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In our everyday life, few people think, why would  human need his hair. But they are given to us not just for beauty.
 Hair perform several important functions for humans.

In - the first hair is a kind of "antennas" which receive the cosmic energy.

In - the second function hair is a battery. They store energy. Personal power of a human. A human with long hair has a better working intuition. Woman with long hair makes a child without toxicity.

Thus, according to the apocryphal "Book of Being heaven ON earth 'Samson - Old Testament hero who became famous exploits at combat with the enemy, wore long braids, giving him a heroic power. When Samson broke a vow of celibacy  given to Gods, and fell in love with Delilah, he is by a"drunken shop" opened her a secret: "If I shave, then all my strength will go from me, " Insidious beloved waited until a man fell asleep and then cut  the seven locks from his  head. Samson once weakened, and this benefited foes - blinded him and forced to work in the mill. But when Samson's hair grew, the power came back to him, and he destroyed the building, where the enemies were.

In - the third hair keep the memory of a human. DO NOT mow young children. There is a belief that the child should be carefully cropped haircut in a year. So I can tell you that this is utter nonsense. Child actively explores the world, studying every second of his life, and you just go on and circumcise him from the memory. He begins to learn at first. On the face of underdevelopment. Why do girls tend to grow faster? Because they are generally not trimmed. Proven that children who do not cut their hair, develop much faster.

The commandment of God Svarog reads: "Do not cut your brown hair, different hair given you, and with gray hair, for God's wisdom you will not archieve if you do and the health will be  lost"

We all know that in the old days men did not cut their hair. A woman with cropped hair was considered disgraced, and among all peoples. Even men did not cut their hair. In some cultures it was decided to cut the hair of women, but note haircuts were far not short.
Hair should not be coloured  in any way . We all studied physics at school.

Color of objects occurs mainly during wave absorption. Red vessel looks red because it absorbs all the other colors of the light beam and reflects only red. When we say, "This cup red", we actually mean that the molecular composition of the cup’s surface is that it absorbs all the light rays except red.
So, your hair has a certain color, as we know, there is no same hair colors, shades of hair are varied and very complex.

Based on the foregoing, the hair absorbs the energy flows of a particular wavelength. And it is the energy that is needed for your body. What happens when you dye your hair? Your body starts to get an alien energy. And what is the result? That's right, the disease. So women, a hundred times consider whether to colour over your gray hair or not , so whether it spoils you. Incidentally, the Frenchwoman who are considered the ideal of style and taste, never coloured over their gray hair.
Did you know that the average length of hair for women - to the buttocks? Being normal, and  able to provide it with the necessary amount of energy - up to the knees?

Woman with long hair has  so powerful energy that can create protecting circle for her beloved, to protect him from any energy woes.

By the way a  husband gets protection from his wife, when she combs her hair. During Slavs times on Earth there was a tradition.
A Woman could Let her hair free from braids only at home or in nature. For the simple reason that her hair down (and even more sheared) absorbs all the negative energy. Including the lustful thoughts of men. Imagine a girl who walks all her childhood and young cropped. And why are all we surprised when she grows up and hits the harlot, becoming nasty like a prostitute.

And you imagine how much nasty energies she  absorbed her whole life, so why any train to be surprised.

The girls braided their hair, it was located along the spine, and it was because that all light of Universe ‘s force through the hair go into the spine and replenishes a  whole body, soul and spirit of a girl with  a special life force, preparing her  for the future mission of the Holy motherhood. It symbolizes the union of the vital forces of the Worlds TriUnity. A married woman made two braids to get energy for herself and her unborn child. To avoid interference with spit, they were collected in a bun, or removed under a handkerchief.

Men are also carefully treated their hair, they give the hair more attention than women. The symbol of maturity, courage and self-reliance was the man with a beard. Beard was not only a man's domain, it is a symbolic confirmation of belonging to God's Genus, that is so , who wore the beard were the descendants of the Ancient Gods of Heaven. Therefore, the Slavs and Aryans preserved statement: "Our Gods, the essence of our fathers, and we are - their children, and being worthy of our Gods Glory, and I will make a lot of good for this World, and  to the glory of our Births, three times more than each of our Hair Braden" .

Damage or violent men beard cutting  in ancient times was considered the gravest crime against their ancient Great God's  Genus and insulting heavenly gods, patronizing their Genus. The betrayal of heavenly gods wasn’t forgiven to anyone, because of this in the past there have been many wars, and singed beard of an ambassador in the old days was considered as a beginning of the  war.

Mature beardless men anciently called females, and anyone was trying not to enter any military and other contracts with them , for it was believed that men live female's life (in modern terms, they are men of the opposite sex orientation. This is supported by various historical sources that tell about what to the reforms of Peter 1, when it was announced "to shave their beards and wear a German dress," beardless were the Europeans with non-traditional sexual orientation whom surrounded Peter 1).

Our ancestors did not use shampoo and washed their hair once a week, and the hair was thick, healthy, not flogged and snugly.

And even now, I can recommend several ways to wash your hair without shampoo.

1) Mustard powder. It is mixed with soda 50x50, diluted to the point of sour cream and applied to wet hair. If you have fat hair, you can leave the mixture on your hair for a couple of minutes if dry - wash off immediately. Mustard is very degreasing before washing so you can make a mask of burdock oil, or any other oil for hair which you may buy in the pharmacy. Also, to this mixture can be added wholemeal rye flour.

2) The hair can be washed with egg yolk. Beat the yolks, apply to wet hair, put all over hair with the same portion. But there is a little trick. Rinse off the egg yolk must gradually, adding a little water, for a good "foaming" yolk.

3) And of course no one has canceled soap. Best of all - economic, its composition is straight.

4) Since the hair is washed with alkali. So do we have in the village, ash bucket, filled with water, and  insisted. Then take a scoop of that and added there water, wash your hair in it, yes indeed, and they washed themselves, when there was no soap with it.

After washing your hair is very helpful to rinse decoction of herbs: burdock, chamomile, nettle.

I wash  my hair with a mustard powder and baking soda. Hair are clean and shiny.

It is natural that combing your hair is very useful, it improves blood circulation and as a result of feeding hair  and hair growth. Comb your hair with natural combs: stubble or wood.

Specialists have found that the crests of synthetic material not only harmful, but also dangerous. Plastic comb combing creates tension in the 60,000 volts, and celluloid - about 100,000 volts.

Many have probably noticed how sparks vent from the comb. From the metal comb hair covered with cracks, the ends of their split, "whipped." When using plastic combs ,the hair induced static electricity microdischarges occur, the hair becomes brittle, plastic, eventually forming microcracks, and that is the niche for the breeding of germs and parasites, is a fertile ground for the development of hair diseases and scalp.

Our ancestors were advised: That hair grow faster if you trim the hair a nail shorter in the days of the black moon. The nail is a measure equal to 1.11125 centimeter ( around a nail size) Slavic see Days of the black moon as a beginning of  New Moon just starting to form. Children under 12 didnt trim their hair. Cropped hair should be disposed of, and the need to carefully collect and burn.

By the way the hair on the human body have the same function as on the head. Therefore, making the so-called hair removal, women are depriving themselves of an additional stream of energy that powers the specific chakra. Therefore, the body lacks energy and the hair starts to grow more black and tougher - the body tends to compensate for the deficiency.

In Europe, the first organized haircut Roman Emperor Nero, who ordered the consul to mow all the foreign legions bald. When the consul, the commander of the Foreign Legion, asked the Emperor Nero, what was the necessity for it, then he replied

"I do not wish them to think , for me,it is sufficient that they would follow  only my orders and instructions."

And in the Russian land haircuts began to practice only with the advent of Christianity.

Now no one can explain why and what they are trimmed followers of his teachings and his priests, clerics, even if the Bible tells the story of Samson, who has never had a haircut and was a strong and invincible until such time when his hair were cut (Judges . Chapter 17, verses 17-19). Completed the transition to a hairstyle of men’s hair  in the early XVIII century decree of Emperor Peter I «shave their beards and wear a German dress." Since Peter did not grow a beard, and on this occasion he is from his complexes, not loving himself, found the solution for it - to deprive the rest from the beard.

I hope this information will be useful for you.


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