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Nothing makes as  happy as bringing happiness  to others ♥ ....... There is no a greater happiness in the  Entire World

Bringing happiness to others is making Happy the Whole

  The Rest is only a temporary  Dust that will go away and vanish into nothingness ... because it is not true, and all that is not true is just temporary

Anyone who only once experienced the true happiness,
memorialized it in his heart forever. And he remembers that this was the time when he saw others happy ... with his own affairs

Kindness, selflessness and generosity, fortitude, wisdom, compassion, care and love for others ...

The capability to love and to bestow others -  is the highest Gift that only exists in the Universe.

That is what will Save this World ...
Сaring for others and every creature in This World

♥Whole One♥

Natalia Maznitsina

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