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 There are many things... are taking our attraction off ourselfs.. to prevent us...off ourselfs not to envelope.. so the most important is to practice.. to work on yourself ,to get inside your heart deeply not to spend a lot of time.. at PC(computer, Mac)..and such things AS PC, CHATS,SITES,VIDEOS, BOOKS,TV,FALLING INFORMATION ON OUR EARS,CINEMA are taking our off ourselfs...off our evolution and enveloping
Its important more time one .. face of face to yourself,to get inside your heart deeply...♥♥♥LET YOUR HEART TO GUIDE YOU...don't to spend a lot of time.. at PC(comnputer or Mac).. more time one .. face of face to yourself ..to envelope.
PC is an instrument to attract us off ourselfs..to spend our time,see it..
   A lot of people prefer to speak.. to discuss.. but not to do...

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