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New Human Rights

A Resource based economic system
can replace the repressive and dwindling
monetary economic system

The controversial videos seen below explore a lot of inconvenient truths. The second video introduces a path for hope for a Resource based economy and a future including most of the new human rights seen below. It introduces the concept Future by Design near the end of the second movie which is an absolute must to be seen. Some material in these videos might not be perfectly accurate but it will help viewers understand some fundamentals that are causing the suffering in this world. Many professional people have commented that these two shocking films have opened their eyes.

Oneism supports social development
The conflicts between World Religions do not

Please note: These two documentaries, Zeitgeist 1 and Zeitgeist Addendum are conspiracy theory videos and cannot possibly be completely accurate in all their claims. Please take them with 'a pinch of salt' as they identify some real issues. It is sadly completely anti religion so please ignore the religious negativity here - Oneism supports those who live constructive lives while following a firm habit of belief, no matter what religion they belong to. The first video here also recognises the star secret of Orion in The Christ story representing a cosmic sign post. It did not identify the right direction to the Bethlehem star that is most likely tied in a birth/origin secret of The Christ. The star is not Sirius... it is a 'Sun'-like star in Taurus... hence the reason for the misguided 'Sun' worshiping and 'bull' worshiping religions in existence before The Christ tried to correct its meaning. A legacy that Constantine re-discovered... the sacred cross of the sky of Orion that shows the way.

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30-year plan - New levels of Human Rights

More information will be added here soon so watch this space. In general, here are some urgent changes in order of priority that must be made over the period of a 30 year plan in order for this world to provide stability, peace and a wonderful life for all of future humanity:
To reach a balanced and sustained ‘green’ Earth, where all its resources are balanced with replenishment programs, its global population needs to attain zero population growth.

ZERO population growth

The world is in crisis with an out of control population explosion. Ever watched a bacteria colony develop? It takes hours of cell division slowly growing from hundreds to thousands to tens of thousands then it reaches an ‘explosive point’. It seems like there is a sudden explosion of bacteria. Each cell divides, then two makes four, four makes eight, 16 makes 32… etc. Once over a certain volume the spread of the bacteria is absolutely devastating to what ever it is consuming.
The world population is in the explosive growth point and it needs to stop. If not the suffering and chaos will destroy the world. World government needs to address undeveloped countries with some sort of incentive scheme because sadly it is here were unacceptable suffering occurs. Children are being born to parents that dont even have food or shelter themselves and in most cases cannot get access to effective contraception.
Look at this link here to see the human population explosion. It measures live figures referring to a daily average. The figure is altering at a shocking rate every second!

The ‘Pyramid’ scheme of modern society

Ever heard of get rich ‘pyramid’ schemes where people use the scheme recruiting people to sell something and all you have to do to guarantee your earning is just sell ten of what ever scheme it is and you are on your way to riches. As one of your clients sells to another ten, then they sell to another ten, and so on and so forth… once it reaches past ten or so links you have seen those that have done it for a short while are earning a lot of money. The only problem with a ‘pyramid’ scheme (which is illegal in many countries) is that it ‘burns out’ very quickly and only the people at the top of the pyramid get to earn.
Thousands of those in the middle and bottom of the pyramid lose!
Modern society appears to have secretly evolved a monetary commercial system that can be compared to this destructive ‘pyramid’ scheme. Over the ages law has been manipulated to provide systems so the Elite can protect opulent profiteering. At the top of the ‘pyramid’ graphic in yellow and red … The Elite… billionaires and millionaires. Latest statistics estimate a net worth of the Elite standing close to 40 Trillion US dollars shared amongst approximately 10 million people. A very tiny amount of the world population when compared to the total figure 6,7 billion people.
See sources here:
It is important to recognise what the author means by ‘Elite’ in the graph above. This word will be used to highlight mainly those of extreme wealth who do NOTHING or very little to help humanity. People who take advantage of those in the pyramid illustration beneath them. Those of great wealth that have worked hard for their fortune while putting a LOT back into society that are less fortunate than themselves must be excluded from this category. People like Oprah Winfrey stand out amongst others that dedicate their lives in making a difference to millions out there. If all millionaires and billionaires lived their lives in this way, the world would be a wonderful place, even with the current monetary system.
How is it possible for so much money to be made by single individuals who do NOTHING for humanity? Consider also the amount of work input per day for many Elite people and ponder on if you believe their daily earning is justifiable. Now compare this to a hard working laborer, who most often is a victim of poverty whose parents could not afford a good education. This laborer for example, is working long back breaking suffering hours, and is rewarded with barely enough to prevent his family from suffering miserable lives.
The only possible way the rich are getting so much richer is because there are approximately 5 billion hard working people out there sustaining and feeding the top of the pyramid!
See in the image above and how billions of people are sustaining the Elite. The ‘pyramid’ effect where the true profit originates from those below the top of the pyramid passing their dollars upward so to speak. How can one be certain this is true? Imagine over night if the working population below the Elite suddenly vanished into thin air. Ponder on the possibilities and probabilities of what would happen. They would not make exorbitant profit any more simply because it is unlikely their fellow Elite would agree to make vast profit out of each other.
Extreme profiteering has to stop and no single person should be allowed to own so much in the far future. In order for this transition to be possible it must occur slowly. A period of thirty years will work. Anything shorter will create terrible circumstances.
Consider now the 25000 people dying every day of hunger, and the 800 million suffering every day. This is unacceptable in The Creation’s eyes and has to stop!
Let’s do an experiment: At least 1 billion of the population of the lowest part of the ‘pyramid’ in this world that are struggling and suffering in one way or another, not able to enjoy the fruits of life.
Imagine if all the Elite suddenly decided for charitable reasons to reduced their status to net worth of a few million dollars per person. Put the balance of funds into a big vault and spread its worth equally to 1 billion people who are suffering at the bottom of the ‘pyramid’. The amazing truth here is that each of the 1 billion of the repressed population would receive approximately $40 000 dollars! It is enough to sustain these people for a very long time with basic food and shelter. And that is just an example of individual wealth… What about every country’s financial reserves? One would imagine 5 billion people could possible be sustainable for a substantial period too.
The solution to this problem is a Resource based economy once the Elite profits have been curbed.
The world population is either close to or already over the number to be in harmony with all its natural resources. If we go too far over the number of people this Earth can sustain… we can guarantee ourselves a natural cataclysmic event. At this rate such a disaster seems inevitable when studying prophecy and our current destructive trends.
Here is a key factor to ponder on for a population that is at its limits:

The global birth rate will always need to be equal
or lower than the natural death rate
for humanity to solve its greatest problems.

If we cannot do this urgently, we are destined for another E.L.E.E. (Earth Life Extinction Event).
Here are the easily reachable changes humanity can gradually work its way towards over a 30-year period only if family sizes are reducing to accomplish zero population growth:

Human right:

Introduction of free education to be made available as soon as possible for all, implementing new internet and theatre of learning. (See learning and knowledge which follows).

Human right:

Usage of land and homes rights for ‘lower productive’ society - State controlled marriage rights introducing free usage of small piece of land and quality homes, perhaps starting with married couples; State housing of reputable quality becomes available and reused by new couples. Only a static growth population makes this ‘miracle’ possible. ‘Higher productivity’ society inherits more comfortable homes and larger pieces of land accordingly. The productive incentive is important. New homes replacing old perishable homes can be built less perishable, to last centuries with reinforced concrete.

Human right:

Free energy, electricity and water usage. Excessive usage billing only.

Human right:

Free medical and legal costs.

Things that need to change

Cars, appliances, electrical goods and computers must be designed to be less perishable. Our present profit oriented economy designs these goods to be perishable within a decade when in truth most can last many decades.
Imperishable packaging must become perishable.
An end to opulent earnings: Adjustment over a 30 year period to control opulent profiteering by the opulent minority. No person should be allowed to profit with millions without putting its surplus back into society. No person should be paid a pittance for hard work of any sort. It is destructive to make exceedingly high profit deals that have little real effort or without having human advantages included into them.
Here is reasoning most likely seen from the ‘eyes’ of our Creator:
Can one justify the poor earnings of those who play a constructive role in ensuring that everything in the world remains in a state of constant development? As an example people like - office workers, factory workers, hospital staff, general service providers, teachers, and the average small scale farmer:
These valuable people live and work in very hard difficult circumstances with little time spent with loved ones and consequently live lives with very little reward.
This difficult struggle is ongoing for the majority of the world’s population, while there is minority that is living in opulence, some personally earning millions every year merely for shaking hands, signing a deal, acting in a film or winning a game playing with a ball.
Ponder on how shocking this tragedy would appear to an outsider, advanced beings visiting this world… never mind the fact that our Creator sees it and feels it.

Learning and Knowledge - free for all

What many need to consider is whether it is sinful to put a price on learning and knowledge!
After all, It should be as free as the air that we breathe – something that elevates the individual to greatness and develops a nation.
It is hard to believe that putting a price on specialist and advanced learning that only a few can afford can be justified.
Millions right now are being deprived of access to great learning and sadly being attracted into destructive ways.
After the author was ‘shown’ how millions right now are being deprived of access to great learning and sadly being attracted into destructive ways – it has inspired him to start his own life project.
The greatest action humanity can take right now to save itself from an impending disaster is if it were to immediately take action as follows:
If humanity could be seen to be genuinely involved in setting up a new system where all children across the globe can have access to free education.
Imagine how this would appear to our Creator.
Nothing could be more important or greater in such limited time that we have.

Oneism - Beginnings and direction

Oneism is in the process of forming an 'organisation' for itself, to enable it to increase its research base and network (hence listed as .org). The idea is to accrue vast studies of 'lost' and 'hidden' knowledge, as well as work with new research that may be forthcoming in the future.
Oneism, is a belief system that basis itself on ongoing input, ultimately working towards the parameters that comprise it, being deemed of academic status. The assertions Oneism makes are subject to a probability factor calculation. In time this will be a barometer proposed for all topics. Responsible for this will be a group decision panel of wise people to be referred to as the group of seven. For now, the author has proposed some general probability figures for a few topics as a start.
Oneism regards itself as the basis of a new spiritual consciousness - a 'second Renaissance' so to speak - that takes into account the common ground of all the sciences, theology, mythology and some spectacular new well-referenced revelations.

Oneism - Worship and prostrating oneself replaced by love

In tune with the inner private and personal relationship with love of, respect for and honour towards The Creation that is already an integral part of so many people's consciousness, Oneism completely steers away from the archaic practice of 'prostrating' oneself in 'worship'.
The history of prostrating oneself clearly shows that this practice probably has its roots in fear, where the gesture of breaking eye contact and bowing down indicates subservience to another.
Would The Creator of this universe - the epitome of all intelligence - derive any value from being worshiped, or from submissive behaviour like prostration or genuflection on our part?
The best way to reason how unlikely this scenario would serve any purpose is to compare it with a situation between a loving parent and child. What if, as a parent, your child was to consistently prostrate itself at your feet as a token of his love and adoration? It would at the very least invoke some level of discomfort. The perfect way that such an expression of emotion could be played out, would be for both parties to engage in loving and respectful mutual interaction, be it verbal or otherwise. Without the author's claim that it appears to be so, logic would suggest that the Creation would want its relationship with its 'children' to be a wonderful one where they live their gift of life constructively.

A more private belief system appealing to the intellect

Oneism is for open-minded free thinkers in search of more comprehensive explanations and diverse referencing for those searching for the hidden evidence of a perfect gentle Creator. The more gentle and pure textual references to our Creator appear to have been removed from the sacred texts... by human hand. Why? So that tyrannical leaders throughout history could instil in their subjects fear and obedience.
Oneism proposes an alternative to spending time in traditional gatherings for prayer (in many cases repetitive religious verses).
In place of this: Meditation with prayer in private - from one's sacred temple within - the human body - at no specific time - is the means by which we connect with our Creator.

Oneism - A belief system that takes ALL into account

Oneism is unlike religion because it will never ever be a set belief system that remains the same for the centuries to come. This constantly updating study of our spirituality and the gift of the soul will continuously be referencing new material in the context of 'The Eden Principle' and through ongoing verification, will evolve towards a measurable truth.
Oneism strives towards being seen in perfect harmony with science in the future.

Religiously neutral stance with an academic approach

Oneism will, as far as is realistically possible, avoid the usage of traditional religious names and New Age names for valuable and sensitive spiritual material. This gesture is to avoid offence in view of readers of various religions, and to maintaining a more neutral and fresh stance.

Probability factor - Calculation of probability

Oneism will soon provide a 'probability factor' measurement on significant findings under its scrutiny, and as more references become available. Unlike some 'static' traditional religions, it will strive towards more clarity with time. The probability factor will approximate the likelihood of specific findings being true as a percentage against the odds of them only being chance or coincidence. In the future, the group of seven will provide input, approached in an even more academic way.
At this stage, probability factors have only been provided for a few of the prime topics. They are by the author (who believes he is a witness to The Tree of Life).
Prime topics: Tree of Life, Cherubim, Eden Principle, Good/Evil life traits, Knowledge -Food for the Soul, and Human Origins.
See percentage probability listing sample here (in dark grey font to the right below each paragraph).

The scientific law of statistics -
Recognising consistently repeating patterns
and how these turn into probability
by mathematical law

The material that follows will be referenced against a wealth of forgotten historical evidence and more extensively later on as the site evolves. In this way it will meet much higher criteria as being 'measurable' with reasoning and logic. In most instances, references to recurrent historical accounts will be used to cross reference the author's findings and experiences in the context of all-important universal truths.

Be aware of False 'Oneism' writers or expensive fees

©Oneism - the rights of the material found on this website have been protected.
As with any breakthrough that creates a new awakening, there will be those that will attempt to reproduce altered or false versions under the guise of 'Oneism', and probably ask a fee. If no link to such supposed proponents can be found on Oneism.org, their accuracy, objective and intention cannot be vouched for.
Be weary if you are asked to pay a high price for anything relating to Oneism, or the evaluation of Oneism good and evil or the 'Eden Principle', to mention but a few of the original topics revealed on this site. If it is not the direct work of the author, either in the form of a book, course, workshop, ebook then it is not Oneism in the context of all the parameters outlined here.
The author will only release a book version much later, primarily for libraries. As far as is possible it will be available in full colour at the price of a regular black and white paperback, much in the way his current book is being distributed. Any proceeds there from over and above the publishing costs will go towards envisaged projects for free education for children. The author holds the copyright for all the images on this website. They may be used in magazines provided permission has been obtained from the author, but not in any published books.
From his own unique experiences with the paranormal, the author will try to reconceptualise as vividly as possible, what he has learnt about the way the soul perceives the universe in its journey to the Tree of Life. 

Who are we and where do we come from... physically ?


"Our death is not an end
if we can live on in our children
and the younger generation.
For they are us;

Our bodies are only wilted leaves
on The Tree of Life"

Albert Einstein

Source http://oneism.org/wis_med_life.php#link24 


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