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No One is Coming to Save You

No One is Coming to Save You
(Earth We Are One) You are 100% responsible for yourself, your actions, and the consequences of those actions – no matter if:
1. your behavior is positive, productive, and progressive toward your goals
2. your behavior is lazy, limiting, self-sabotaging, and stagnation-laden.
You and you alone must decide when, where, and how to act.
Understand that nobody is coming to rescue you.
No one will (or can) force you into action.
You are responsible for your victories as well as your failures.
Nobody can orchestrate said victories or failures in the first place other than you.

How Does The Above Make You Feel?

Does it demotivate you to realize that you and you alone are responsible for how things in your life unfold? Does it make you not want to even try, since you’re already convinced the outcome isn’t worth pushing yourself for? Have you ever considered that this very limiting belief is the reason why you hesitate to push yourself?
Does this statement empower you? Do you feel a surge of positive energy with the recognition that nobody else can create your life for you; you’re the one behind the wheel? Does taking 100% responsibility for your life equate to more freedom than fear for you?
The goal of this article is to get you to stop identifying with the first group, and start identifying with the second.
Let’s explore both of the above paths a bit, and see where our true power lies.

Self-Discipline v.s. Laziness

Take note of how you feel when you decide to be lazy about something. It could be a particular goal you’ve set, a routine you’ve started, or even just your everyday daily actions. When you allow yourself to skimp and slide, how do you usually feel afterwards?
What about those times when you actually discipline yourself to take action? You’ll most likely notice that even though there may be a bit of resistance getting started, once you get moving, you enter a flow state. Acting becomes effortless, and your attention shifts to what you’re doing rather than “Should I do this or not…?”.
The end results of our actions and efforts are nice, but in truth they’re secondary to taking action from a consciously-chosen state of being. That state of being, and the natural, intrinsic state of satisfaction, happiness, and fulfillment you get from acting – is the true reward here. Many rob themselves of this pleasure because of limiting beliefs, assumptions, and semi-conscious habits that keep them at arms length from such rewards.

Passion-Driven Goals v.s. Passive-Driven Goals

Further more, who’s deciding what goals you’re setting for yourself in the first place?
Are you setting goals anchored in social conditioning and expectation, more often than not at the expense of what you really desire for yourself? Do you put your true, passion-driven goals on the back burner? Are you carrying the belief that “If I just follow the status quo for x more years, then I’ll have the time and money to do what I really want with my life!”? If so, congratulations! You’re delusional!
I don’t say that to be rude, “elitist”, or any other number of things people will probably insist upon in the comments.
I say it because living a life structured around other people’s goals, while depriving yourself of a life fueled by genuine passion and excitement is to deny courage and embrace cowardice.
When you allow your fear of the unknown to capitalize on your ability to take action, you lose your power.
Instead of putting your energy to use via inspired action, you use that same energy to choose fear, shine a spotlight on it, and feed it until it incapacitates you.
This most often happens when contemplating a big goal that requires serious change on your part.
All good goals do this.
A good rule of thumb is that if it doesn’t require changing something for the better, it probably isn’t a good goal/goal worth investing time and energy into.

Laziness v.s. Ease

Don’t confuse easy with lazy. Another rule of thumb that will keep you in good standing is the conscious recognition that you want neither of those things.
You don’t want easy or lazy.
You want challenge and growth.
The first is a beginner’s trap, much like a lounge or a restaurant where patrons eat and chat. The latter is like the VIP lounge in the back, where all the high-rollers gather because they are on a different wavelength than traditional customers.
Anyone can become a VIP, but very few will make the effort to act outside of their comfort zone.
Talking the talk and walking the walk are two very different things.
Most will choose easy and lazy, and that’s precisely why you shouldn’t.
The sheer fact that most choose easy and lazy should empower you to choose challenge and growth, because there are less people hanging out at the finish line. The more conscious you become, the less competition there actually is. It’s completely backwards from what most would assume and expect, but it’s absolutely true. The room with all the easy, lazy-choosing people is packed to the walls. The challenge and growth room has a few people hanging out wondering where everyone else is.
It would actually be more accurate to say the more conscious you become, the less competition, and more cooperation there is.
Laziness and ease-seeking leads to stagnation and suffering. You already know this. You know that’s not what you want. Use this as a guide stone for empowering yourself toward going beyond the comfort zone of fear-level thinking. You’ve already tried that method hundreds of times, and it’s not for you. Embrace this truth, and use it to catalyze yourself into inspired action whenever worry, fear, and doubt begin rearing their head.

Following Your Path with a Heart

It should be obvious that the truth in “nobody is coming to save you” should empower and excite you to push yourself beyond your comfort zone. If it doesn’t, take some time to write out your goals. Analyze them, and think deeply about why you’re choosing to embrace them. Be honest with yourself here. Now is the time to begin consciously shedding excuses and embracing the truth.
The fact that nobody is coming to save you also means that nobody can take your results away from you. Nobody can experience your highs and accomplishments, and nobody else has to withstand and endure your lows and aggravation. It’s all yours for the taking. This is an incredible gift, and the more you discipline yourself to act in alignment with your passion path, the more obvious this is and the more powerful you become.
Admitting that you’re sick of what you’re getting, wishing to strive for more, and aligning your daily actions and behaviors with those new, conscious values is the first step to unlocking your true potential.
Jason Demakis a frequent Expanded Consciousness contributing writer. Read more of Jason’s articles HERE. Jason is best known for his writings of consciousness and meditation, and has profound knowledge in each.
Source: Earth We Are One

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Learning to appreciate the differences and becoming wiser

  There is another you...

Yesterday , when my niece was visiting me....I was sitting and checking some videos to make my mood better, and once...i found a video of a beautiful girl with a kid whom had some genetic modifications and looked not like other kids, because he had some genetic deviations...and my niece came and asked me to let her watch it too...and I did. Then she asked me what it was there that she was seeing and I explained to her that this is also a kid, but this kid is just looking differently, and that sometimes there are kids like that, whom are not like other kids. She was watching it being surprised, she was a bit shocked...and you know what?

I know why it happened that she was not expecting to see anything like that. That is because "smart" parents never show or tell their kids about disabled people or people whom have any health troubles , or the ones with some genetic deviations...They hide information about it from their kids...they reject such people, they are very much afraid of it and of seeing them, they are shocked and by hiding it from people they think that they help their kids to keep a normal mind....

But parents and society ...god..they just dont realize what they are really doing...kids are usually innocent..and they wouldnt reject such people ...if they were shown to them ......if the kids were told about such people that they exist..and would learn to live all together ..they would actually did that if not parents...because parents were programmed by the society...to do so and to be ashamed...

But if this circle would stop ...IT WOULD STOP ON ME RIGHT NOW....
I find that the wise way is not to teach our kids..please...understand that the only way when parents reject such disabled people is because they were not told about them when were kids...and that the disabled people had to live separated from people whom dont have any genetic deviations or not being disabled...

The way i see it...is..that instead of being ashamed of the ones who are being disabled...or looking not like "normal" poeple...instead of hiding them and rejecting...
We should learn ..but actually we should remember what its like to live all together, by accepting one another...This Way the World would become much better...much better than its now...That is the World that I want.

Today, my mother used to be angry with me showing it to a niece...and worried of her mind to not be harmed...and i was really surprised about it...i have seen the core..she was very much afraid of it and rejecting it...but I see that if parents would be wiser, they would allow all kids to be and live together since childhood , then "society" would be much happier...and it goes about many types of differences...its very deep if you go into it...

Let's there be peace and ...let's people unite and remember again...for each one is unique and has a place in this World...since was born and came here!!! And living here! Its the right of everyone to be respected for being who they are!))) Instead of turning away from each other..lets learn and try to understand each other....and to live all together. Its our differences which make us very unique...

I will Create the World that I want ...

Page on facebook of this kid https://www.facebook.com/AdaliaRose/videos

Thursday, December 4, 2014

The Mad Race to the End (Recommended!)

(By Preston James, Veterans Today) We The People and the Establishment’s Top Policy-Makers are engaged in a Mad Race to the End. If We The People win, we get to survive along with the preservation of our Great Republic the United States of America.
If We lose, not only do We fail to overcome the sinister most Evil Agenda of the Establishment’s Top Policy-Makers who are puppets of a foreign power, We lose our Republic forever, and our Great Nation will be completely Balkanized. 
And We and our families will be attacked and interned in FEMA Camps and then progressively mass-murdered by Homeland Security (DHS) the American form of the East German Stasi, set up by Marcus Wolfe former Head of the Stasi who was hired to do so and now run by foreign based and controlled PuppetMasters.
It is these same City of London based Bolshevik families which have already been responsible for creating every ‘ism there is and is responsible for the incredibly painful mass-murder of hundreds of millions of human beings in Bolshevik Russia, Maoist China and all over the World in numerous Wars including WW’s I & II and many subsequent wars for profit, each of which has been staged for Bankster’s Profits and increased World Power. 
Make no mistake, unless stopped by We the People and the Whole World these Banksters will do the very same thing here in America our Great Republic that they have done to so many other nations where they have mass-murdered the Populace and destroyed and Balkanized these countries.
Yes, the stakes are incredibly high.
The Establishment’s Top Policy-Makers know that they are involved in a monumental, history in the making, Final Race to complete their incredibly Evil Agenda which is powered by the City of London Banksters who are losing power by the day.
This is the struggle of the ages of Might versus Right. It is the final struggle between the Evil Aristocratic “Bloodline” Plutocrats (aka the Illuminati) versus We The People, that is, the Populism Powered Masses versus the most Evil entities that ever existed on Planet Earth who have acted as parasites, mass-murders and asset-strippers upon the Human Race.
The Establishment Top Policy-Makers know that their Evil Agenda to completely take over the whole World was supposed to have been complete by 2005. But due to serious inner conflicts and numerous setbacks their whole plan is now threatened on a mass-scale Worldwide and is crumbling to dust right before their eyes.
They now realize their greatest nemesis has become the Worldwide Internet, the new Gutenberg Press and the massive Worldwide Populism that is emerging in parallel to it.
6corps-320x3163These Top Policy-Makers used to be able to control the flow of information through their Controlled Major Mass Media (CMMM). 
But now thanks to the Worldwide Internet, they have lost this classical control they had for about 100 years, beginning in 1913 when they illegally and Unconstitutionally hijacked the American Monetary Production and Distribution System.
The Worldwide Internet is their new nemesis and their attempts so far to control it have backfired in their faces.
And this trend of failures will continue for them until their Worldwide financial control grid based on the World’s largest Counterfeiting Ring in History and its pernicious Usury and Worldwide Debt-Slavery is eradicated completely off of the face of the Earth.
Yes, the Establishment Plutocrats who are the Puppets, Kingpins and Cutouts of the Rothschild Master Counterfeiters have set up and financed lots of their own misinformation websites which specialize in limited hangout with a bad payload delivered for key subjects only. They know that unless they handle it this way they have no chance to con the public. But even so what has happened is that the public has become very hip and street smart, and accepts the limited hangout stories (as they should) but rejects the bad payload no matter who delivers it. Consequently more and more Internet Stooges, sock-puppets and limited hangout Traitors are identified and rejected every day.
Any Internet Web Site that carries this article and other Veterans Today articles is definitely on the right track.
Web users have become incredibly sophisticated and street smart about discerning truth from misinformation.
Web users have become incredibly sophisticated and because real truth resonates with their souls, they seem to have developed an almost automatic discernment mechanism. What this means in practical terms is that the Establishment Top Policy-Makers have only had limited, minimal success torpedoing the truth and their efforts have actually done more to expose their previously hidden Agenda than anything else.
They know that unless they move quickly before the worldwide emerging Populism which follows the Internet takes complete hold they will be finished and completely dethroned of all power, status and riches. They know that if this happens their extreme crimes against humanity in staged wars and asset stripping of nations, along with their abuse, torture and murder of children in their private Evil Rituals will be fully exposed.
image002777The Establishment Top Policy-Makers know they are close to failure and if they fail they face indictment, arrest, conviction and public execution for all the blatant crimes against humanity including torture and mass-murder they have committed all over the World.
They also are now beginning to realize that the stakes are very high and that if they fail they all face Execution by the Angry Masses who have gotten to the point they will not tolerate their Establishment Tyranny any longer.
Yes, they are beginning to fear the pitchforks and the heavy blade of the guillotine of the French Revolution. They are starting to finally understand all the screams of painful death that they have imposed on so much of humanity may come back at them. And deep down inside they know that Payback is always a bitch when the chickens come home to roost which is what is happening now all over the World.

If these Banksters and Moneychangers fail in attaining their incredibly Evil Agenda, they know they are finished and will be eradicated from the face of the Earth. Even if they succeed they are now starting to understand that they will never completely win because the masses can become very crafty when awakened and some will always find a ways to get them for what they have done.
And be certain of this the masses are awaking Worldwide and are not getting hip to the World’s biggest scamcalled the counterfeiting of money and pernicious usury (aka Money and income producing debt for Nothing). Many Islamics in general outlaw this Money for Nuttin and Debt for Free scam because they know it is anti-human and the source of most Evil in the World. And they are correct in spades.
Yes, they will never be safe again once World Populism takes hold no matter what they do.
What is their Evil Agenda and why is it Evil beyond what most can comprehend even when told?
What are the Populist Forces that are arising against them which have resulted in a final Battle Scenario between We The People and them, the Establishment’s Top Policy-Makers.
And what specifically is wrong with these Establishment Top Policy-Makers? What Force drives them to be so incredibly Evil and to work endlessly to destroy the Republic of the United States of America, tyrannize and terrorize We The People and then mass-murder us? 
In this article an attempt will be made to answer these questions.

One thing is now certain, the Federal Reserve System Banksters have been the City of London Rothschild Banksters main vehicle for attempting to take over the whole World. And now it is clear they are failing in their Evil Agenda to do so and the Whole World is turning against them Right Now!
The USA is technically Bankrupt and has been so for many years.
As many economists have pointed out lately the USA is technically bankrupt and has been for many years, ever since 1933 when the Rothschild Banksters very craftily defrauded almost all of America’s Gold.
The two major Bank Bailouts, one under Bush2 and the other under Obama were both illegal and Unconstitutional for many reasons as has been the recent ongoing Quantitative Easements. 
These massive ongoing QE’s have been viewed by many as criminal and fraudulent emergency efforts to prop up the American Monetary System which is essentially based on the largest counterfeiting in the history of the World, even far surpassing the Wiemar Republic which brought Fascism to Germany and staged it for WW2.
It’s a known but little publicized fact that Iceland indicted, arrested, convicted and jailed their Central Banksters and granted cancellation and amnesty of almost every homeowners mortgage because the Banksters defrauded the Icelanders with phony money and bad Banksters debts from poor investments. Americans have had a crooked, compromised Attorney General and are now getting another one. It’s high time we route these compromised crooks out of the US Department of Justice and get honest Rule of Law enforcement and serious prosecutions of Banksters for RICO Financial Fraud and for running the World’s largest Counterfeiting Ring.
The Notorious Plunge Protection team, masters of stock price-kiting and fraud.
And the notorious Plunge protection team allegedly run out of the Whitehouse using state of the art trade-interception/short-stop technology which short stops all normal private trades and inserts USG trade to falsely kite up the system and keep it appearing solvent when it is not.
End of the hegemony of the Petrodollar system?Yes, the US economy is a House of cards that has been kept afloat by the raw issuance of more and more counterfeit FIAT money, accepted by Americans only because the USG’s laws require it.
Since 1971 it has been accepted by the World because of the US Petro Dollar Agreement made with Saudi Arabia and the Mideast oil producers which involved US Protection for their puppet regimes in exchange for making all Oil Sales in US Dollars and using the newly formed US Petro Dollar as the World Exchange Currency.
Now if you doubt that the US Petro Dollar is completely counterfeit, just examine any bill and it says, “Federal Reserve Note” and never states that it is a “Gold or Silver Certificate” redeemable in actual Gold or Silver like they used to be. by the way a “Note” is a loan with the note holder (YOU) as the individual who promises to pay it back with interest that accrues by the minute, hour and day. But the interest doesn’t go to you, it goes to the Federal Reserve System, which is neither a Bank or a Reserve.
The Federal Reserve System is private Corporation no different than Federal Express, except Federal Express delivers an honest work product without counterfeiting mass amounts of so-called phony FIAT money which is not real money at all, just debt-notes which obligate users to pay interest for using their own money. Now you know why this has been called the greatest scam and fraud in the history of the World anytime, anyplace.
Doubt that this Federal Reserve System manufactured counterfeit so-called money, just consider that the US Dollar now is worth only 2% of what it was when it was first issued. Serious Inflation of retail prices accompanied by deflation of job availability and wages paid is so significant since 2007 that the American Middle Class is now evaporating and the welfare roles are increasing by about 1% per month.
 bank-run__thomas_jefferson___joeforamerica__com (2)
The US Petro Dollar’s position as the World’s Reserve Currency is coming to an end in 2015.
This has been a great arrangement for the Oil Companies, the criminal Federal Reserve System and the Rothschild Banksters, but a very bad deal for the average American Citizen and many folks around the World who have been asset stripped and deprived of the fruits of their labor and any wealth they have accrued because of the forced use of this counterfeit Federal Reserve System’s phony FIAT counterfeit dollars.
But despite its utility and means to transfer accrued wealth and the fruits on American Labor to these Federal Reserve Banksters and their Kingpins and Cutouts, it is all coming to a screening halt, and likely sooner than later too. How can this be?
Very simply the big Rothschild and Federal Reserve System’s massive counterfeiting scam of FIAT money is now recognized by major World powers for what it is, a big scam and fraud. And they are unwilling to be a part of it anymore and are now setting up their own Gold and commodity backed systems.
Can you say BRICS Development Bank? Can you say MINT trade Union?
brics-logo-320x116Yes, over 137 of the World nations have either already signed on to the BRICS System of have signed Letters of Intent. These nations even include the UK, Germany, Italy, Spain and France. The core group of BRICS has been Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa.
MINT is new but the core group of nations starting it is comprised of  Mexico, Indonesia, Nigeria and Turkey with many more showing great interest in joining. Neither of these two development unions are based on the US Petro Dollar.
China holds Trillions of US Petro Dollars and is discharging them slowing by buying up assets inside America such as the Iron Range, Movie Theater chains, two large Ports on the West Coast, numerous office and government buildings. And it is claimed by good inside sources that China has already bought part of the Federal Reserve System and could soon own most of it.
Folks, it is just about over for the Federal Reserve System’s counterfeiting scheme and the predominance of the US Petro Dollar.

220px-N.TeslaBut as if that wasn’t enough, Free Energy aka Tesla “solar wind power” or cosmic wind power, or black energy power is just about to be released for consumers. the major oil companies have been scared to death of this development which has been around since the late 1800 and have murdered hundreds to prevent its development.
Nikola Tesla had an electric automobile running for about one and a half years on a small battery sized box with an antenna he said received power from the Aether or Cosmic Wind to power the Auto.
In fact some believe that is the main motivation for the Israeli war mongers (IZCS) and the Bush Crime Cabal (BCC) faction of the CIA for working so hard to try to set up the complete destruction of Iran. Iran is close to developing very high efficiency reactor rods which pose little contamination risk and no spent fuel issue.
These fuel rods will be inexpensive compared to what is available now and in addition they are close to developing other forms of energy, on in particular is considered “free energy”.
Yes, Tesla-style Free Energy and anti-gravity is already here and very close to being ready to market to consumers all over the World.
If the major oil Companies (The Five Sisters) are unsuccessful in stopping Iran and other nations who are very close to releasing free energy for consumers, this means the whole Rothschild/Federal Reserve System of deployed Terrorism staged wars for mass-death will quickly become a thing of the past.
And despite the now proved fact based on Russian oil research that oil is NOT a fossil fuel but a mineral that flows underground in huge rivers. And if needed, synthetic plant based oil made from Hemp and other plants can replace mineral oil in most cases if necessary and works just fine in many applications including making plastics. Once the mega oil companies lose market the International War and Mass-Death machine will screech to a halt. Want to know more about Big oil and its connection to Banksters, War and mass painful human death and maimings, just take a look at Veterans Today Columnist Dean Henderson’s incomparable work.
Soon you will no longer be connected to the Electric Grid, no more smart meters designed to Mind-Control you and disrupt your sleep and harm your health.
Sheeple 19
Just imagine this. You are no longer connected to the grid. Each home or apartment has its own small 3 by 5 foot box which contains the means to provide all their home energy needs for 20 years or more. Your car has its own box like what Tesla had that powered his car mysteriously for about a year and a half. Your car weighs about 80% less due to on board anti-gravity generators. This technology is here now and leaked NSA raw feed documents from Russian and French Intel prove it. Your criminal USG and its privatized DOD contractors have used your tax dollars to develop this for their Secret Space War Technology and weapons Systems, but refuse to share it with those who paid for it and actually own it, We The People.
And cell phone tower emissions and Wi-Fi will be eliminated substituted with either fiber optics or a new non-toxic wave form that is inter-dimensional and far more efficient and effective. Such a wave form has already been discovered and is now being used in some special forces radios.
Soon all of this technology will be made available as the American Petro Dollars is pushed out of prominence and only accepted by fools who haven’t caught on yet. 
The leaders of other nations including and especially Russia and China are carefully planning payback for these International Banksters that have defrauded their people for many years.
Can you fathom this idea? Numerous International War Crimes Trials are coming in the days ahead as the US Petro Dollar crumbles, along with plenty of Executions for those found guilty? Yes, it is a solid bet that newly emerging Worldwide Populism will demand all involved in this massive US Petro Dollar Counterfeiting/War-making scheme will be brought to Justice in a World Court of Law.
What is wrong with the Establishment Top Policy-Makers?
Literally everything. It’s almost as if these establishment Top Policy-Makers and their Kingpins and Cutout are not human! Based on their notably anti-human Death Cult oriented behavior for many years, they would have a hard time proving it in any honest Court of Law.
Certainly their allegiance to a foreign power and their habitual acts of espionage inside America would be enough to get them indicted, prosecuted, convicted and executed for Treason, Sedition, Espionage and Criminal and Civil RICO in any honest federal Court (right now we don’t even have a single one!).
There are important Vectors that are will converge in 2015. The first is the continually increasing in credibility, Truth and Populism as emergent from the Worldwide Internet. This is Vector A below in the Diagram. As the Internet’s usage and popularity has increased, World Populism has emerged in parallel to it and is a byproduct of it. At present it is involved in a steeply increasing rise in credibility, despite numerous Troll and sock-puppet misinformation sites set up by the Establishment.
The Establishment’s main means of maintaining credibility (even though everything they ever state is always at least party a lie), has been classically maintained by their Controlled Major Mass Media (CMMM). The CMMM and the Establishment’s “Talking head” Newscasters act like Puppets on a string, just like almost every single USG Official, Member of Congress, the Judiciary and the US Justice department. This is Vector B.
It has been in major descent for years ever since the CMMM began dispensing the massive lies of the JFK, MLK and RFK Assassinations.
High_Treason (2)Add to this their continuing lie Oswald did it that over 80% of the American Public and 99% of the World’s public do not believe, and the CMMM lies about the Israeli attack on America of 9/11/01 as well as the CMMM lies about the Boston Bombing and Sandy Hook both with no dead anyone, and the thinly veiled lies of the establishment through their CMMM are beginning to lose traction in a major way.
The Establishment and their Chief Spokespersons the Talking Heads of the CMMM, true puppets on a string are losing their Credibility and it will actually crash in 2015 when the Internet Truth and Populism Vector displaces it and shows it to be the massive base of lies, misinformation and Psyops against the America people that it is.
The Establishment and its CMMM are both losing credibility in a major way because the Worldwide Internet has provided a means for millions of researchers all over the World of all ages to sift through all the evidence available and quickly expose the Establishments lies dispensed by the CMMM, which few believe anymore.
Vector A crosses Vector B in 2015 and that is when World populism takes hold in most major nations. This will means a complete collapse of the credibility of the American Establishment and their CMMM, along with the massive counterfeiting scheme of the Rothschild Banksters and their franchisee the Federal Reserve System. 
This will also signal the demise of the US Petro Dollar as the World’s reserve Currency and then end of US Military hegemony as a hijacked agent of the City of London World Zionists aka the Rothschild Banksters and their puppet regime and main action-agent the Israeli Likud Party.
This will also signal the impending demise of Israel as it is presently controlled by war-mongers and those who suffer from racial delusions shown to be false by the new John Hopkins Genome Factor research which shows 97.5% of Israelis claiming to have Hebrew blood to have none, being Khazarians from the Ukraine area. with at least 80% of Palestinians actually having ancient Hebrew Blood. Now for the first time this sick racial delusion of Israeli’s has been fully exposed a their big lie.
ESTABLISMENT's Collapse 2015Who are the folks who hijacked America and why are they the World’s biggest Anti-Semites despite what they claim?
So now we know for sure they have no right to any Palestinian lands and never did because they have no ancient Hebrew blood and are the World’s biggest anti-Semites for persecuting and mass-murdering Palestinians who are the real Semites, that is at least 80% of them carry ancient Hebrew Blood. In 2015 Israel will begin its 10 year decent to non-existence and will be Balkanized as Henry Kissinger declared last year. Israel will be reconstituted and completely changed because the Whole World is now turning against them for creating an Apartheid against Palestinians and for genociding them.
ATT00030 (2)Have no doubt that the City of London based Rothschild WZs planned to turn America into the World’s largest GAZA two, that is, the World’s largest open air prison camp using their WZ controlled Homeland Security and hijacked FEMA organizations.
But far too many ordinary Americans are waking up and many are well armed. Any coordinated attempts to disarm the American People will quickly result in a Major Civil War and turkey shoot of these foreign based criminal invaders, our new American enemies within our gates.
Anyone in DHS, FEMA, the National Guard, private mercenary forces or the Regular US Military stupid enough to try this might just as well paint targets on themselves and walk around waiting to be shot down by their fellow soldiers or by the masses in the biggest turkey shoot in the history of the World. 
Some of the young and dumb brainwashed American Soldiers, mercenaries and Police may be willing to fight the American People, but they won’t last long to the fuselage of fire that will hit them from all directions, even from their own ranks in the back while they are not paying attention.
Most will go YOYO (official DHS term for abandoning your post and going “You Are On Your Own”). This is what most top DHS officials  and Police Chief know will happen as police and Military go home to protect their families when the SHTF and it will, probably in 2015 as Vectors cross. Remember the Armed American is the World largest Army and once fully awake and activate will comprise a force that cannot be beaten.
ATT00042 (2)
Unless the Establishment and DHS and FEMA start backing down, they will be wiped out in the biggest Turkey Shoot in History.
ATT00027It is important to understand that when push comes to shove many inside DHS, FEMA, the National guards and even the US Military will turn on their foreign masters and appointed puppets in a New York minute if they order them to attack communities and attempt to disarm them.
The average American has about had enough of this DHS/FEMA tyranny and are close to going ballistic on many fronts including militarily like the Founding Fathers did and recommended for any such a situation that has arisen inside America like from DHS and FEMA, true Enemies of We The People within our gates.
And these domestic agents of the foreign based Banksters and their CFR Dual Citizen Traitors will never see it coming because of their long term arrogance and short sightedness.
Right now all American Intel has become porous due to allowing the massive infiltration and hijacking of Israeli Intel. All NSA raw data has been accessed and downloaded and released into the public sector by Russian and French Intel.
Russian Republic Intel has almost all of it if not all of it as does French Intel. Folks inside DHS, FEMA, the FBI and other Alphabets and Intel no longer believe in the Establishment’s Big Lies and are seriously questioning the motives of their superiors. Many are leaking Intel because they believe that massive lies and USG crimes must be exposed and stopped. the CIA is split right down the middle between the Bush Crime Cabal BCC’s secret CIA (World’s largest drug trafficking Organization in partnership with the International Zionist Crime Syndicate IZCS).
Loyal CIA Patriots are now blocking and dragging and disrupting BCC activities of the CIA and in some cases providing leaks which expose and block the BCC Agenda which is prescribed by the Rothschild Banksters and their primary Franchisee the Federal Reserve Bank.
The Bush Crime cabal has been in control of most of the USG as agents of the Rothschild Banksters for at least 50 years after Bush1 masterminded the assassination and coverup of the JFK Assassination. He was also responsible for many other assassinations such as MLK and RFK and has embedded many of his Ccriticizeutouts in high USG positions in the last 50 years so it is going to be a lot of work to weed them out. This has already started within the Military.
Examine the facts and know who your Real Enemy inside the Gates of America really is.
Many Americans are now beginning to understand that this enemy within and their puppets are truly planning to destroy America our Republic and mass-murder 90% of us Americans, even those that do not dissent. Doubt this then just examine the photos that are available of their Georgia Guidestones or take a visit there to examine them in person. then you will begin to understand what they want to do, which is to murder you, your whole family and destroy America forever. make and maintain a commitment to join your fellow American and never allow these scum to ever succeed in their Evil Agenda, ever.
Why? Because in the final analysis, Americans from all sectors, all races, all social classes and all occupations are waking up and are becoming notably motivated to take back their great Republic. Millions are just waiting for the Establishment to start something before they deploy hell on them from all directions in the greatest Turkey Shoot in the history of the World. There will be many civilian losses but the establishment will be brought to immediate justice and Victory will be ours, that is, We The People, and we will restore our great Republic, our US Constitution and or Rule of Law.
Source: Veterans Today

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