Tuesday, May 7, 2013

It does not matter if you will win or lose, you are only gaining the Power of your Spirit and an experience .

It does not matter what role you are playing,
if you are happy, or suffering now.
The dark side or the light side you are playing now.
You are acquiring a Greater Mind and helping the Universe.
You will know Yourself in the body of the Heavenly Father.
The enter to it lies in Your Opened heart, full of love,

that inflames with the Brightest Fire, pourable everywhere

Stay in your Strong Spirit.

You can be yourself and enjoy,

And to wash with a wind of freedom! Staying in your Power!

Being brave and strong! And carefully keeping the Faith …

Have no doubt, amplify your faith over the doubts

Amplify your courage over the fears

And your warm heart over the cold

And your faith over disappointments

Amplify your love over your hate

And All - Forgiveness over your resentments, and non-acceptance

Amplify your humility over the pride

And all-acceptance over your judgments

Amplify your Enlightenment with knowledge over ignorance

And your awareness over unconsciousness

Your learning in the life over it’s wasting

Amplify your opened shining heart over the blowing out it’s flame

Amplify your mind over philosophizing

(philosophy is good when its strengthened  with actions, without them its useless and doesnt make sence,the philosophers  should live exactly by what they preach)

And your actions over the words

Amplify your doubt over self-confidence and gullibility

And your open-mindedness of the obsession on the old

Following your heart over the blind following of other gurus

Amplify love to yourself over self- rejection

Belief in your infinite possibilities over the Limitations

The Power of your Spirit over your weaknesses

Amplify your gratitude over ignorance

And your generosity over the greed

Trusting Yourself over self-mistrusting

Amplify loving the world through self-love over hatred to the world through hating yourself

And Your Joy over the sufferings

Amplify your faith over the doubts

And your sensuality over the callousness

Amplify your compassion over the cruelty

Amplify your appeasement over the worries

Amplify your aspiration over the passivity

And your intuition of the insensitivity

The game of your imagination over the homeliness

The wisdom of your heart over the philosophizing

Amplify your patience over the haste

Enjoying the game itself over its fruits

Amplify the using of time over its wasting

Amplify the power of Spirit with your daily routine ...


Always Stay Yourself...

Natalia Maznitsina

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