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We live in a unique time and we are at the transition of epochs. Right Now Galactic Cycle is ending (228 millions of years) and a Planetary Cycle (25920 years). In this time equalizing of a Planetary Axis with a Galactic Centre takes place. We enter in a new and difficult time.

        When on our planet first civilizations were born and started to evolve: first, second and third, there was an intensive life on Mars and Maldek. But habitants of planet Maldek had a lot of misunderstanding, that they have destroyed the Planet by their own weapon. Souls of the all habitants started to incarnate on Mars, Where at that time was a valuable civilization, but some time later wars have started, and those Souls, that came from Maldek, also helped to destroy life on Mars. At that time on planet Earth, a civilization of Lemuria was at its blossom, and all souls, aggressive and brutal because of war now incarnated on Earth. They helped to destroy such civilizations as: Lemuria, Atlantis, and now they also want to enslave ours. They work very hard for this. But the main problem is, that this is all because of the Reptilians and Greys. They helped to destroy Maldek, a part of them helped from the orbit, a bigger part incarnated in bodies through the Family Channel (Mothers Bosom). As the time went, there were more and more incarnated Souls. A Goal of Reptilians and Greys – to enslave and subordinate all that they can, do experiments with them and steal their energy. Later they also destroyed all life on Mars too, however some to this day live inside of Mars and keep a history and knowledge of civilizations.
      Now at some point they succeed on Earth-fall of Lemuria, Atlantis, and they do gradual preparations to eliminate ours. Somewhere around  from 2500 to 800 years ago some developed beings(Divine Beings) were born, to give some knowledge for the progress of civilization( Jesus, Buddha, Mohammed) and many others. There were more than 40 Beings, that were in different places of the Planet, to give birth for a new thinking  for the next 1000-2000 years. Although, Souls of Reptilians and Greys started to incarnate to change the Teachings of Saints, who gave a new knowledge. For example: they have changed Bible and other Scriptures, they wanted people to feel, that they are slaves of God, they wanted people to be ashamed , that they are sinners, that Jesus took sins of the whole humanity, they wanted people to have complex of inferiority and many more. It is sad, that people have not read real teachings of Jesus, only fake Scriptures, including Bible. But Jesus never said that people are slaves, he didn’t take sins of humanity, it is impossible, he took negative energy from the people, when he was healing others from diseases.
Around the Planet Reptilians and Greys created Three Special Grids, for people to connect to them, when they will generate slavery, a feel of guilt, aggression and other negative feelings and emotions. Sometimes they provoke people on negative feelings by themselves.
First Grid. Traction to worship, feeling of slavery, feeling of guilt, aggression, fear, shame and others.
Second Grid. Traction to Racial and National misunderstanding, Curses, passion of hunting, or love to hunt animals (everything that is alive) and others.
Third Grid. Traction to terror, desire to enslave people, to subordinate them, FEEL OF: meaningfulness, importance, superiority,  and others.
    There is a primary template of Co-Creation of the original human DNA, created for the biological forms on Planets with Magnetic Nature. Creatures of Light with an original DNA from the very start moved to another Universe, where the original DNA keeps safe. Later by influence of alien civilizations of different natures there was a try to change human nature by genetic experiments, but it had no success, as the counsels of that time were Sirians, and they are Magnetic too. It took place more than a million years ago. Later it became more serious. At first, a few alien civilizations set Electro-Magnetic fields on the whole Solar System and every Planet in it. In addition they have started to supply humanity with high developed technology based on electro-magnetism and radioactivity. They Helped to set electro-magnetic crystals  for power and prosperity. For example, those that were set in Atlantis. Later developed and highly evolved Spiritual Teachers and Masters from Spiritual Hierarchies of Electro-Magnetism started to incarnate, and give teachings about Merkaba and teach that, this is a real Light. Meanwhile, after a full cycle of 25920 years Electro-Magnetic fields became permanent, what caused decreasing of size and increasing of submission. For example, most of Reptilians and Greys have Electric Nature and their bodies are specially modified and used for this. Human biological body can not be compatible with electricity. An example: kittens were born, one of them was placed in environment of electricity : 80% - electricity, 20% - magnetism. Another one in magnetism: 80% - of magnetism and 20% electricity. They grew 3-4 years, and there was a supervision upon them, and here is a result. A kitten with the high magnetic field readings, was balanced, showed Wisdom, Love and Individuality. A second one was emotionally unstable, acted stupid and wild, a lot more undefended from violence, programming, other instabilities, u don’t know what to expect from him, but this is only 80% electricity, not 100%.
     The same is with people. Now humanity have started  to develop electric technology, maybe someone had interested them for an Electric Nature to be. Next step – transition to electricity and there will be no facilities to help the humanity. Therefore it is important to start to recreate native, given under control of the Creator by the Light Workers a Magnetic DNA for evolution. For example, our brothers from Sirius with a Magnetic DNA have ascended with the whole civilization in the 5th dimension, they were very careful and were watching, that no one would harm and create from their DNA a cocktail, from which u don’t know what you can expect. If we will not save ourselves, then we will be doomed. It is noticed, that after returning to Magnetic Nature many changes take place with a human, and in the surrounding world: human’s height increase, new glands start to appear, chemical composition of the organism is changing and many more; Even plants are getting bigger in 2-3 times.
      Our ancestors-parents have had 12 pairs of DNA, to be correct, not the pairs, but tubes that contain information, so while loosing it your DNA becomes double spiral. This causes division in two parts, this is when a duality appears. After genetic mixing with other alien civilizations, only 7 pairs of DNA left. After an activation of Three Grids by the Reptilians and Greys, only 1 pair is able to work- a double spiral DNA. To overcome the Grids, A consciousness has to be changed. Character, Morality, attitude to everything, to the life too. Based on religions, people form a type of the mind, world view and mentality, it shows, what character you have, thoughts and attitude to everything. Based on this scientists, businessmen and creative people develop television, books, movies. Everything. And what vibration you radiate, that information you receive. This is, just like boiling in your own caldron. To sit in a prison, creating a comfort and being happy because of your own slavery. For example: countries of Tibet and Israel that feel themselves as victims are feeding one Grid, while other tyrants  like America, China, and some African countries – if something is wrong they already are ready to start a war, they are feeding an another Grid. Just like a whole humanity –religious people worship God and Saints feeding one Grid, when the rest of humanity act arrogantly, proudly, do not believe in anything and feed another Grid.
 It is time to leave a jail, to whip off the shackles, prison clothes and become a real, developed Being of Earth, Solar System, Galaxy, Universe, and most important – of the Source. It means, that it is necessary to love, to respect, to honor the Saints, Avatars, Cosmic Hierarchs, especially the Source, and to stop expressing ignorance, greed, boorishness, disrespect.
      Not all of the Reptilian races are motivated negatively. From among many evil motivated Reptilian Races, also near a half are trying to treat people with understanding, respect, compassion. Unfortunately, even for them this is very hard. In the Universe almost all alien races not too well motivated towards people, as the People from Earth are in a category of the most primitive Creatures in the Galaxy and Universe. But still, the most of the races have hope, that people would start to awake.
      Physical bodies are not so bad, if to make some efforts, then the bodies will be very impressive. Most of ET civilizations much more evolved than people in technical, spiritual, and mental levels of life. In a connection with it, attitude to People is like, to the Неrd of cattle. The are not so many Planets, with a lot of recourses for life of different life forms. So, when they see, how People kill themselves and recourses of their own Planet, it is difficult for them to hold back, and not to interfere. 
      At this moment Reptilians and Grays are preparing for 2013,2017,2030 years to achieve a maximum possible decrease of humanity and the Planet’s vibrations, to get a full control and power above everything.  Also most of the Presidents and politics are controlled because of the impact on them, to achieve an adoption of right decisions. In addition, from the year 2000 demonic Souls have started to incarnate (Beings, that come from Destructive  (Negative Systems) and this is a big problem too. To help the Souls who are living on our Planet, a decision of help has been accepted. And in this time to give a new knowledge, to raise a vibration, 144.000 Enlightened Beings have came and incarnated (Vissarion, Vselenskiy, Lapin, Starlion or the New Age Masters, Strelnikova, Seklitova, Mikushina, Dzhasmuhim and many others), 78 millions of Indigos and Crystal Beings, several thousand Beings of Light from the Pleiades, Orion, The Great Dog, Andromeda and many more places, and also a few Cosmic Hierarchs. To give the right Teachings, ASMAR had to learn, what are the main problems of the people and how to leave the crisis correctly and evolve.
  Now he provides a knowledge, an image of life and gives an Energy Of The Source, which is called « EVERETHING THAT EXISTS» for development.
   Possibly, that some more information would help you (although for people it is closed, but lets try to open up a curtain of that truth, that is hidden …). When the archives and records from some places of the Akashic Records and DNA of the humanity were opened, many interesting information came up…
  More than a 1 million years ago in our sector of the «Milky Way» Galaxy, in particular in the Constellation of the Pleiades, where we are too, on post of a God – Co-Creator and Head, Archangel Melchizedek was placed. At the very start of his Board everything went not how He wanted it to be, and He decided to do an experiment. He made a decision, to turn our Solar System into a «concentration camp» for Souls, as the form of punishment for those who have a bad behavior in embodiments and degrade. So, on Maldek, Mars and Earth, Souls with serious problems have started to incarnate, what also caused a death of Maldek (Phaeton), destruction of life on Mars and on our Planet. When more and more problematic Souls have started to incarnate, this caused a global planetary cataclysm 850 000 years ago, when a big part of Lemurians was destroyed. Afterwards, when everything became stable, a new sequence of events have started. As our Creation has a Magnetic Nature and before Archangel Melchizedek started to rule it also was Magnetic. But these problematic Souls according to the law which says that «same attracts the same (like attracts like)», started to attract beings from the Cosmos with an Electric, Electro-Magnetic and Radioactive Natures, who later have started to mount crystals and build pyramids in a jumble with Crystals that have  activated Electro-Magnetic field on the Earth and the whole Solar System. Powerful electric discharges started to pierce periodically all of the Planets of our Solar System. This is how the artificial Electro-Magnetic field in our Solar System was created. All living forms started to degrade. Also, many ET civilizations from different planets started to arrive, with an Electric Nature (Greys, Reptilians, Insectoids, Humanoids and others),and Electro-Magnetic tyrants (Humanoids, Anunnaki and others.). Their plans had started to implement in the reality  - They have started a global enslavement, a creation of the Planet that is full of slaves, and treasures to get. While some were hunting for: cupper, Human DNA, animals; other part for – gold, brilliants, protein material of humans (DNA molecules, blood, skin and other materials for their work and experiments). Besides, a Destructive(Negative) System has connected to our Planet, as many of the Souls were going to the Negative Systems in their evolution. But also there were a lot of Spiritual Beings that were sent to help in awakening of the Souls, for example: The Order of Melchizedek, and other Orders and Organizations of Beings of Light. But the main problem is, that all these Spiritual Creatures were setting Electro-Magnetic Nature. Also the same Nature was setting by Negative Beings, and what it all led to?
   If we take a look on the Dance of our «Milky Way» Galaxy 1 million years ago, - everything worked as a Unity. From then, many Star Systems went through the transverse corridors of Evolutionary Development. Let’s say, for 1 million years they went through the 5-6 million years of evolutionary development. But now our Solar System and basically our Planet are late for 5 million years, as it went through the wrong corridors because of the transition to Electro-Magnetic Nature. It is equivalent, If a man has one leg 1 meter long, and another – 50 centimeters. What does it lead to? Most likely, it will deform the whole skeleton. In analogy, the same is going on with «Milky Way» Galaxy - Pleiades are the one, that is behind. Because of this, «Milky Way» Galaxy has launched a purification process and now in a few thousand years everything in the Pleiades must be destroyed. But there is another way – to help the Planet to rebuild everything to Magnetic Field. At the current period of time on our Planet this already has been started. Each one must decide for himself and make a decision, and then walk on that path, path that was chosen, to the end. If the choice was correct, then there will be possible to restore the Planet, and the Solar System, and the Star System of the Pleiades, and create a beautiful and harmonic Dance. And sure, it needs a lot more efforts, than just to live and watch how all of the lifer forms are getting destroyed.

A Secret Vail Of The God
       The Creator knows what was and is going on. As He saw initially the whole picture of what is happening, He has prepared a surprise, that was a secret for everyone. Knowing, what amount of Karma humanity got because of the rash actions of Archangels, that can not have karma, as they are the assistants of God and all of the Karma fell on shoulders of all of the life forms, habitants of Maldek, Mars, Earth, Orion, Sirius, Pleiades and many others. (In this case, Karma means negative capsules, and when it opens, sequence of negative events occurs and of course, the Humanity must to work them out. For example: You want to download a good film. Next, you have downloaded it in a one file (our file – is a capsule). After it got unzipped (capsule) you are able to watch that movie as an observer, but in our case you are not an observer, but an actor in a movie called «Life» and after all it has a negative character.
  Now the time has come, when the Creator has decided to fix a current situation - where the minus was, will become a plus, because according to the Cosmic law – everything has it’s equalizer.
  A Surprise of the God is to install the Universal DNA (Diamond Thread DNA) in every living being on Earth, whereupon Humanity and all living forms on the Planet will be able to release accumulated karma. Diamond Thread DNA was a deep secret of the Creator and it was very rare when it has been given to someone, but everything gets it’s time. This stage starts first with an Electric, next an Electro-Magnetic, later-Magnetic, going even through the Crystal Nature and finally reaching Universal Nature. Moreover, Magnetic and Crystal Natures can also coexist with the Universal Nature. At that time Electric, Electro- Magnetic and Radioactive Natures will start to disappear forever. Around the Planet from a year 2003 were launched (activated) 4 Main and 2 Secondary Universal Grids (of the Consciousness of Light). At this stage of time, Energy and Knowledge have been given step by step. This process could last a few decades. The Creator is not interested in loosing a part of a «Milky Way» Galaxy because of someone’s mistakes and lessons.
  So, everything is in your hands, believe it or not, or take a self responsibility, and start to help all of the living beings of the Planet, and the Planet itself, while there still is a chance.


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