卍ᛣᛉ卐 ᛝ ↯↯↯ ѪDurgaѪ ↯↯↯ ᛝ 卍ᛉᛣ卐 On Thursday, May 2, 2013

if you are not spiritually connected to Earth and dont understand a spiritual reality how to live on Earth, its likely you will not make it ...THE TIME OF CHANGE when everyone should make a choice...as Mother Earth is reacting and it will clean even more in a greater scale if you dont realize that We are One family and One with Earth...

If you wanna keep the Life ... you should take care of it and understand the way it goes,the spirituality of nature, of yourself, then our civilization will have a chance, and will not be gone like Atlantida , which payed for loosing connection to Earth...coz what is going on right now is much likely what was back then.

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