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Ascension Sciences From Godmind

Hyperspace - the 'space' between the dimensions, the medium of consciousness and energy that spans all of existence and is the 'common ground' type medium that is common to all levels of reality and to all infinite timelines/parallel realities and all their subsets - both the dimensional and the transdimensional realms and every single subset of those realms, and is directly connected to and related to the infinite one intelligence or godmind, of the one infinite creator/being, that all beings ultimately are. It is what beings and vehicles traverse momentarily through, to get from one dimension or location in space and time to another. It is in use by all beings, because ultimately, everyone has a level of self that directly operates in godmind - the higher mind/superconscious mind. 

Hyperspace has very many 'levels' or 'layers' of consciousness, and is the place where absolutely all ideas ever thought of, about anything and everything, are 'stored' or exist. Absolutely everything manifested anywhere, is first created in hyperspace or godmind first, even the distorted or unhealed manifestations. It is the medium for all the infinite possibilities that the infinity of the one creator innately is, and is accessible directly by those who are ready to do so. The uses of hyperspace are limited only by the limitations that a self has, primarily of thought/belief, from which other particulars of a being fundamentally derive.

May the transparent light of your higher mind shine from the eyes of your soul to all that is. The good colors that best connect to godmind hyperspace, individually and in combination are royal blue, transparent white light, gold, violet, and electric blue-white light, and other colors. You can also tune into it simply by focusing on that idea of godmind hyperspace, in a calm way. There are very many ways to achieve that state (creativity, love, spiritually expanded and enlightened states of awareness, prayer, deep meditation, deep contemplation, in the moment states of being, of spontaneity, and other states where the self is allowed to be in a natural, calm, balanced state). It is known by many names.


  Extremely large scale positive collective changes can be commanded to your superconscious mind, to the level of hyperspace where everything can be changed to be more positive. So I do command: my higher mind, now, at the level of Reality, hyperspace where everything can be changed completely and permanently, please awaken as much of humanity as is positively possible, and bring freedom and full enlightenment to as many people as possible on Earth, who are not yet fully free. Reader, you are welcome to do the same, the intention and thought of a being are extremely powerful, as is deep breathing with that intention. Below is very simple information and more methods on how to apply the godmind hyperspace. There are many ways how to use godmind hyperspace, for many purposes. You may come up with your own methods. 

A basic nature of the relationship between power, wisdom and love

A sphere or a circle can represent free will, consciousness, sphere of influence, creation, creativity. Multiple spheres together diversify the 'function' that consciousness can represent.  You may click the image on the left to see how this applies to our fundamentally infinite power, infinite wisdom and infinite love.  This is entirely connected with the individual and collective, planetary ascension processes currently going on. 

The same basic principles that work for individual dimensional ascension processes work for the ascension of planets, of solar systems, of galaxies and entire universes. 

A meditative exercise that is effective with deep breathing

Breathing is an extremely powerful and wise way to move consciousness/energy in any way whatsoever that your heart desires. The meditation on the left, with that mudra, connects the conscious focus into what can be called hyperspace or the godmind planes of consciousness, where reality is seen from the point of view of the superconscious aspects of self. The mudra becomes effective quickly, but extended use with deep breathing , eyes closed, in a quiet place, if possible, in nature, is recommended. A mental affirmation of higher self/higher mind being available in this state will also enhance this state of immersion into godmind hyperspace.

 The mantra Ah Ta Ru simply opens the heart of heart's hyperspace gateway and further increases the immersion into the pure godmind hyperspace. Further guidance and even techniques can be received from the higher self/superconscious aspect of your soul that way. Literally anything good is possible in the states that this brings forth. You can change what you want, in Reality, with commands to the superconscious mind. There are many hyperspace mudras, some widely used, others yet to be revealed upblickly. The mudra used in zed buddhism and many other forms, is a pure hyperspace mudra/hand/finger position, quite effective.

Very simple comparison between the  three basic levels of consciousness of the self


Geometries of godmind hyperspace gateways that are relevant to dimensional ascension


Useful in shifting to the time track that you as your total being desire to experience, the most positive and expansive in terms of consciousness and awareness and growth.


Self explanatory image about one of the many things that can be changed if needed


 A geometric consciousness gateway that directly conveys unity, wholeness, singularity of the self as creation, at the deepest level. Ra simply means oneness. 

 Simply looking at this and other hyperspace gateways can help to tune the conscious mind and body into the godmind hyperspace realms, for various benevolent purposes. 

Balance and Integration of the Whole Self

You may ask your higher mind to work on you with this and other images on this website in ways that you as your greater, whole being prefer. 

The threefold flame of the heart

The blue flame symbolizes the infinite willpower, power and will of the one infinite creator or 'god' that all beings actually are. The golden yellow flame symbolizes the infinite intellect and wisdom of our true unlimited infinite being. The violet-pink flame represents the self's infinite and singular love of all that exists. The white light represents the infinite purity of the true self, the infinite one creator of all that is.


Another multipurpose hyperspace gateway

with this one, you can connect to the guardian angelic beings that manage the multiple versions of the timelines that exist in the infinite Reality we exist in. They can be contacted through the superconscious/higher mind/higher self aspect of your self, for various changes to be made in any of your timelines, and past events that need healing, changes. 

One of the various light languages - Lyran


Geometric vehicle of consciousness with the purpose of shifting to a more harmonious timeline



12-dimensional and 15-dimensional core manifestation templates of reality 


EVENT On Earth
If you would like to have all of the information related to The Event at your fingertips during and after the time of The Event you may get a pdf book with all information related to the time before, during and after the Event 


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