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BEginning of Great Beginning

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 The fact that at the bottom, is the likeness of that which is above and that which is above, is the basis for the similarity of the fact that at the bottom, at the original will of Him whom we men call the Great Pa-M-X.  


When there was nothing that we, the people perceived, was not implemented, only the Great PA-M-Ha - Initially the unknowable essence, radiating Zhiznrodyaschy Primary Fire Universe - Ingle.

Great PA-M-HA appeared in the new reality and the perception of the new reality of the great light lit up. And then there was a new eternity in the new reality was born, and the never ending number of its manifestations appear. So there was the fact that we, the people, the spaces of the Worlds Reveal, Navi and rights are taken. With Great manifestation of RA-M-HA in the new reality, the new Eternity appeared Sverhvelikoe something absolute, and since it was not what it is Great RA-M-HA, the absolute Sverhvelikoe something concealed a cob of Evil, for all that is imperfect, is a relative evil. And when the Great PA-M-HA rush of light, from a great flood poured Ingle - Primal Living Light. Light was driving in front of the absolute darkness Sverhvelikogo something. Than further away from the Great Light RA-M-HA, the less bright light was Ingle. Each cluster Ingle many worlds and reality appeared. In this primeval light appeared live beings, for Zhiznrodyaschey was Ingle. Great stream Ingle - Zhiznrodyaschy Light and Fire Primary Universe, in which there were existing universe, and all the inhabited worlds and realities. God - the Great Fire of the Galaxy, the Fire of Creation. Part Primordial Light poured out into the deep lows, and there mixed with the darkness and mist. There were flashes of the Primordial, from which our universe and other universes are born. Where Primordial Light of gloom not mixed, there was formed the band called the golden route or Heavenly Iriem - the Milky Way. From the surface of the Heavenly Iria reflected different worlds, but they have evolved Blonde Reality special, special human beings. Developed Multidimensional Dark Worlds reality is called the World of Darkness or the world would bake special creatures Devils and their rulers Koshcheev. higher reality is, the more senses gifted creatures who inhabit them, and in each area the Golden path is not one reality is, as a wide variety of realities. Beings who inhabit them, have the same number of feelings, but different feeling beings in these realities, next to each other behind. primeval living light combined set of realities and to create the Great Tree of Worlds. Thus was created Vyry Garden, which takes full Svarga Heaven. Vyry Garden - Heavenly Abode, home Blonde Mnogomudrye Gods and Ancestors of our birth. The great tree of the Worlds - Ecumenical world structure. On Earth, these structures are embodied in the images of sacred trees: oak, birch, ash, etc. Otherwise stacked endlessly in our never ending Ingle. There's high at the top, but it is far from the one whom we men call the Great PA-M-HA, were the Great Confluence Primordial Light. And there are Vyšna gods, one of which we call the Svarog, and who is God and the reality of our worlds is never ending. Svarozhich (assistants Svarog) than ending. Those of the Light of the Gods, who are not Gods Vyšna endlessly, are in the shining world of spiritual power - Multivariate and varied world of higher worlds Golden Path of Spiritual Development. Infinitely large and powerful compared to us Svarozhich. We can talk about them as all-perfect ones, omnipotent, all-good and all-knowing. Vyšna Gods above all accessible to us, we have to comprehend. But any one living in any of our things on the smallest particles (core), around the original rotating basis, also refers to the power of his Svarog as Svarog refers to the one we humans refer to as the Great PA-M-HA. Every iota of our body, stone and wood are the original solar system, surrounded by land on which they live and develop billions of sentient beings. BIRTH and the closer to the original source of light placed these spaces and realities in different worlds shining, the larger dimension of these great spaces Reality and were filled. And they were born Zhiznnesuschie Ancient Gods and the greatest patrons of the Worlds of space and reality, which, developing in the Divine Light Primordial pure Ingle, learn and build up their boundless spaces and Reality. Thus was born the highest and infinitely dimensional Bright World Rights. below highest World Rights, on the space of the Golden Path, not one is a reality, and a lot of reality, and that being the Abode of Life inhabit, had the same number of feelings, but feelings were different creatures these realities, next to each other lying. And for a variety of different cognitive system of the sun and stars were shining. And high at the top under the bright dazzling auroras Great Sun and Stars were born New Abode of Life, in whom the Old Gods, the protector of our Great Clans appeared. They habitable New Abode of Life, bearing being born and living there, the beauty, the harmony of Creation. Filling all sorts of good things shiny new Abode of Life, they would go to the new realities and there also continued to build up again, helping the residents of these Realities. So bloomed the Abode of Life, which was born in the New Reality. Abode of Life in the shining world develops in harmony and perfection. In all respects, in deeds and in the Life of a conscience and wisdom of the measure were, their complementary love and faith that lead to excellence Creation. Letting your bright eyes to Heaven, being with all my heart sought in those long distances, where they arrived on Earth Mnogomudrye Old Gods-patron. Primordial Light Engle developed the flight of ideas, creating Great Creation in all Harmonic Light Worlds. And various forms of life, thanks to Clean and clear thought, and the Great Establishment, left Flowering Earth and swept into heaven, filling the new space and reality in a variety of multi-dimensional. Thus were born the greatest and multidimensional spaces and the Reality of the World Radiant Navi. At the birth of the Worlds "in the Dark", when light and darkness came across any of the dark demons - the lower nature of the Dark World, animals, World of Darkness, the perennial enemies of the Divine Light, which preach among Men explicit world: permissiveness, violence, greed, selfishness, and finite existence. The real masters of the dark worlds are: Brown Leahy, dark Arlegi and Koschei - Princes of Darkness. They originated in the primordial darkness, when they were in the Great Worlds particles Ingle, Zhiznrodyaschego Primordial Light. Their active development began during the Great Assy (War) in the Dark Realities, which were the seeds of ancient knowledge. Arisen in the Dark, contemplate the World of Light colored eyes Darkness. By the Will of Svarog Gods Defenders of the highest of all the Worlds and reality creates the Light and Dark Frontier sharing. Reality is limitless, as boundary, separating the world of hell and darkness, where power predominates, from the wisdom of the ancient knowledge of the world, where conscience prevails, the Light, not strength. Beings of Light Worlds not penetrate freely into the Realms of Darkness. During the Great Assa dark expelled from all lands, and so the path of dark spirits and souls began to pass only through the world of the people living on earth, and only through the world of men has become possible to climb to the top of the Golden Way . A particularly important role was to occupy our land, located midway between the Light and Darkness. Because of this, the dark forces decided to give power over the people Devils. That is why in the world there is a struggle between light and dark forces, which brings together people from different genera and Peoples. spread throughout versatile spaces and Reality, wise thinking beings, led by the Old Gods, the protector of adapting to the finest unpopulated New Earth Light of the World, Navi, and then went back to Heaven. So settled harmonious Worlds Reveal and Navi generated in pristine living world of Joy, which emits Primal Grand Ra-M-X.



                                                            Dispensations WORLDS
Our explicit surrounding world, the world of yellow stars and the solar system, only a speck in the universe is never ending. There are stars and the sun white, blue, purple, pink, green, stars and sun flowers, unseen by us, our feelings do not comprehend. And infinitely large number of them, their unlimited variety, infinitely spaces separating them. All of these different worlds - only Fire lights, standing at privhoda in kings creator, which imenatsiya - Great PA-M-Ha.
And all these worlds and realities are not kept separate and penetrate each other. So, where in one reality raging waves of the great sea, in another reality noisy forest or stand tall mountains covered with snow. Some worlds or universes with the same number of measurements exist next to each other, while the reality penetrate one another. But having qualitatively different feelings, or different forms and conditions of life, the inhabitants of these realities existing in the single-dimensional spatial structure, do not face each other, and sometimes even not aware of each other's existence. God Svarog installed Universal Laws ascent of the soul to the Golden Path of Spiritual and mental perfection. Free passage of the soul, the Golden Path of Spiritual Development, help wise knowledge of these worlds. In our universe, the Golden Path of spiritual ascent leading up called - SMAD on which are bright and harmonious Worlds. They follow one another: the world of men, Legs World, World Arlegov, Aran World, World of Radiance, the world of Nirvana, Peace initiatives, the world of spiritual forces, World Knowledge, World of Harmony, Peace Spiritual Light, Worlds spiritual heritage, World Law, Worlds of Creation , The World of Truth, Worlds patrons. At the end of SMAD is point beyond which begins the Great Peace of rules. four-dimensional world of people - body, soul, spirit, and conscience. Existing world, located on the gold road, have the following number of dimensions: the human world - 4 World Legs-16 World Arlegov-256, World of Aran-65536, World of Radiance-65536 in the square, ... Peace, 65,536 patrons in four thousand ninety-sixth degree. There are worlds intermediate: five, seven, nine, twelve, and smaller number of dimensions. Transition Soul from one world to another world is possible, but you need to step over the threshold, which is associated with the loss of the body, this dimension. Such a shift in the World Soul Reveal people called Death. Death - the loss of soul body in which the soul lives. In the other world the soul inhabits the body of a rational being of the world in which it is directed. Intelligent beings other higher Worlds can get to the lower worlds of people, then they are perceived in the human world is not in its original essence, and in the forms of perception of the World, which only available to residents and occupants. The more complex the structure of the world in a certain area the Golden Path, the greater the chance for the inhabitants of this dimension reflected in the consciousness of the world a smaller dimension. At the base of the Golden Path is the world of men and the rise of the soul of man to a higher Peace is possible only as a result of development of the Spiritual Soul. To do this in the world of men and gods come Teachers of Mankind. They are beings of a higher order of complexity that come down to management and transfer of higher knowledge and commandments. Indeed, over the development of spiritual and emotional nature of man works not only himself, but also the Universal Force. How to understand Eternity, Reality, Space, Reality, Beckonechnost? Eternity - is the structure of the Universe. Universe - Worlds of this rule, Reveal, Navi. reality - space global rules, Reveal, Navi. Spaces - the limit of perception in one of the world law, Reveal, Navi. reality - living beings and nature in the Worlds Rights, Navi, Reveal. endlessly - is reality and reality.


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