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Definition of ‘good’ versus ‘evil’


Definition of ‘good’ versus ‘evil’

Unlike the tradition of all the holy books that require the reader to read hundreds if not thousands of pages of difficult to read antiquated language or cryptic text that is open to multiple interpretations, Oneism endeavours to present The Creation’s truth as clearly and precisely as possible.
It will introduce a new methodology that helps differentiate good from evil with a very simple comparison system that is set in a pure God created environment.
One needs to evaluate human behaviour to see whether it is constructive (good) or destructive (evil) in an environment that is not filled with confusing man made surroundings. This measurement of human behaviour in a pure environment will be called 'The Eden Principle' and it follows in more detail below.
Imagine an environment with only that which is natural, flora and fauna, beautiful landscape and vegetation… and humanity. Lets refer to this as the 'Eden Principle' since it has a pure beautiful sensitive environment very close to the garden of Eden at The Tree of Life. This is a 'mental' concept where one can compare any human behavioural pattern to see if it is either constructive to this environment and its people dwelling there or destructive and at risk of harming anything there. More on the Eden environment, referred to as the Eden Principle follows in the next chapter below.
Quite remarkably all the teachings of perfect constructive human behaviour all fit onto one page.

Good is a constructive behavioural pattern
that is in harmony with The Creation.

Evil is a destructive behavioural pattern
that is NOT in harmony with The Creation

It is important to reason that it is very unlikely that there is a ‘magical’ force of evil permeating the universe, or a ‘Devil’ to blame one’s destructive deeds on. Reasoned more simply, Evil is the act of ones own destructive behavioural patterns which are of opposite human behavioural patterns to that of Constructive good ways. Destructive behavioural patterns are the fault of the individual. It is a way that one would have chosen with their own mind and hence would need to be held accountable for such ways.

How does one know what is good
and in harmony with Creation?

Good and ‘Evil’ defined

Each human behavioural trait shown below can be measured in ones mind with the new 'Eden Principle' concept that measures it not in our man made environment but in one ‘naturally’ created by The Creation. It is a method of evaluation within ones mind and more detail of it follows in the next chapter below. There are 12 powerful positive human traits that outline all the characteristics one can develop in life defining pure and good constructive behavioural patterns – one’s character. There are also exact opposite behavioural patterns that are destructive. It will follow after the 12 traits of purity:

Here are the ‘traits’ that identify
constructive and positive human behaviour:

Good behavioural traits are constructive, harmonious, they create order, and nurture the ‘Eden’ environment seen in the next chapter below:



Here are the ‘traits’ that identify
destructive negative human behaviour:

Below are words that define the opposite of the words that define ‘good’. They are discordant, create disorder and can be regarded as ‘negative’ habits that disrupt order and harmony, easily recognisable in the mental concept of the ‘Eden Principle’.

‘Evil’ is perhaps too strong a word
to defining all negative human behaviour patterns

The word ‘evil’ is perhaps far too strong a word to use for some words identifying behavioural patterns that are less destructive (see two bottommost lines in the ‘pyramid’ below). It would therefore be more appropriate rather to refer to the behaviour described here as negative destructive behaviour:



Here is where these ‘pyramids’
of good and 'evil' reveal wisdom:

Firstly … compare any human behaviour only in the Eden environment seen on the page below.
Think of yourself in terms of what traits your personality displays as a ‘habit’.
In an instant you will be able to analyse the extent of your constructive or destructive habits. In other words, if acknowledged, this will give you a good idea of how good and constructive you are, hopefully not destructive. By the same token, these are the parameters whereby you can choose any association in all walks of life. People with whom you can walk the constructive path of life!
Memorise these words in the 'pyramids' … they offer wisdom… live by constructive ways so that they become habits and you will earn a place of paradise in your next journey of life.
(Note: The star symbol on the top of each pyramid is as old as humanity itself. The star in the blue pyramid shows the union of man and woman with sacred geometry. The star is in upright position denoting it is sacred. The star in the red pyramid is a symbol that has always had destructive connotations. By virtue of this symbol for life portraying the union between male and female being upside down, it shows disrespect for the gift of human life and this sacred bond. Through time the upside down pentacle has come to resemble a goat with horns… a symbol of evil).

Knowledge is food for the soul

Learning and knowledge hold one very important secret: Great knowledge naturally feeds and develops the soul constructively
It is less likely for someone of great knowledge to resort to destructive habits.
It is more likely for one starved of knowledge to resort to destructive behaviour.
Our minds are our thoughts which are the essence of our souls, and with great learning you can naturally reason and see the good and order of all things, particularly in the sciences. The sciences are the secrets of The Creation and something we should all have access to. In truth, the sciences are sacred subjects, something not at all recognised in learning today. Societies starved of knowledge and learning will naturally become frustrated, bored and feel trapped in a life that supposedly has little meaning and no value. Societies that have very destructive histories were once more often than not the unwitting subjects to tyrannical leaders. Society exercising their powerful war machines for their own personal gains, at the expense of a people left with a life devoid of comforts or any aspirations... and more often than not a complete lack of learning and knowledge.
Society has also put a very high price on learning and knowledge when it should be something as free as the air that we breathe. The author is involved with a movement that is setting out to change this.

Who are we and where do we come from... physically ?


"Our death is not an end
if we can live on in our children
and the younger generation.
For they are us;

Our bodies are only wilted leaves
on The Tree of Life"

Albert Einstein

Source http://oneism.org/wis_med_life.php#link21



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