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Where the  insincerity appearing from , masks , failure of yourself , no love for yourself.How did it all begin? Where is a start ... where'sThere, where there were fears of convictions, not being accepted by others and society, the fear of not compliance to standards and regulations , such fears not to be like others .It takes beginning from the  Lack of self-love ♥The thing is that you always kntw that your inner being, YOU YOURSELF ... never ... never mathed them.

And no one does, because they are all far-fetched , they are not true. But Your Being, Your True Essence, only YOU YOURSELF is  genuine, the very

We do not say what's on our minds for real, do not behave as we wish, do not dress or speak as if WE  did that .Why we do not look into each other's eyes, and by looking wearinng  a veil on ourselves... we see others ...ourselves  in them. We come together, behave in any way, or just say anything somehow ...  not sincerely, because  often it supposed to be so, or  it is necessary or because of  money ... but how is it on our soul after while all that?

If we show ourselves, even being ourselves, then we internally upbraid  or criticize  ourselves for that... yeah ... by drawing an attention to ourselves, it's very easy to notice it... by looking after others.And may we be happy, by not showing our inner essence? After all, all this suffering, the
torments of the soul ... yeah, they appear because of this ♥ that is why it may be  so hard on our hearts , like a load ...the unnecessary excessive burden, a burden ... sufferings .Just because of that we are not OUR TRUE SELVES ...

And if you turn your eyes to others ... you will notice that they always hide their inner essence. Because they know ... everyone knows that his inner essence does not correspond , and never corresponded to what he should be ... it never was.It just always was , being created precisely just what is it :) it just always has been , and just with this it was much easier for it.Where to start? .... Well, how can we be with all this affair ...
To Love Ourself... completely and fully LOVE OURSELF ... we have always been told that the one who loves himself is selfish ... but this is not the case at all ... the One Who LOVES Himself :) actually recognizes in Himself  All That Is, His Inner Essence, and With this He Thanks all Creation, that he was created ... :)

 Self-Love is first of all that Thanks the Universe, accepting himself, the Whole Entire Life in Himself. Today, I take out All My Treasures from the Depths of My Being and Endow them to Every One of You ... and to  All That Is and Sending those gifts to everyone... Today we are having a party! I AM SENDING ALL GIFTS ABUNDANTLY
! TO THE UNIVERSE AND TO ALL THAT EXISTS! And fill everything with a Primal Love, Wisdom and Power of the One Spirit! And I am no longer afraid to lose, because I  Have all that abundantly!


And no matter what you did, no matter what and how you said ... how silly you would not be at times for others, or as an idiot you would not look, do it YOUR WAY ... WITH IT YOU ARE FEELING THE TRUE HAPPINESS! With no berating yourself for what it is not right, without feeling shame in front of  others ... For YOU YOURSELF, well, my God .. how unnatural that is and stupid ... To do so with Yourself ... I noticed it after myself too :) and today I Began To LOVE MYSELF ...! completely and I Thank With This the Whole Universe ... I am thanking All  That is.. with my action ... And I'm happy about that ... My Soul is Free ... I Exist!!! YAHOOOOO!!!

What A Happiness just By Simply Being Who You Are! A Beautiful unique and irreplaceable  Particle of The Universe, Creating The Whole♥ I made a Discovery, I Have a Birthday Today, I am Starting a New Day :)! What A Happiness to Bestow Others with Myself!!!


And there is nothing happier than that ... ♥
♥ Today I'm dancing the Dance of Love ♥ :) join me...


Maznitsina Natalia
♥We Are A Whole One♥ 

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