Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Your judgments, your reactions is the key to self-discovery, to Yourself. It is a measure of everything that you have achieved so far.


There is not any point in judgment, if it does not entail anything after itself. So why do we judge  anything that is ,just for its existence, does it make sense? If  your judgment does not change anything, it's easier to accept than to overwhelm yourself and what exists. We so often do that, but why? We do not even know ourselves, how can we know other people and their heritage, and what happens in for real, if we do not know. All our assumptions are only the guesses, and often we see everything in a way we want, how we are accustomed to see it, but not in a way it really  is. We don’t  see the true meaning of what is happening with ourselves and with others, between them and in the World. If  you mistakenly assume that looking at the surface of what is happening, and not looking deeper, you will see its true essence, then you came nowhere.

Isn’t better to pay attention at yourself, it will be more useful for you, for others and for the World as  a Whole. So it  will be much easier to live and the breathe will become  freer, and all the shackles of their uselessness will fall …

You do not know yourself, when you know yourself, there won't be any desire and sense of judging, as it happens ,just because you still do not know yourself, who you really are, your essence, peer deep into yourself .All those judgments is  just a peel, which will disappear as the old skin, which the snake takes off as it is no longer needed ..... because the snake already has a new one.

Learn to appreciate things as they really are and enjoy its true beauty as a manifestation of the World. Yes, it will be like that and you'll be grateful for what it is, for the fact that it just has happened to you, for what you were able to get in touch with it, being grateful for the fact that you just could contemplate it and to be a witness of this miracle, of the  true natural manifestation of  the Universe. And you will be happy just to contemplate all that is for what it really is, by looking deep into what is happening, you will be able to see the true internal meaning of it... you will become aware of it.

And if you'll be doing it all the time, and always will strive to realize the true meaning of what is happening in your life ... you will gain very much .. you will gain yourself ... and a lot of realizations and discoveries about Yourself and the World.

But know that all of your contemplations, its just  a reflection of your Own World, your deepness. Videlicet ,you are able to see it and to be a witness of it and namely you see it and in this way. Pay an attention at your reactions, it is very important, as you will find a reflection of yourself in them, and  everything that you should work with. Any of your reaction is an indicator of the level of your consciousness, of your being at this moment, of your evolution .Your reactions is just a  measure of everything that you have achieved, this is how you created yourself at this moment.


Therefore Observe yourself, you should look at yourself deeper ... then any of your reaction, whatever  it is : anger, your fears,depression, sadness, hurt, suffering and anxiety, sadness, despair, pride or anything else, and all your judgments --- Will become the Assistants on Your Way. They will help you to evolve and to rise the level of your consciousness all the time, they will help you to become aware and to become the one who you really are, without any husk and shadow ... which follows . All that was created  to help you ...

You will get over all that and become stronger and gain a wisdom. Yes, let the Dawn comes! And Your rebirth !

Natalia Maznitsina    
  ♥ Whole One♥    

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