Thursday, May 23, 2013

The wisdom of our Universe The Legends of Master and the essence of Existence

1.  You can not know what is good, and what is evil. 

 2.  But just know for sure,that anything which is an imposed goodness - is evil.

 3.  There are people being close by is destroying you. It does not mean that they are bad. This means that staying close to them is destroying you. There are people being close by strengthens you and makes you stronger. It does not mean that they good. This means that being near them strengthens you. Be very attentive when  you communicate with others. And you will know who is who. Avoid communicating with the first and pursue dialogue with the second. If it will not work, then avoid any  friendship in all.

 4.  Maintain what you like and slip away from what you do not like. 

5.  If you Still can correct the effects of your mistake, then you have not made a mistake,yet.

 6.  Whatever happens, happens at time. 

7.  Sometimes finding the right solution will cost you even more expensive than making mistakes.

 8. When you doubt in the road,then take a fellow traveler, if you believe - go  alone. 

9.  Every person is lonely. A Strong person accepts and blesses his loneliness. A Weak person - is running away from it. 

10. When you're trying to learn about yourself from others, you give them power over you. So be a measure yourself of anything what is  happening to you . 

11.  Do not be afraid of curses, do not aspire to the praises, they will not bring to you anything new.

 12.  If what you're doing, it's hard to you, think about if you really need it. 

13.  By doing - do it now, then you'll never do it. 

14.  Be calm and attentive to the World, then you will not ever miss a moment of  the Force.

15. You dont know what is The Universe needs.

16.  If you are right, you are wrong.

17.  None of what is called right and wrong exist , you don’t know what is what.

18. There are no bad, there is just something that makes you sad.

19. There is no good, there is just something that makes you happy.

20.  The Universe is Too Big for you to damage it.

21.  Perhaps your mistakes - it's the right thing what Universe needs.

22. Your mistakes will not ruin the Universe.

23.  Dont look for the truth, there is not ,but if there is a truth , you dont really need it.

24.  Do not look for meaning of life, if it exists, it lies beyond life.

25.  How will you define the purpose of what you do? And whether it belongs to you or?..

26.  Do not worry about yourself. In fact, the Universe  cherishes you too much , to have you gone in vain.

27.  Do not worry about which way you are guiding anyone - may you know which on is true  and false?

28.  Do only what is given to you as the easiest, but do it your best.

29.  If there's something you did by an accident, you did it on  purpose.

30.  What is happening , happens beyond your will, but its your will to accept it or not .

31.  To Be strong - it means to be lonely.

32.  The Strong is always strongest alone. You yourself can choose who to be.

33.   Bless all the lost opportunities, you have gained the larger opportunities.

34.  Give - easily ,  Lose - easily , Say Goodbye - easily.

35.  Do not feel sorry about there was not enough Joy , you will gather with this one more sadness.

36.   Fall in Love with your enemy - to win it.

37.   If the enemy has caught you by surprise, and you're still alive - he is in your hands.

38.  As more the lose-lose situation, as more its advantageous.

39.  Do not be afraid of anyone  who try to break your will, as he is  weak.

40.   The True revenge - is a neglect.

41.   By Conceding, , you  are wishstanding the test.

42.  Concede to weaken the opposition.

43.  Do not strive to be stronger than your opponent, but look for where your opponent  is weaker than you.

44.   When you love your enemy, you get to know him better. The more you know him, the more benefits you get over him.

45.   You can not always win, but you can always make yourself invincible. Victory depends on the opponent. Invincibility - on yourself.

46.  Whoever your opponent is, always try to see a human in him. And soon you will be convinced that this approach is giving  you a huge advantage.

47.   To eat and  to be satisfied - everyone is getting his own enjoyment with it , but do not mix them.

48.  You know the rules, but you do not know all the rules by which The World is Living.

49.   The World is sophisticated, but not malicious.

50.   Are you getting what you are doing?

51.  When the fire is approaching, it lits at first, then warms, then burns.

52.  Now you're immortal, because you are not dead ,yet.

53.   You create a lot of  worries and the anxiety ,when you measure success with the  measure of praises or censures.

54.   Do not think about where to go further,when you are in a middle of the pendulous bridge.

55.  By doing - do it now, then you will never do it.

56.   You will never be able to tell where you're going, only - where you hope to get.

57.  Do not look for the fault. Nothing is your fault.
                                       ♥Whole One♥

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