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Let's make everything free!!! The Venus Project and a Resource Based Economy. New Human rights ♥

 Let's make everything free
Removing financial support from the system is definitely a must - an essential for humanity's survival at this point because we need to free national economic interests from the private interests of those who put us in debt from the get-go if we want to truly address the environmental and social problems we are facing. I think it's very clear that these are steps which need to be taken and I only pray there is still time left. There are major systemic problems with our current system and we can't expect much better until we can evolve out of this. But we have to evolve forward, not backward. Why? If one really thinks about the reality in which we live it's clear that going back to "living off the land" isn't accomplish-able nationally... maybe for a few self sustaining pockets here and there (which I am an enthusiast of), but even these people would have to defend their homesteads against their own country-mates should SHTF - most likely resulting in a lose-lose situation for all. A fractioning humanity would also make it very hard to address important issues as a whole, which we face as a whole (i.e. Fukushima’s radiation). I understand people’s mistrust in high-science and high-technology and fear of this trans-humanism-new-world-Terminator-technology-takes-over type stuff and I agree that technology could be used in a highly oppressive society of control. However, technology and scientific progress isn't always a bad thing.
Technological advance is an unstoppable growing wave which has benefited our society in many ways. Not all technology is used for the good but technology itself is merely a tool to be used by the wielder. Point is we can't fear technology: it's been embraced far longer than it has been feared and is responsible for greater and greater understandings of Mother Nature and her law. Though there are clearly shortcomings to our modern science, it is also responsible for many leaps forward in terms of human capability (whether this capability has been used to genuinely benefit humanity is subject to question). Things like automation represent a really incredible means of production free from the requirement of human labor. Currently we see this as "the machines are taking our jobs!" instead of “these monotonous jobs no longer need to be performed by people, how nice!” It's really the economic system which keeps us locked into this scarcity paradigm dreading automation and the like because when manufacturing is outsourced to machines our paychecks (and livelihoods) are too. In this manner our economy holds back our society from progressing. Imagine the high-tech covered up by the Military Industrial Complex. These same devices could be released into the public domain and used toward the best interest of the people rather than to the advantage of a militant intelligence based on domination.

Technological advance is part of humanity and is not something to be shunned. People have always been making tools to make their jobs more efficient, as far back as history goes. The catch is that we need to use technology to make our society more efficient: to actually help people and improve our lives. Theoretically, the more efficient a society becomes the less work the members have to do to maintain it and the less waste results, right? Can we say this about our modern society? Are peoples’ needs met? A goal of technological efficiency, in harmony with the natural law of Mother Earth, represents a means of liberation and should not be confused with enslavement. In the example of the Resource Based Economy high technology is used to liberate people from economic slavery, put quite simply, and strongly represents an anti-NOW-global-control philosophy. Technology is a tool which can be used for good just as easily as for evil: a sharp pointed stick can be used to draw, dig, scrape, etc… or it can be used to kill another human being.

If we were to use our technology to maximize global societal efficiency it would drastically reduce our footprint on this beautiful planet and represents a very pro-Earth, pro-humanity approach to building a new future. Again, it's an idea which completely obliterates the hierarchical structure because it makes irrelevant slave tokens/money and the ensuing power structure behind it (which could be considered an evolution of the societal program we have designed, though it's rooted in the bloodlines behind morphing forms of dominion). Clearly the ideology and mechanics set out by The Venus Project are still amendable and mold-able and represent an ideal for a societal operating structure completely different than any humanity has known before. Such novelty is expected to raise concern, skepticism, and curiosity… as does most anything new. When technology is used in harmony with the Natural Law of Mother Earth (think bio-dynamic farming) we can all benefit by it. Some of the concepts portrayed by The Venus Project may seem uncomfortably futuristic for many. However it's important to understand the foundation of the TVP is a Resource Based Economy and it's this resource-based economy which should be emphasized first and foremost because it is the mental framework (software programming) behind which a physical structure is built. The use of the word "Economy" in this title is a bit of a misnomer because an RBE does away with the money system we refer to as "the economy" and may be more accurately described as a moneyless, resource based, societal operating system.

 One of the first things that would likely occur would be large-scale energy overhaul of our system - transferring it from fossil fuels/nuclear into something like solar/geothermal/torroidal/etc... I am sure nobody would be against cleaner, safer, natural forms of harvesting/generating/capturing energy, especially forms which don’t harm our beloved Mother Earth. She is kind enough to host our existence after all and we should treat her with respect. Now if one can imagine the profound effect this updated, safe, natural energy grid would have on the way our society works and the benefits we as human beings would experience as a result, I am sure one might also understand that it could lead to enormous, rapid development of other high-technologies and truly revolutionize nearly every human institution. Keep in mind the concept of an RBE is not about machines doing everything for us so much as it is about automating fundamental operations of our global society, in the name of efficiency, to benefit the masses.

There is no reason we have to work 8 hours every day our whole lives just to survive… it's ludicrous. To recognize this is not laziness but intelligence. This painful reality really just demonstrates how inefficient our current system is. One would think the more our technology advances and the more efficient it becomes the easier our lives would be and the more leisure time we would receive. But it seems the only beneficiaries of technological advance currently are profit-seeking institutions to allow further maximization of profits to the detriment of the people. Our highly unnatural and imbalanced system of economics tends to corrupt genuine human progress, exchanging future benefits for short-term profits. This despotic reality is echoed in no other species found in nature. Animals in nature don't labor for tokens to exchange for resources, they just interact in their natural environments and the resources nature provides them with. This is essentially the same thing a RBE proposes. We would just be using technological progress to amplify the doings of and work symbiotically with Mother Earth to afford the basic requirements of life for all people and more. Even the animals would benefit from our shifting paradigms into one which understand how our well-being and health are determined by the well-being and health of our environments.

There is a genius in this idea! I'm not saying we blindly give our power away and rid ourselves of any concern. Skepticism and careful monitoring of all ideas is very important. A resource based societal operating system would free us from economic barriers and allow us all to co-create our future in an open-source, collaborative, contributive, cooperative manner where all people work toward the benefit of all people and where every advance results in improvement of life quality for all: humanity working as one team. Everybody would need to help where help is needed in the preliminary stages of such a global shift. However, the projects would be diverse and people would be able to volunteer where our passions exist, trusting our diversity to meet the diverse requirements ahead of us. It is likely independent community-wide self-sustaining cells would be constructed and later linked together into larger networks to protect against any form of central collapse. An analogy would be how the cells of our bodies all perform their respective individual functions without compromising the whole of the organism should a few become faulty.  I personally would feel encouraged and proud knowing my labors were going toward things that would actually benefit the people and the planet at large rather than toward lining another’s back-pocket.

The Venus Project, as presented by Jacque Fresco, merely shows what we are capable of with the current level of technology… which is pretty astounding. However TVP is not a non-malleable forced-paradigm but one of continual development, flexibility, and alteration. Again, the point of TVP is a resource-based societal operating system in-tune with the natural rhythms of Mother Earth which exchanges a competition based society for a cooperative one. Don’t we all benefit by working together after all? Every great feat accomplished is the result of teamwork. Aside from labels, barriers, and borders which separate us we are all one global community and a "one-earth" mentality is unavoidable as the human family grows consciously. The question we must ask ourselves is if we are going to allow a destructive global system of domination continue growing or will we perhaps exchange it for a free global human society for all?

We are inter-connected with everything. All people are the same more than different: we all have the same needs for living. Healthy food and clean environments benefit everyone equally. We all want love and partnership. We all want acceptance and friendship. Even the most insidious beings ever known were once clean-slated babies who had the same requirements as everyone else. And perhaps certain people have genetic predispositions toward certain tendencies but our genetic expression is continually flowing and changing based on our energetic expression and our environment - it isn't locked into stone. These insidious people likely suffered hardships growing up which are resultant from the despotic system we all exist in and perhaps they would have turned out to be great people instead if the hardships and strife they grew up with as second-nature never existed. Maybe his/her father wouldn't have been absent and imprisoned if he didn't have to steal to feed his family? Maybe his/her abusive mother wouldn't be such an angry alcoholic if they didn't have to face the burden and stress of an increasingly chaotic world? Maybe competition brings out ugly behaviors more than good? Maybe a lot of these ugly behaviors (which seem to cyclically repeat throughout generations) would have no soil to root and grow in if our social environment allowed for basic stress-free living? A world without bills and financial hoops to launch and contort our selves through doesn't sound so bad after all. Think of the social and mental benefits elimination of debt and bills (and the entire money system to be honest) would have on everyone. I have a hunch that MANY behavioral issues would be instantly solved - or at least the root-causes of many behavior problems would dissolve with the stress of economic slavery.

Every human institution would be revolutionized by removing profit-seeking interests. It would free the employees from financial constraints and pressures and would allow them to work toward the best interests of that which they serve: a giving instead of taking approach (profiting is taking more than giving and is unsustainable by nature). As macro-structures, human institutions could work in toward the favor of all. For example the global distribution system resulting from western-based globalization used by companies like Wal-Mart could be revamped into a positive light and used as a global, free, delivery mechanism for quality goods to areas in the most need: though “The Wal-Mart Effect” is not one of benefit, Wal-Mart’s distribution system could be used toward human benefit as an intelligent Just-In-Time system of delivery. We can use our existing structures but change their "flavor.” For example our educational system (freed from Rockefeller NEA profit-seeking interests) could be transformed into something completely different! It could transform into an educational system that teaches inter-connectivity, high science, philosophy, the arts, nature, individual passion and expression, etc... rather than system-serving, soulless, conforming, brick-in-the-wall subjects. Imagine how drastically this alone would alter our children’s development and the future.

Change is the only constant and there are definite possibilities for proceeding in a better direction. During this time of global financial crumbling I think it's the perfect time to get rid of our token-based arcade society and exchange it for something that could unlock human potential instead of repressing it. Nature and science can exist symbiotically (science is rightfully the study of natural law after all). The only thing denying this symbiosis is our economic system and it’s corrupting affect on otherwise genuine progress (i.e. pharmaceuticals make lots of money but healthy foods don’t. Only one of these two options actually makes you healthier) and its elimination would allow for the resurgence of this symbiosis - benefiting everyone. Should we free ourselves from monetary-economic shackles, humanity will actually be allowed to develop in ways we want without financial constraints. 

A society takes care of each other, right? A family takes care of each other, right? What is our global society but one large human family? Think of the enormous, and increasingly so, unemployment around the world currently. This is an enormous labor force being unused because of an imaginary paper game. How ridiculous of a situation is it to have so many people sitting around while there is so much help needed? I'm sure they would love to have food/shelter and something to do to constructively benefit the world so why do we continually play this paper money Monopoly game when it should rightfully be placed back into the box and into the cupboard from which it came. One of the vastest resources our global society has is our human resource; there must be a more intelligent way to use this to build a brighter future.

What would your life be like if you could follow your passion every day without having to worry about making money or paying bills? What if the best of everything humanity created was offered freely, globally, to the rest of the human family? What if there were no labor budgets, sales targets, or quotas to fill? What if there were no shareholders, stock market, or “bottom line”? What if there were no passports, birth certificates, or social security cards? What if there were no patents, fines, or lawsuits? What if nutrient dense foods and exercise groups were offered freely? What if you had access to whatever you needed always? What if we could all enjoy less-stress and more leisure time? Maybe automating certain societal functions wouldn't be such a bad thing? Maybe poets, artists, and musicians would all benefit from no longer having to compete with each other for pieces of paper? Maybe they would be free to share their gifts with humanity out of love? Maybe a global Renaissance and Enlightenment would take form? Maybe we could reach heights, globally, that the human family had never dreamed of? Maybe we would enter into a larger galactic society with our star-cousins which taught and promoted the same ideals? Maybe we could just chill here? The point is that we have enormous potential as one human family and if we unleash that potential by removing that which stifles it we could very well sail into a "golden age".

 поддержите проект Венера, подпишите петицию :)

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New Human Rights

A Resource based economic system
can replace the repressive and dwindling
monetary economic system

The global birth rate will always need to be equal
or lower than the natural death rate
for humanity to solve its greatest problems.

Human right:
Introduction of free education to be made available as soon as possible for all, implementing new internet and theatre of learning. (See learning and knowledge which follows).

Human right:
Usage of land and homes rights for ‘lower productive’ society - State controlled marriage rights introducing free usage of small piece of land and quality homes, perhaps starting with married couples; State housing of reputable quality becomes available and reused by new couples. Only a static growth population makes this ‘miracle’ possible. ‘Higher productivity’ society inherits more comfortable homes and larger pieces of land accordingly. The productive incentive is important. New homes replacing old perishable homes can be built less perishable, to last centuries with reinforced concrete.

Human right:
Free energy, electricity and water usage. Excessive usage billing only.

Human right:
Free medical and legal costs.

Learning and Knowledge - free for all



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