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I Allow the Ocean of My Life to Flow in the Most Miraculous way Forever, For the Benefit of the Whole!

That would be real, if people allow themselves to experience anything, but they indicate beforehand and tell, describe the experience, limiting it instead of letting it just be, just to flow and happen to them, to experience it and for it to be next to them, to happen...But apparently  people want to know what will happen to them,by changing it with a knowledge , it should be known to them, because it's so easy to live in such way and not so scary, creating the illusion of predetermination, no fear when any event, the future is a foregone conclusion, predicted by yourself, or by others. When that what you believe in, so it is according to your beliefs. But prejudge or describe yourself or allow others to do it means not believing in  yourself, that everything will be in order, that no matter what will happen, everything will be as it should be, whatever happens  it should be for you and for all things ...
You just do not trust yourself ... but what comes always for the good, no matter how it may seem to you, you exist for the good of the whole, and how it would not be hard to believe this, but this is so, because we are a WHOLE ORGANISM, THE UNIVERSE, and  whatever happens it  always causes a chain reaction, all instantly adjusts itself and becomes a more perfect form, how it would not hard to believe in it. And it appears everywhere...Look around and you will notice ,you will find the signs and evidence of this in nature, look at yourself and you will find and confirm it in yourself, this does take a need to go so far, just be open-minded and observant, because the Nature displays the Universe in itself, Its Unified laws, essence and its manifestation, as well as you do yourself ... its manifestation, reality ...

What if you will trust yourself and the universe. WITH BEING AWARE OF IT, ALL FEARS DISAPPEAR, SPRAY AWAY, and your dear soul gets the benefit and peace of itself, and your whole being too. All is for good, and in a different way it can not be. 

When one organ in the body is removed or killed,the other  organ takes over the function of the removed organ. When neurons die, the other nerve cells  take on their functions , increasing in size and forming the  new interneuron connections that compensate the lost functions. Yes .. exactly for the good of the WHOLE and eternal transformation  into perfection. Everything tends to UNITY, as Everything was created  from One , so everything tends to its beginning with multiple ways.


... Each cell has its own role, its duties, each cell is in its exact location. Workings of the cell is regulated by a highly  complicated process. And each cell is just one of many elements of the system. It simply performs its functions.

All the  cells support one another, the lack of any organ's work   is running by the work of other organs. For an example: paired organs such as the kidneys, lungs - take over the function of the second organ, if you remove it, or gets inadequate. All this is done to the human body for it to be able  to function  as a WHOLE (as well as in the Universe)

I am guiding to the  fact that each of us is a cell of the Universe. We make  its WHOLE ORGANISM . Its whole body and we united with one another and work together as ONE. And for the good of the Whole and only so, no matter what happens. Everything in the order, this
is actually true. We are carrying  out a General plan.
But does it really make sence to worry about yourself, or your past, present or the future? If everything is always fine. We instead of relying to the Universe ,begin to fear and worry. And when we go anywhere, do something, speaking to anyone, we dictate our own rules to anyone and to everything, predicting in advance what will be . But it may happen even better, or worse as it may seem to us later.
 Until the clock  were discovered... until we presented to eternity out restrictions, requirements ... and began to limit calculate only by seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, years ...

 The illusion of time http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C6wy6tezKhA 

We compare ourselves to others, predicting that what happened to them will happen to us, or that it should  be with us the same,we are constantly putting our demands, beliefs and knowledge are not always those that actually are for real. But as each cell is an unique person, that's right, and thus and thanks to it we are forming a WHOLE, each of us has a role to play, which is why the WHOLE is forming and the universal plan implements, yes ... so there is no reps, this actor is already there, such action is already played or it will in due time for someone intended as and how it should happen.

 We can describe in detail our capabilities, ourselves, and our experiences, our world, we can describe our future and others, and any other event, bring the sea of demands, and worry about the fact that all was not as we expected, described , predicted, and in a different way, that all is not how it seemed to us. Change your creeds or  neutralize them at all ... to reduce your high demands, and see yourself and all that is  for what it is for real, allow yourself to experience and live it, let it to come true itself.

But we can always consciously choose whatever we want to experience, what we want to learn, but without resorting to our  requirements, or imposed on us by others, or other influences, which only can limit the fullness of what intended for us by the Universe ... it everything  can be much larger and better , and ourselves. We can demand and predict, but we  may  let it just to flow, and life will become much easier, and our chest will be filling with the air  and each subsequent breath will be free, and we will soon allow ourselves to be the ones who we are and breathe with A RELIEF, EASY AND FREELY. 

 And we wont be whom we should be, with no matter what we should have, with what we already have. And finally we will cease to suffer from our eternal desires and demands to each other, to ourselves and to the World surrounding us.When  we just learn to accept things as they are, and an adoption begins with yourself.

The strength in you. The answer is within you. And you are the answer to all of your quest: the goal is you. You are the answer. It is not outside of you.

Eckhart Tolle                                                                              

We  finally may  to be happy, being those who we are,with what  we already have ,with other people in this world in which WE ARE ONE.We are always free, until limit ourselfs and our capabilities ourselves, and we can always wish, choose the future that we want from a variety of options (time-lines of the future). For youuself and for the WHOLE World, and our present. The choice is always ours, in its entirety, with the infinity of its manifestation in our experience, and in ourselves. I ALLOW THE OCEAN OF MY LIFE  TO FLOW  IN THE MOST MIRACULOUS WAY  FOREVER , FOR THE BENEFIT OF THE WHOLE!
                                            ♥ ♥ ♥whole ONE ♥ ♥           
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