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What is Ascension and how do I get there?

 On planet earth and in a physical body one can easily assume that the totally of who you are is limited to the edge of your physical vessel. This is so far from the true for you are an infinite and endless being who limits extends outside of time and space. Your physical body is the densest expression of an endless series of bodies moving up and down an infinite dimensional scale of possibilities. You are vast, but the seduction of the five senses keep you locked and anchored in the reality of the three dimensional world. In an altered state of consciousness, like dreaming or meditation, other worlds and possibilities begin to challenge this perception and can cause some to begin to realize they are much more then their physical body.

In truth, you descended from divine stock into physical expression so that you can help the uncreated first cause become self realized. As singular, individual and physical expression of an endless series of possibility of the divine nature, you will eventually become self realized by waking up to the true that you are God and goddess incarnate. When this happens, God, Goddess is reflected back to the uncreated like someone seeing their reflection in a mirror for the first time. This marks the beginning of your ascension and your climb back up the endless dimensional scale of existence. The ascension process is the realization and expression of your divine nature, by the alteration and expansion of your consciousness. It is the continual re-adjustment of your self awareness to approve or disapprove all internal and external contents that are presented to our consciousness. It is a continual act of will and self awareness: 24 hours a day, seven day a week, even while you sleep.

The time frame for this process can be accelerated if you have the will and discipline to submit yourself to a series of mind and consciousness expanding routines that others who preceded you in the ascension process have left behind. In this site you will find this body of knowledge, wisdom, routines and teachings. These first one, teachers or ascended masters preceded you and have walk the same path that you find yourself in today. Their wisdom, love and support imbue their teachings with filial guidance to help you avoid the pitfalls that plagued them. Upon achieving their ascension some of the masters made a pledge to stay behind and help guide, tutor and mentor those who are not yet God, Goddess realized. This is the pledge of the “Bodhisattva”: to remain behind and help mentor humanity until the last man, woman has merged with God.

 Once you have mastered life, your soul and consciousness become so vast that you can now take planetary responsibility for the evolution and growth of humanity. As such these beings have organized themselves as a spiritual government often referred to as the spiritual hierarchy. The current offices and positions of the spiritual hierarchy are being occupied by the flowing masters:

The Spiritual Hierarchy

Allah Gobi The energy of the Office of God is being directed by Allah Gobi. He is the President of the Spiritual Hierarchy and is often referred to by the other Masters as the “silent one”. He is a master of very few words. His will is formidable.

Lord MaitreyaThe energy or the Office of the Christ is currently held by Lord Maitreya. He is the Buddha of the future that all Buddhist believe will come to rule the world. Lord Maitreya overlighted Jesus/Sananda during his mission on earth more then 2,000 years ago.

Saint Germain The energy or office of the Holy Spirit has recently being held by Saint Germain who left the 7th ray to take this new planetary position.

The Seven Rays of God

Enters now the seven rays of God. Just like light going through a prism and separating into seven different colors or aspects; the white light of God separates and diffracts into seven attributes or aspects that are in true seven pieces of the personality of God. 

Master El Moria

The First Ray: Will and Power

Master El Moria is the Cohan of the first ray or the being that directs this energy of will and power toward the planet. The color of this ray is red and this master was an East Indian prince in his last incarnation and helped Madame Blavasky, Kuthumi and Djwhal Khul ascend.

Master Kuthumi

The Second Ray: Love and Wisdom

Master Kuthumi is the Cohan of the second ray. He is the being that directs the energy of love and wisdom toward everyone on the planet. He lived in Tibet in his last human incarnation and works every closely with Master Djwhal Khul. The color of this ray is blue and it the energy of love, wisdom and education.

Master Serapis Bey

The Third Ray: Active intelligence

Master Serapis Bey is the Cohan of the third ray. He directs the energy of active intelligence or manifestation toward the planet. This Master was the chief initiator at the temple in Luxor, Egypt. The color of this ray is yellow and this energy helps manifest God’s plan on earth.

Master Paul the Venetian

The Fourth Ray: Harmony and Beauty

Master Paul the Venetian is the Cohan of the fourth ray. He helps us create and perceive harmony and beauty in everything in life: the arts, music and even in nature. He was a renaissance man in his last incarnation on earth. The color of the ray is green and this energy creates harmony and beauty.

Master Hilarion

The Fifth Ray: of Concrete Science

Master Hilarion is the Cohan of the fifth ray. All scientific practices whether physical healing, remote or touched healing, natural, psychological, new age or extra terrestrial studies fall under this department. The color for this ray is orange. Master Hilarion was St. Paul in a past life.

Master Jesus

The Sixth Ray: Devotion and Spiritual Idealism

Master Sananda / Jesus is the Cohan of the sixth ray. This ray is the embodiment of power and transformational energy of spiritual idealism to polarize one toward God. It is extremely devotional. Master Sananda who was Jesus during his last earthly incarnation is working on the inner plane to bring to manifestation the merge and acceptance of all faiths and belief systems. The color of this ray is indigo.

The Seventh Ray: Ceremonial Order and Magic

The Master of the Violet Flame is the Cohan of this ray. This ray is the energy of transmutation, change, order and organization. This is the ray that is being anchored by God and the spiritual hierarchy on earth for the next 2,000 year cycle. Formerly Saint Germaine held this office, but has since assumed the position of the Mana Cohan office of the Holy Spirit. This ray is being managed by “the master of the violet flame” who is currently incarnated on planet earth, but whose identity is not to be revealed at this time.

The Planetary Logos

Lord Buddha and the six Buddha’s of activities haveLord Buddha
 since the harmonic convergence of 1989
replaced Sanat Kumara and the six Kumara as the Soul and chakras that animates the body of planet earth. Sanat Kumara and his friend after 18.5 million years of service ascended to their next galactic position while Lord Buddha and his fellow bodhisattva stood up to assume the newly vacated position.


Lady Gaia

Lady Gaia She is the womb or body that permits the experiment we call life to occur. She is the totality of everything that is alive on the planet. If Lord Buddha is the soul of Logos of the planet, she is the body of physical vehicle that allows this reality to exist.


 Source http://www.iammonad.com/beginner.html





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