Thursday, February 21, 2013

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love that brings all together, star that lights people's hearts to be like stars,frienship that lasts forever - real friends never say goodbye, future which is calling ...has a lot of opportunities after you accept that you are free,past that is blessed, forgiven and released like a bird from your hands,everything accepted with LOVE in your heart, Earth that calls to be Healed, Creator.. wishes to be US as ONE,Angels guide You,

 Universe that loves you and it is very pure with the presents for you of your sincere heart wishes flaming you,time that goes to a new period of New Era for humanity,hopeness that creats the future according to your hopes, spirit that you are and always living,the hard Earth school that is chosen by you to be learned and to be ended,yourself being opened and seeing yourself who you really are and for what reason you are here,the place found to be happy on Earth , happiness that found in the power of now, you can change your future by changing your past,

 you are a multidimensional being waiting to return to youself,obstacles are given you to evolve, dont think more obstacles for yourself in everything you wish and do,let yourself to dream and come it true with no fear of it seems impossible,you are to be happy and to love here that is possible just with opened brightning heart like a star :) and a smile on your face like a small kid opening the New World ♥♥♥

卍ᛣᛉ卐 ᛝ ↯↯↯ ѪDurgaѪ ↯↯↯ ᛝ 卍ᛉᛣ卐

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