Monday, April 8, 2013

Become the hunters on your fears, and stop running away from them

Our fears will always follow us, untill we show our  power over them. (Author unknown)

We need to stop running away from them, and begin to pursue them ourselves , to become the hunters, but not the victims.To find  them and to look them right in their eyes, keeping calm ... and little, by little, they will cease to haunt on us ... stop attacking us, where there is no a victim, there is no a  hunter ...

things will get better

Fears exist only in our minds, they are our creations ... and they do not really exist outside of ourselves
Invoke your fears ...

Natalia Maznitsina

卍ᛣᛉ卐 ᛝ ↯↯↯ ѪDurgaѪ ↯↯↯ ᛝ 卍ᛉᛣ卐

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