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Drinking water at a certain time maximizes its effectiveness on the body:

2 glasses of water after waking up - helps activate internal organs
1 glass of water 30 minutes before a meal - helps digestion
1 glass of water before taking a bath - helps lower blood pressure
1 glass of water before going to bed - avoids stroke or heart attack

The physician said that water at bed time will also help prevent night time leg cramps.Your leg muscles are seeking hydration when they cramp and wake you up with a Charlie Horse.


well this stuff seems to be integral for revitalizing earths recycled incoherently vibrating and molecularly distorted structures an poisonous drinking waters.
  The healing
power of water

Heart Attack & Water

A doctor was asked why do we and other people urinate so much at night time. 

Answer from this cardiac doctor was gravity holds water in the lower part of your body when you are upright. When you lie down and the lower body (legs and other things) seeks level with the kidneys it is then that the kidneys remove the water because it is easier. This then ties in with the last statement!

You need your minimum water to help flush the toxins out of your body!
Correct time to drink water... Very Important.
From A Cardiac Specialist!



Revolutionary New Discoveries about Water!



WATER IS A FLOW of LIFE ( the following text originally was in russian , i used google translator for its translation, just to share the main information and guidance)

Water for the human body - the second most important ingredient after oxygen because the body does a lot of functions: all the physiological processes in the body occur in water and with water.

A child has 90% water; adult - 70%, an elderly man - 60-65%.

No wonder they say: "A young girl - is ripe apricot, old" girl "- dried apricots."Hence, the aging process is associated with the "drying up"? Therefore, to stay young, we must slow down the process, "drying", giving her the right cell of the body water.
When and how much to drink.Very important!From a leading cardiologist U.S. Department of Defense!

Drinking water at certain times maximizes the efficiency of the body:
2 glasses of water after waking up - sposobstvyet activate internal organs;
1 glass of water 30 minutes before a meal - helps digestion;
1 glass of water before taking a bath - helps lower blood pressure;
1 glass of water before going to bed - avoids stroke or heart attack.Why is water plays such a big role? More about waterMore about water


Why is water plays such a big role?Everyone knows that water makes the circuit in nature. Water circulation and makes the human body. And the quality of the water we drink, and the speed of this movement in us depends how we feel and our health. Consider why this is so.At birth, the child's weight by about 90% - water, in adulthood by 75%, and in old age by 65%. (Hence, the aging process is associated with the "drying up"? Therefore, to stay young, we must slow down the process of "drying out", giving it the desired cell in the body water.)Let's calculate the visibility of how much is 75% water? For example, a person's weight is 80 kg. Then the water is 60 (!) Kg. 

 About 8 kg and 8 kg of blood lymph continuously move through the vessels of the body. If you subtract 60 from the 16 kg, 44 kg of water will remain, which is located in the cells and the intercellular space of the body. Moreover, most of the 44 kg account for intercellular fluid! (Here the cells of our body is like a fish in an aquarium: the water is clean, the fish - healthy). 

At the head of the cell substance is water. It is almost 80% of the mass of the cell. Water determines the physical properties of the cell: its volume elasticity. Water is a direct participant in many chemical reactions (breakdown of proteins, carbohydrates, fats, etc.)

The space between the cells filled the intercellular fluid. Here, the water acts as a solvent: Many substances enter the cell from the environment only in aqueous solution and in aqueous solution as waste products out of the cell. Nutrients and oxygen from the blood comes first in the intercellular fluid, and only then can be used by the cell. 

The waste products of the cells and carbon dioxide also comes first in the intercellular fluid, and then toxins collected in the lymphatic system, cleaned, and only then sent to the venous flow. Moreover, the lymphatic system is not going outside of its own, apart from the sweat and saliva. So, intercellular fluid is both a dining room and a toilet for our cells and lymphatic system of the body - the sewage system. 

And since the lymphatic system is not powerful pump, continuously accelerates fluid through the vessels (as the heart, for example), to maintain a good level of lymph flow, themselves must be some activity. (So, you want to be healthy - move, for pressure ulcers can be cured, but can not make health lying.)According to the radioisotope studies (the only one in the world!) Lymph Institute in Novosibirsk, Russia - 83% of all the toxins and poisons (radionuclides, pesticides, herbicides, xenobiotics, etc..) Are in the interstitial fluid of man. 

And these fluids, as we have already calculated in advance, a few tens of kilograms. Of their consistency, they resemble a thick liquid or jelly.If the "jelly" thick, the nutrients to the cells can not penetrate, detoxification slows down, begin to dominate the stagnant processes, creates a favorable environment for the development of pathogens and, in time, there are various diseases.The lymphatic system is directly responsible for the immune system. It is called the "white river of life." It is the second most important life support system, along with the circulatory system.

 Or first, when viewed in the order of formation of the embryo cheloveka.Bystro assess the condition of interstitial fluid by using a saliva test for: color soaked in saliva litmus test will tell you much.And the fur in the morning, bad breath (even in children who did not drink or smoke), swelling, frequent respiratory diseases, tonsillitis, colds and cough - signs of congestion body poisons with which the lymphatic system is struggling to cope. Lymphocytes, the cost of his own life, purify the lymph. 

A sputum and phlegm, is nothing like the dead body cells, viruses, bacteria, fungi, etc. Since our body is cleared! If lymph copes with its task, the blood for a long time can be quite satisfactory.(And no tests, and our well-being with you in the first place should be a criterion for our health. Ourselves is important to be attentive to your body. Indeed, no doctor knows us as we know ourselves! Become yourself a sensitive, wise doctor - our job!)

Interestingly it turns out, we go to the doctor with his LORu glands that to the nose and throat have a spatial relationship, and relate to the lymphatic system of the body. Who came to clean the lymphatic system? We brush our teeth in the morning and evening, and the breath is still there. Some people believe that the smell - from the poor performance of the stomach or colon. 

Only between the rectum and mouth a few meters way, the smell is unlikely to reach. But language is a natural sponge to collect all kinds of toxins that appear lymph. And that is what the "graveyard" dead microorganisms on the basis of language is the source of the smell. 

(Check easy: take a piece bintika and run by language where plaque, and smell).Not only the teeth, but the language needs to be cleaned must! And the best way is MIKROBRAYT tooth powder with antioxidant properties of our company. This powder is not only perfectly clean teeth and tongue, but also restores the alkaline environment, the natural environment of our mouth.

Insertion of deodorants:In the armpits we have with you are large lymph nodes. Since then the body releases toxins and poisons from the lymphatic system is cleared. Watching the misleading advertising and wanting to be always dry armpits, some of the ladies enjoy the deodorant that sweat does not stand for 24 hours. Chemical penetrates the wall of the lymph node and blocks sweating. 

Poisons where to go? That's right, the milk zhelezu.Dobavim this tight bra, stress and a sedentary job and has already acquired a cancer problem. (The scale of the problem, unfortunately, already knows a lot of women).Choosing a deodorant, keep in mind that it should eliminate the smell of sweat, but not to prevent sweating.Warning!Swollen lymph nodes can not be massirovarat, heat (bags of pus), affect UHF. They can not even touch!Aforementioned institution lymph program was developed to clean the lymphatic system of man. It has already been tens of thousands of people. 

For example, two years ago in the city of Bratsk one nurse who were trained under this program, found a sponsor in the person of the local industrial plant and cleaned limfositemy students of the city. As a result, 40,000 children improved their health in 2 times. For this noble work she was awarded the degree of candidate of medical sciences, though it did not have a medical degree.

Today, Coral Club International offers an improved version of the scientific program, designed only for 10 days. The program can be run, not looking up from their traditional way of life.Details about the program clean lymph "So what centenarians drink water?In short, the water, similar to the interstitial fluid of the body in its physical and chemical characteristics. To compare it with the water that we drink all we will objectively use the numbers:Fluid pH ORP mV 
Surfacetension, dyn
Tap water in Riga 6.5 200 73
Tap water in Odessa 5.5 600 73
Soda, sweetened 2.5 485 75
Orange juice, natural 4.6 52 75
Water coral (1 g per 1.5 liters) 7.5-8.5 63 -68
Water with Microhydrin (1 cap, 1 cup) 9.5 -600 45
Blood 7.45 59 45

What the figures tell us? Let's start with the surface tension of 73 dyne - in tap water, and 45 - in the blood. Consequently, for the nutrients to pass through the cell membrane into the cell, and toxic compounds out of it, the body must reduce the surface tension of the water we consume. 

With age (or other reasons), this ability to reduce the surface tension of the water you drink is reduced, the water hardly enters the cell, because intercellular fluid thickens, and the body in general zashlakovyvaetsya. (Thus, the first stage of any recovery rate wise to start with napaivaniya cells with water and washing out toxins. Coffee, for example, for this purpose is not appropriate, since it is, in fact, a solution for its removal from the body is spent and so scarce water. Coffee, drunk after a coral water, nullifying the entire beneficial effect, removes calcium).

Enrichers water Coral Club (CORAL Main, microhydrin Hydracel)

 reduce the surface tension of liquids and thus accelerate and facilitate the process of removing toxins and digestibility of food products and biologically active additives (BAA) 3 times. This water is perfect for the "washing of the body", as quickly becomes part of the blood and interstitial fluid, collects a toxins and waste and urine out of the body.

Let me explain this with an example: the so-called "renal" pressure occurs when the kidneys accumulate so many toxins that the body increases the pressure to push through clogged filters in the kidneys as much as possible of these toxins. Organism is trying to poison us from these free, and we bring down the pressure medications. Where in this case happens to toxins? That's right, stay with us. Then the body tries to get them in a different way - through the skin, lungs and digestive system (with feces) - and can cause unpleasant skin rashes, phlegm. Then we go to the experts for skin diseases. 

And so it goes in a circle ... If a person is within a month of two to drink at least one coral water (1-1.5 liters per day), the kidneys free from toxins and supplies pressure to normal.To better understand some of the things will be back again to the value of the surface tension. We are with you every day, take advantage of this physical process when preparing food or washing, just thinking about it. 

For example, by heating the surface tension of water is reduced, and the wettability increases: tea brewed with boiling water, jelly is obtained by heating the water with starch (which cold water just is not wetted). That's so very cold drinks (chilled) bad quench thirst (out time for their warm-up - again, only this water is absorbed in the large intestine, going about 5-8 meters in the digestive tract - two). 

Even worse quenches thirst soda. But alcohol is absorbed directly into the stomach, as has a surface tension lower than the intracellular fluid - 25 dinars (so hungry man gets drunk faster than full: while snack digestion, alcohol be absorbed three times).For comparison: Coral Water begins with Microhydrin absorbed directly in the mouth, which is especially important to quench their thirst in the hot weather, as well as for athletes during training. 
Everyone knows that when a man is thirsty, the bad and the head thinks, because the human brain is 90% water (this is reminiscent of the drying process of the electrolyte in the battery.) In Canada, conducted the following experiment in junior high school for a month on the desks were bottles of plain water, and the kids did a few sips every 10 minutes during the lesson. Progress in these classes has increased by 30% only due to complete the work of the brain. To better understand other characteristics of the water, let's talk about such things as anti-oxidants and free radicals

Free radicals are unstable molecules that are formed under the influence of lean diet, stress, pesticides, pollution and radiation, the operation of electronic devices and even in the wild during the course of normal biological processes in the body. Free radicals in the body attached to a stable molecule and the electron capture it, resulting in a stable molecule becomes a free radical. This continuous chain reaction leads to cell damage and, as a consequence, the development of disease and premature aging. 

As the number of free radicals associated with the development of more than 80 kinds of health problems.Here are two examples of free radical damage:1. Every single cell in your body sort of a small factory that performs some work (its liver cells, skin cells the ...). However, each cell has a protective shell - the cell membrane, which acts as a filter, absorbing nutrients and displaying spent. The infected membrane, ie it has to withstand the attack of free radicals in the first place, can not absorb nutrients and remove debris. (The body zashlakovyvaetsya).2.

 The process of cell reproduction is dependent on the state of the DNA. It must be complete and undamaged. Deformed matrix (DNA) leads to the reproduction of defective cells (and the process of degradation and aging).Antioxidants neutralize free radicals, giving them one of their electrons. 

In this antioxidant becomes a free radical itself, though less aggressive, and also tends to make up the lost electron.More simply, the oxidation reaction in a living organism can be compared with the formation of rust on the metal. We are not "rusting" (we have a defense mechanism), while there are provisions (for example, when we were 20 years old). 

Protection we can replenish reserves by antioxidants - electron donors.If you type in your diet extra antioxidants, it is likely, vitamins C, E, beta-carotene, selenium, and the substance extracted from grape seeds and pine bark (piknodzhinol, for example), and others. These compounds are composed of large molecules with a complex structure, but, regardless of their size, each such molecule gives only one electron. 

At the same time she becomes passive radical, which is also necessary to neutralize and remove from the body.World-renowned scientist Dr. Patrick Flanagan invented a form of antioxidant, called Microhydrin in which the outer shell of the molecule of the substance has an extra electron. This electron is easily given to neutralize free radicals, and the Microhydrin is not converted into a free radical. 

Moreover, the excess electron is bound to the smallest atom of hydrogen and each capsule of Microhydrin can deliver millions of these electrons. (One capsule of Microhydrin give as many electrons as will 10,000 glasses of fresh orange juice).Scientists estimate that over 1 second to 1 living cell has 1000 attack of free radicals. How many attacks can withstand our body composed of 75 trillion cells in 1 second?- Approximately 75 x 1012 x 103.Hence, for the effective protection of antioxidants should be even greater than this amount! Such a problem "on the shoulder" only Microhydrin.Antioxidants are of two types: water soluble and fat soluble. 

On the environment in which the electron can give. Microhydrin is effective in both environments. If you take vitamins with Microhydrin, you internalize them exactly! And, then, reach the desired result, saving money!Insertion of Microhydrin and cabbage:There are people who, for whatever reason, do not want to hear about food additives. Please choice is always there. You can drink 1 liter of fresh cabbage juice daily. 

You can eat fresh cabbage. Only to get the same effect you need to eat in a day 52 kg cabbage (do not know how it will stand the jaw and stomach unlikely). And you can take one capsule of Microhydrin.Second physical parameter: AFP - is the oxidation-reduction potential. His positive numbers indicate the flow of the oxidation process (similar to the process of rusting in inanimate nature) and the absence of electrons. Very large positive values ​​indicate a multiple increase the oxidation rate. (The values ​​of the ORP of water that you use, you can for a few minutes to measure a special device, AFP - Metro).

Increasing the value of 59 mV for ORP reducing the number of electrons of 10. For example, a value of 240 mV ORP number of electrons in the liquid is reduced by about a factor of 1000 (the tap water in Riga, compared with blood), at 480 mV to 1 million times (it fizzy drinks than our blood). Ie If you drink these drinks, it gets into your body fluid, which increases the rate of aging (oxidation) repeatedly.Reduction in the ORP by 59 mV increases the number of electrons of 10. By reducing the value of 118 mV, ORP number of electrons increases 100 times, and 177 mV in 1000, etc. This means that if you add one capsule of Microhydrin in a glass of tap water (with a value of 220 mV ORP) ORP value of the water is equal to -600, this water becomes a 100 trillion (1014 times richer than the electrons, and a sharp increase in its antioxidant activity. 

T. Microhydrin is not only neutralizes free radicals wherever it goes, but is an electron donor, the body needs to exchange information at the cellular level.Additionally, Microhydrin is a source of fuel to generate energy for our body. 

And this fuel is hydrogen, which is burned in oxygen to form water. At the "burning" of hydrogen energy is released in the cells, which provides vital functions of our body.Since Microhydrin - is enriched with hydrogen atoms, silica (silicon hydride), in this article, to say a few words about the silicon. More Vernadsky said that "no body can not exist without the silicon." In humans, eight-silicon involved in the processes of life support.

Nadezhda Semenova, author of popular books on health, says that about 38% of our health is based on silicon. Calcium - the main element of rigid bone structures of the musculoskeletal system. Silicon - the element that determines the properties of flexible structures, connective tissue, tendons, blood vessels and digestive tract, periosteum, cartilage, synovial fluid of joints. With a deficit of silicon in the blood content in the walls of blood vessels decreases.

 A silicon, providing elasticity of vessel walls and able to respond to commands of the brain to expand or constrict blood vessels, is replaced by calcium. That substitution of silicon calcium in vascular tissues making them hard, and they "did not hear" the order of the brain, because the capture and convert the electrical impulses from the brain can only silicon. Calcium is introduced into the vessel wall, as if covering them with lime. 

Calcium spikes to hard inclusions in the vessel walls begins to settle cholesterol. Thus begins the process of atherosclerosis.In a word, no serious treatment (regardless of what diseases) can not do without silicon. Particularly antiparasitic! Since parasitic worms - a very important cause of the loss and degradation of the silicon body. 

They consume for the lion's share of its population living human resources and silicon in which (they, too, need to be flexible!).Insertion of parasites:You do not have parasites? You check? In seeding does not? But many parasites do not lay eggs in the feces. And in your community do not cats and dogs? And never was? And your friends and family too, no? And your children do not play in the sandbox, which has already managed to "meet" some pussy? 

Dog fleas carry worm eggs. A dog, raskusyvaya them suck ova into and through his moist breath scatters them up to 5 meters (cat to 3 meters). Do you still believe that you do not have parasites?Known to many parasites, more than 90 species, such as intracellular and many-individuals. 90% of their lives in the small intestine. But they can live in the eyeball, in the brain, under the tongue, stomach, liver and pancreas, genitals and colon

 ...Life example:6 years old child complained of fatigue, internal discomfort, pallor and swelling of the skin, was left behind in the growth of their peers. Hard time trying to drive his mother to the doctors. After the child was appointed hormones, worried mom in earnest. Regular Fall diagnosis in the good doctor has revealed the presence of a parasitic infection of bovine tapeworm. 

6 years, this multimeter worm sucking juices out of the child, how to enjoy life here? The child underwent colo-vada plus with Coral-Mine and get rid of this problem for two weeks. As a result, the child has grown over the next two months to 6 inches. And hormones are not needed.So, if you just can not get rid of a problem, there is a reason to follow the example of the mother: to be diagnosed.
Microhydrin is a supplier of silicon in the most affordable and effective way - microspheres size (10-12 atoms in diameter). So it is quickly absorbed by the body.Finally, we come to the third physical properties of water - pH. With advertising soap, we all know that the pH of the skin - 5.5 (acidic pH of the skin prevents the growth of bacteria on its surface). But the blood always has a pH of 7.35-7.45. (That is, the alkaline value.)

 And this is due to the oxygen content in the blood. Any change to the side, and the person may have problems. Especially if changes to the acid side. (If blood pH 7.1 there is a critical condition of the body.)So what happens when you change the pH of blood to the acid side?90% of the blood - it is water. Water is H20. Two atoms of hydrogen and one of oxygen. If you remove the oxygen, the water is gone. There is only hydrogen.

 Therefore, if there is water, it is always hydrogen and oxygen. But in the acid water, the oxygen bound so that it is not free. With decreasing as oxygen, reducing the number of pH. Ie when we use beverages such as cola, coffee, etc., our blood naturally becomes slightly more acidic. It's just a little bit, but oxygen is not free. And, then, our cells, like a fish in water, can not breathe! Therefore, we need to do something to release oxygen. We do not need to add oxygen to the blood or water, we need to make the oxygen that is there, is more free. Is able to do only a calcium ion.

 Calcium is used by the body to neutralize the excess acid. And, if it comes to food is not enough or is not absorbed by the body, for whatever reason, the body will take calcium from the ion of your own bones to support their important biological functions remain alkaline.In 1932, scientist Otto Warburg won the Nobel Prize for Chemistry for the fact that it proved that the development of cancer is anaerobic.

 This means that when the fluid in the human body becomes acidic (low oxygen), stimulating the development of cancer.For example, if you drink carbonated soft drinks, and they often have a pH of 2.2 to 2.5 (which is very acidic), to neutralize a glass of this drink you need to drink more than 20 glasses of water with a pH of 8. And since we do not, we always spend calcium when eating acidic foods and drinking acidic drinks.

Carbon dioxide is added to water, a preservative, extending the shelf life of the product by reducing its biological activity. (And some people think that the bubbles need to "tickle in the throat"). Dr. Albert Zehr, collected in the book world wisdom to preserve the health, asks: "Why should we pay money to people who pollute the clean water? '. Tinted, sweetened, acidulated soda - a poor solvent (thanks to television commercials, everyone knows that it is not a T-shirt to wash!).

 And to use your body as a biological filter to clean this water, is it reasonable?Insertion of preservatives and canned:Once it came to the preservatives, you want to draw your attention to the food, to which are added the following ingredients: E-211 (sodium benzoate) and E-330 (citric acid). They are referred to specialists crustaceans substances. And are they in mayonnaise, ice cream, fish specialties, sausages, sweets, sauces, sweets, drinks and much where, unfortunately. (Perform a in your fridge!).

Do you know when and why were first canned?To feed an army of warriors. At the time of the fighting task was to feed quickly, nourishing, the warrior was aggressive and active. For this purpose, is the most suitable lethal food: meat containing tissue in their stress hormones and anger. (Warrior had to fight and live a long time with few people could.) Here then began to appear canned.

 And at first, indeed, different stew in an iron banks were only in the army. And now this "food" sold everywhere!But we are with you warriors! We are thinking about long-term health! Why do we need this food? And if we are drawn to fight, let's remember what we ate ....(One naturopathic doctor advised to use fresh, not frozen meat that is. 

Before cooking it should soak in salted water for 30 minutes, squeeze. Water in which the meat is boiled, drained. Thus, we significantly reduce the number of elements of rigor in the meat. )Note:Even if you use vitamins, minerals, or other dietary supplements, you absolutely need to understand that all of these nutrients can not be absorbed by the body to the extent necessary, 

if its pH even slightly acidic.Ideally, the pH of saliva should be around 7. Usually we see the value pH - the test is much lower. How to understand them?If the pH of saliva (lymph) Human 5.5, then it is about 100 times less oxygen than in the blood, and hence the excess acid in the body. And if the pH of saliva is a pregnant woman, it is safe to say that the fetus is suffering from lack of oxygen already in utero (and may be born with hypoxia), 

itself a future mother is probably suffering from a yeast infection, because acidic environment favorable for the development of the body of fungi.According to Tamara Tyune doctor, worked for several years in the emergency room, all patients received there (except for the injured) pH levels were sour!Clearly acidified and zashlakovki cells can be represented as:1.Idealnoe state 2. Acidification of the state
Inside the cell is weakly acid medium (+).

Outside (interstitial fluid) -slightly alkaline (-). Inside the cell is weakly acid medium (+). Outside (interstitial fluid) -also srednekislaya medium (+ +).Metabolism - good.The cell is filled with water, the elastic. Metabolism - slow.Cell dehydrated, wrinkled.In the extracellular space -excess water.Arrows in Figure 1 shows a good metabolism: with good potential difference ("+" inside and "-" on the outside), the cell receives nutrients and easily gives interstitial fluid acid products of their life. In Figure 2, the extracellular fluid acidity to pH 6.0, the cell is in a hostile environment, is constantly being attacked by free radicals (toxins trying to get into the cell) on the outside, plus more than inside. Cell shrinks, trying to preserve and protect themselves

.If you look at a drop of blood through the dark-field microscope (magnification 10,000 times), the immune cell acidification during lymphocyte blood looks like a raisin. 10-30 minutes after taking the coral water (at least 250 ml), when the blood is diluted considerably with increasing pH, lymphocyte already looks like a full grape. In such circumstances, the lymphocyte is able to perform its safety function.There are about 150 diseases caused by calcium deficiency. Therefore, when you begin to absorb calcium, is no wonder that the place of the disease. This is not a miracle, and elementary biochemistry. 

Advantage that Coral-Mine has over other calcium products, is that he does not need acid to convert calcium in ionic form, to be internalized. He is already in the ionic form, along with other 70th trace elements (including rare and very rare). And, if you use the Coral-Mine, you begin to assimilate to the point where it gets to your mouth.Of the 2,500 species of coral just like Sango coral from which the Coral-Mine,

 has such unique features: contains 70 minerals in ionic form, has antioxidant properties, increases energy and tone the body, harmonize subtle field structures of the human body. Coral-Mine has the properties of an ideal drug: it is highly effective, safe, works on the cause, is relatively cheap and easy to use.In addition, this type of corals have almost the same structure as the structure of human bone. That is why the type of coral Sango very successfully used in transplant operations bones as their replacements.Drink water to be fit

It is recommended to drink a day on average, one and a half liters of water (normal 30 ml per 1 kg of body weight), and during exercise and in hot weather - more. If you are serious enough exercise, be especially careful, because when you reduce water consumption, even by 2% relative to the weight of the body, your body can no longer meet the required loads.

Why drink water?

Our blood is made up of water by 83%, our skeleton - by 22%, in our muscles its 76%, and in the brain - 75%.Water is involved in thermoregulation, engaged in "transportation" nutrients to all the cells in our body, dissolve minerals and toxins from the body. In other words, in the body there is no process associated with metabolism, which would pass without water.The water content in the organs and tissues should provide a constant - it is this that determines the existence of an important condition and a normal human life.

If the body does not receive water regularly, it is above all, leads to a malfunction of the kidneys - remain out of work, they become lazy and some of their functions have to take on the liver, which in turn also stops working properly.The result on the person: reduced rate of metabolism, fat no longer split and toxins normally excreted from the body and begin to accumulate in it. 

Appears excessive fatigue, headaches, and pounds, layer of nails, dry hair and scaly skin (by the way, all that we used to write off to stress and lack of sleep).Constant shortage of water in addition leads to constipation and even the appearance of kidney stones and gall bladder. And when the body is deprived of 10% of the liquid, it is already in serious violations of the central nervous system, which can cause death.
Do not forget that by making even the most basic exercises for the abdominal muscles, you sweat. Try to drink water after a workout. The best water, a coral water!!
A suitable temperature for drinking water

Avoid icy drinks! Because of the sudden change in temperature can cause spasm of the vocal cords and the voice will be lost for a while. And the body get a whole bunch of inflammatory diseases. Moreover, according to recent studies, icy water leads to a reduction of the metabolic processes and eventually leads to obesity.

Drink fresh and moderately warm water (even in summer). Drinks with ice lead to digestive problems, disruption of bile secretion and gastric juices.

Too hot water also should not drink. First, it breaks down tooth enamel. Second, burn the mucous membrane of the pharynx, esophagus and stomach. Plus, leads to changes in internal body: for example, the sensitivity of the stomach wall.

If you work in an office with air conditioning, you should drink a little every 3 hours. Some involved in sports, choose not to drink, not to sweat. This is a big mistake. Quite the contrary, it should drink more to compensate for the consumption of water during the course.If you eat before exercise, for example, three plums, not drink them because water helps to swell the fiber, and exercise to press with a swollen belly - not the most pleasant experience. (Even worse, if the water is aerated)

.Carbonated water is not recommended at all to drink, especially harmful for people suffering from heart disease, and those who are prone to accumulation of gas in the intestines and burping. In any case, it is usually best to use the natural drinking water, rather than artificially carbonated.What kind of water to drink?

Tap water, of course, it is better not to drink. In our country, the tap water contains impurities based mainly chlorine. Also, it may be too much mineral content that prolonged accumulation can lead to kidney disease.

Get involved only boiled water is also not worth it. Boiling is not able to kill all the bacteria, and heavy metals from boiling only become harmful. A useful substances, such as calcium and magnesium, are deposited on the walls of the teapot as a solid white residue.

Spring water is unsafe to drink, because its usefulness depends on the soil layers through which it passes, before to be on the surface. Well, if it was mold, enriched with silver. And if, for example, sulfur? Sometimes the water samples are the waste products of humans and animals, which is also not very nice. Therefore, if the source is located in the city or town, it is better to abandon such water.
Soda is better excluded from the diet. After all, in such water oxygen artificially replaced by carbon dioxide. And to get rid of the body needs a lot of liquid. In other words, using a soda we further dehydrate the body.
So it is ideal to use either water filters, or to buy a special purified bottled water. Please remember that the usual table water is poured into the bottle from the tap. Only pre-cleaned before it distilled state, and then enrich minerals. But coral WATER, suitable for any man!Regularly working out, do not limit any one brand of mineral water, no matter how useful properties it, according to the manufacturer nor possessed. Monotony can eventually cause problems. To improve the separation of drinking water with lower mineral content.Tips on use of water

always carry a bottle of water, not to stay long without drinking
morning before breakfast drink a large glass of water, it helps to eliminate toxins and intercellular exchange, especially when you lie down even after
Change your brand of water, to use the advantages of each of them

Water corals - a healthy body

Daily consumption of water, purified and enriched with coral calcium, helps you:
At the cellular level to achieve normal acid-base balance of the body by neutralizing harmful acids, which are the cause of many diseases and ailments.

Supply the body with essential trace elements in digestible form.
Normalize the water-salt balance.
Normalize the process of blood circulation and lymph flow in the brain.

Improve the conductivity of the blood and lymph in the peripheral parts of the body.
Improve the circulation of the blood system and the process of normalization of blood, improve blood composition.
Restoring the muscle tissue, to fight and prevent diseases of the cardiovascular system, female genitalia.
Normalize the digestive system.

Reduce the severity of diseases of bone and joints and relieve the pain of arthritis, bursitis, tendovaginitah, osteochondrosis, fractures, restoring the normal structure of bone and cartilage tissues.

Normalize blood sugar levels and prevent inflammation of the pancreas in all types of diabetes, and healthy people.
Cleanse the kidneys, digestive system and liver, to withdraw deposits of undigested food residues, heavy metals and chemicals that accumulate in the body.
Improve blood flow to the central nervous system and other organs and tissues, restore nerve tissue and its conductivity, and normalize blood pressure.

Protect the body from the damaging effects of free radicals.
Supply the body with oxygen.
Absorb more vitamins and minerals and food supplements. 

CORAL WATER - is a healthy body

Already in the 18th century in the Spanish medicine used coral, as a remedy, and in 1979 scientists from different countries have come to the conclusion that the islanders Tokunoshima and Okinawa (Japan) differ good health and a decent life expectancy, and it was all because of the water we locals were drinking every day. Rain water accumulating in natural reservoirs islands formed by coral reefs, it is healing, 

full of important for the life of the human elements (calcium, potassium, magnesium, sodium, etc.). That makes the water corals healing. Subsequently, the Japanese government rashreshila mine the coral, with a condition - not to disturb the ecology of the water area. The company Coral Club since the official supplier of coral calcium in the world market.

The official website of the International Coral Club


Videos about coral water

EVENT On Earth
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