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The secrets of meditation

Secrets of Meditation - Illumination – ‘Enlightenment’

The technique in developing ones soul is ancient and has been called many things by different cultures. The most descriptive wider name for it is Enlightenment and The Buddha achieved it. Was it under a tree?
This is an interesting question since some scholars have suggested the tree image behind the Buddha is representation that it was the Tree of Life that ties in with his enlightenment.
A large tree most likely acts as a mild conduit assisting greater connectivity to The Creator although it is not easy sitting up against it. Perhaps it only works if the tree is on the top of the hill.
To reach Enlightenment takes years of practice and it requires an inner passion for The Creation, its imagery and an element of self hypnosis.

Advanced meditation:

Be aware of new age groups that put a price on the secrets of meditation and enlightenment. It is a universal law that this secret is freely available. It is time that all share in the secret of ‘enlightening’ or ‘illuminating’ ones mind and be more connected with a higher experience of consciousness calling on the cosmic link with The Creation:

Daily habit to practice before initiation:
It is easier to induce trance first thing in the morning -
mind awakens but body stays asleep

This takes weeks of training ones memory
to think of this first thing as you begin to awaken

This practice takes years to develop its full potential

He had read that the human body needs to be as healthy as possible and free from toxins and having food being processed in the intestine or stomach.
Note here: people that have drinking or smoking habits need to read the chapter that follows.

Altered state of mind:
Once the mind has recognised the routine,
the soul is able to tap into universal knowledge


Absolute solitude and silence
in a sacred place :
A cave - high relief,
or on a pyramid shaped hill
near a river and fault line.

After decades of events,
the soul is completely enlightened
and a sacred place is no longer needed

Preparation for Initiation:

After 3 days of vegetarian *diet - NO flesh
Fasting for 24hrs before meditation
Multivitamin tablets and drinking spring water
freshly bottled from a mountain source

Diet and fasting become less critical
As one becomes more enlightened

Lying flat on a comfortable surface
Lying prone
Head in northerly pointing direction
in darkness or with mask

Induction of trance begins

using self hypnotic repetition
of willing the formation of light


Watch closely for ‘the light’ in the darkness of closed eyes
Detail begins to form after an aurora display

Over many years in quiet and calm surroundings
one can often access divine intuition
almost as easy as normal thought
while the body is also awake and active

The ancients celebrated this Creation sourced intuition link
as ‘illuminated’ and linked through the third eye

*Notes on drug induced trance, health and diet:

Trance like state is a necessary part of advanced meditation. Yes it can be induced artificially with drugs and exotic plants etc but the level of altered consciousness and thought interaction appears completely impaired or completely different judging by all reports documented.
The trance like state achieved with primitive rituals in various tribal cultures using drugs of any form or by dancing ones way into a trance appears to be of little value in linking to ones Creator or in achieving interpretation of the detail received or linked to in the deep meditation trance.
Since the author does not smoke or take drugs he cannot speak from that point of view but he found from his own experience certain things prevented the clarity of vision or information received in meditation.
He found that consuming any preservatives in food, alcohol and meat completely interfered with the clarity of deep meditation trance even if they occurred 12 hours before fasting. He also found that when suffering from allergies or with flu or having eaten badly for a long period of time also completely interfered with clarity of vision or information received in deep meditation.
It is therefore the author’s firm opinion that with bad eating, ill heath, smoking or drinking that one is very unlikely to experience the joy of advanced meditation or becoming completely enlightened.
Please note that deep trance meditation is not a necessity of life. It is only for those that seek deep spiritual fulfilment. One can still receive general divine intuition based on the level of ones spiritual commitment and relationship with The Creation without meditation and without good heath or good diet. One simply needs to close ones eyes, lie back and relax and then commence with prayer. One does however need to learn how to look for signs in answer to your prayers.

Definition of divine intuition

There are five levels of interpretation of human intuition and it is important to recognise one that is destructive and false. The author has recognised this from his own experiences and will be explored below the listing:
• Divine intuition
• Partial/random divine intuition
• Intuition and the source of all ideas
• Fabricated intuition from the inner self

Divine intuition

The most important evidence of the highest level of divine intuition in history would probably be The Christ, followed by The Buddha. Not only was The Christ more than just human having a father not of this world with higher genetic inheritance, his soul was one that most likely was of absolute pure of heart. It is likely that The Christ asked The Creation if he could come to this world to make urgent changes. In all probability even though he was probably born with all memory of his wisdom intact he would also have been told his future with the awful outcome of his murder that would necessitate future society remembering his word. Here The Creation spoke through and connected 100% with this wonderful human being. He was the most enlightened and illuminated to the extent that other spiritual people would probably be able to ‘see’ a glow of illumination as an aura around his head while he was teaching.

Partial/random Divine intuition

The author believes this was the level he occasionally reached. At times when he was most connected in deep meditation he felt the emotional connection and experienced vague misty visions while in a form of trance. After years of practice in geologically special places it was as so, however most early mornings, a partial interactive connection is possible as the body awakens when not in a geologically special place. It is important to write down as soon as one gets up what one has experienced especially if it is related to information one is researching. In daily activity there are times when a clear idea manifests out of nowhere and with time one can recognise the difference between ones own ideas in thinking and a sudden slightly more emotional experience of an appearance of a linked source of information from The cosmic Tree of Life.

Intuition and the source of all ideas

In all probability ideas are not merely apparitions manifesting out of thin air. They can only realistically be explained as sourced from the ‘weak’ connection all people naturally have with The Creation… the source of all knowledge. This is how it is for all people, spiritual or not.

Fabricated intuition from the inner self

The importance of identifying this link is crucial here since thousands of people today, all over the world that have had the benefit of experiencing a real emotional divine intuition event end up going completely in the wrong direction. For example the emotional realization that one has had a divine experience of the paranormal can completely change ones life. So much so that instead oourf further developing the connection (sadly from the lack of available knowledge in this subject), one obsesses in all sorts of ways to try and have more experiences. It manifests to a level where ones own fantasy becomes the source while trying to connect with many attempts in meditation. These people often believe one hundred percent that the fantasy manifestation is divine. Cases can vary from joining misleading cults, or even worse… starting a destructive profit making cult.
Source http://oneism.org/wis_med_life.php#link21

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