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We are not alone, there are a lof of star nations in our Universe, Governments are silent, because its not their purpose to inform people about Truth,Governments are Rulling and cooperating with Dark Star nation --- dark Aliens, who wants to OWN Earth, and slaved humanity, If People Know they are not Alone in the Universe, then people will want to meet Star Nations and Governments controlling Earth will be lost :) and people will be free and they will Unite :) mostly Star Nations are friednly.. and about end of 2012 --- not the END :)))))

its not GOD's Plan to End :)))))) God's plan is to return Earth and Humanity to the Light :) in a higher Dimension :) to remember THEY are God and God is They are :) as ONE :))) and Return to the PURE LIGHT, dont worry if you dont hear much on TV about it for now :)))) coz very soon you will hear a lot, use your heart to feel what is truth and what is not, dont be rulling by religion, Your Heart is a Guide...dont believe 2012 END Armageddon, dont beliebe Star Nations will destroy and kill people...Because the GOD PLAN is different, and there are many Star Friendly Nations and Organisation ina service to Earth, protecting Earth from 3d War, from Dark aliens Plans which cooperate with Governments...EARTH ASCENSION WILL HAPPEN ♥ ♥ ♥ ;-)

♥ ♥ ♥ and they are here to help us and to assist humanity , to evolve and change to a better way.First they will tell People who they are and why there are here, about their projects about ASCENSION and what is happening on Earth right now, and People are always free to make their own choice, Everyone ♥ If people take their Hand of HELP, they will heal and clean Earth with high advanced technologies from all poisons, they will be where people need them and their help to STEP FORWARD in Evolution and Development, they will be where people call and agree to cooperate with them and to get their assistance, They are here to Open the True Earth and Human History, to tell about Universe and about Who humans Are and why they are here and that the purpose of existence is to Creat and Evolve and much more

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наконец-то я нашла реальное изображение того как выглядит Аштар Шеран,это как он выглядит согласно моим воспоминаниям из прошлого и ощущениям ♥ ;-) ♥

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