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...Having money doesnt ever mean to be happy, 

happiness is not about it at all and not in a running after money. As more money you have , as more pseudo needs are apprearing and increasing , and at the end you always have a little, not ever enough what you already have.This is a mania for the profit,the mania of Fear to loose everything., that is why people who do it are seeking to own everything to themselves. Fear is giving a birth for it.

Its not very easy to have money , especially when you have a lot of them ( a lot means more than enough for you) . I noticed that the Greed and Fear appear to loose everything.And if money appear ina big amount ,the pseudo needs are here, and more and more of them, instead of calmness and the need only in what you truly need and a happiness with what you already have, when the amount of money is in such quantity which is truly needed for someone.Its important by having a big amount of money is to sanely disposing of them.Its very important to learn it.Usually a big amount of money appears not for nothing, with a reason,and not because money meant for someone who gets them. A big amount of money is not for the one who has them in a big quantity .When money appear in a big amount , they never ever meant for the one who has them.but for others and for the good. And everyone is disposing of them is out of his own conscience

Maznitsina Natalia

 We go through life, not appreciating what we have in front of us. The world of materialism attempts to destroy the heart. The illusion that money buys happiness is mostly a setup to take us away not only from our loved ones, but also from ourselves. Nearly every friend I've seen in relationships, failed their partner because they became "too busy" making money. It is a trend I have seen over and over again.


My own sister, and mother are both victims to this trend. Every day I see them fighting because there is never enough money. I've seen marriages fall apart from close friends because either the girl would go for someone richer, or the man would go for another who is wealthier. This isn't love... it is just special interests.

Where I live, the people have been conditioned to reject those who haven't followed the system. I have even witnessed a commercial, where a guy is dancing in a pub, and a girl finds him attractive. Then her friend whispers to her "He dropped out of college" to which she replied "Eww, taking another look, he is not so attractive".

This is the main reason why i tell people mostly to listen to their hearts. Money doesn't make the man. His actions and attitude towards life does. 

- Risen
♥Whole One♥

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  1. i think happiness can be found in homosexuality because gay love is unconditional

  2. also i think the aliens are also gay.

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