного Себя... ♥

Posted by 卍ᛣᛉ卐 ᛝ ↯↯↯ ѪDurgaѪ ↯↯↯ ᛝ 卍ᛉᛣ卐
Перестань делить себя на части, нет правильного и неправильного :) больше нет дуализма, больше нет хорошего и плохого, просто Единая Вибрация Одного Целого♥ ... Одно Существо, Прекрасная Энергетическая Спираль ... 
Просто объединись со всем что ты есть, и просто Будь Собой  :) СОБОЙ ,нет это не так, я не такой, и я должен быть другим , поэтому ... это именно  то, что мешает нам быть самими собой, начни видеть красоту в себе, найди сострадание и любовь к себе, центрируйся в ядре своего сердца , сердцевине своего Существа, которое Ты Истинный ... Просто СЕЙЧАС, слейся со всем, чем ты являешься в Едином Сейчас, вбери всего себя, и это Освободит Тебя ... Все доступно для тебя, когда попросишь ...


Все является Одним Целым Существом, у которого есть сознание .И нет ничего, чем бы ты не являлся ... Позволь Своему Существу  Сиять его Чистейшей красотой... Нам всем предназначено быть Вечными... Мы все это, Звезды, Галактики, все даты едины, и есть только СЕЙЧАС, Ты  можешь быть в полной выражении того кем Ты являешься, и пребывание в твоем сердце  
приведет тебя туда ...  
Будь самим собой ...

♥Единое Целое♥


Твоё сердце очень-очень мудрое...♥

Posted by 卍ᛣᛉ卐 ᛝ ↯↯↯ ѪDurgaѪ ↯↯↯ ᛝ 卍ᛉᛣ卐

И ты найдешь всё что тебе нужно ... в твоем сердце ...

♥Единое Целое♥

Your heart is very, very wise...♥

Posted by 卍ᛣᛉ卐 ᛝ ↯↯↯ ѪDurgaѪ ↯↯↯ ᛝ 卍ᛉᛣ卐

And you will find everything you need ... its in your heart... 

♥ Whole One ♥ 

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