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We the Conductor of change.
Look within yourself and answer this question honestly.
Am I doing anything to help myself be a better person?

Now write down the answer on a piece of paper, analyze it, then ask yourself this question.

Do my actions to make myself a better person benefit only me, or does it benefit not only me but also the people around me?

If you have given a truly honest answer to these questions and they are of a positive nature, you are a person that practices random acts of kindness, you have abundant joy, and you feel successful.
If you have given a truly honest answer to these questions and they are of a negative nature, you are a person who (and I am not trying to be mean) is cynical, self absorbed and suspicious of others. You are unhappy, most likely lonely, and feel like a failure.
If you can't give a truly honest answer to these questions, you are a person who is afraid, has a lack of self confidence, and experiences feelings of anxiety, and uncertainty.

For those who practice random acts of kindness you are creating happiness not only within yourself, but also within others who share your surroundings. This means that you are an advocate of positive energy and change.

If the world is to move into a more positive direction it is up to it's intellectual occupants, (human beings, US) to bring about a shift in the energy that is surrounding us.

As intellectual beings, we are like a “radio station” that picks up, tunes into, and transmits the energy frequencies surrounding us. The one thing that makes us different from the radio in this metaphorical simily is that we also have the ability to choose witch frequency we want to broadcast.

One of the universal laws of physics states, “Energy is attracted to like energy.” This is a scientifically proven law called “The law of attraction”. Science has also proven that thought is energy, so would it not stand to reason (at least scientifically) that the thoughts we think now either negative or positive, dictate the outcome of the future of ourselves and our surrounding environment?

Try to Practice daily anonymous random acts of kindness, and I guarantee that you will feel better about life, have a far greater chance of becoming successful in all aspects of abundance, and feel a noticable shift in the energy that surrounds you.

There is a peace inside each and every one of us, and the only way to experience it is by helping someone other than yourself.

Source https://www.facebook.com/notes/central-state-of-unified-light/we-the-conductors-of-positive-change/255475897927855

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