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Meaning of Life

Time is probably a ‘by product’ of The Creation’s
creation of matter in the universe

Time provides a matrix via which
The Creation of all life
can experience joy and happiness
through life forms of grand design
namely… Us or Beings like us!

The Tree of Life is The Creation – The Creation is neither man nor woman but an eternal pure spiritual/soul/plasma/exotic elementary particle-based energy radiating light - the home of all souls.
The Creation has a biosphere constructed around it referred to in tradition as Eden. It was designed by the first advanced entities that discovered it. They are referred to historically as the Cherubim. From that day forward The Creation was protected by the most advanced life in the universe. It was primarily protected from destructive beings and destructive souls seeking knowledge for destructive purposes.
All knowledge gained by every individual life form that has ever existed in the universe is shared and creates an ever expanding memory as a part of The Creation’s expanding knowledge. The traditional name given to these records are The Akashic Records.

The Creation loves life…
it creates life so it can share the life experience
through its most dearly created life!

In all probability, the most perfect gentle caring souls are incarnated and given life in worlds that are probably in galaxies in close proximity to the place of The Creation. Where our Galaxy is situated with regard to this ‘progression’ remains an as yet unanswered question.
Perfection, happiness, peace and harmony - this is no doubt The Creator’s inherent passion.
With constant ‘self-diagnostic’ alterations to the DNA of every life force design in the universe to suit its environment - (by natural selection), the evolution of all life adjusts towards perfection.

Oneism - The relationship between you and The Creation

Unlike conventional religions that insist that you go to an actual place of worship to be closer to The Creation, logic will tell you this is not a critical prerequisite if you believe that The Creation is everywhere. The Creation is always within you and everywhere. However there really are sacred places that are in a sense ‘more holy’ due to geological advantage, although these secrets are long forgotten. Such places are only important to a very spiritual person and are not crucial to the average soul. There is however a temple for the soul:

You are your own temple

In meditation the expression of love and gratitude is important. Asking for divine intuition is important too especially asking for receiving of signs for guidance. This is essential in achieve a happy and constructive life.
Oneism does not require consistent ritual prayer. Meditation or communication with The Creation can occur when you feel inspired and through simple private expression in thought.
Oneism does not require the individual to put aside a concerted time for prayer, meditation or communication with The Creation on a regular basis. How you conduct your daily life, your interaction with all that is ‘naturally’ created, be it your fellow human being or the environment… in fact all life… is your communication with The Creation, and can be as powerful, even more powerful than time and parameters set aside for formal prayer or meditation.
If your daily life is in harmony with The Eden Principle then you ‘are One’ with your Creator. The soul carries the habits of ones nature, be it that of orderly constructive living or the opposite. This being the case, one can express this as good or bad ‘karma’. Living a good constructive life habit would no doubt earn an afterlife in which the soul will be even more connected to The Creator.

The Creation has no expectations from you

You have free will

‘Like’ will go with ‘like’

The way in which The Creation seems to ‘reprocess’ every life after each passing, is simply to place ‘like’ souls with ‘like’ in their next gift of physical life - murderers with murderers, those with respect for the environment with others who have the same values, some in worlds/places of strife and struggle, others in worlds/places of paradise.
Those that have lived lives that are not completely constructive, the memories of the previous existence are erased, and in each instance, a new chance is provided for the development of more perfected habits.
It is quite likely that once a soul has lived a life that is very constructive, it not only earns paradise but retains the wisdom and all memory of the past life. Some contactees who claim to have interacted with advanced beings, say there are instances of souls who have lived constructive lives being bestowed the privilege of retaining their memory of their previous life.
As per the norm or what our frame of reference tells us, is that we have no recollection of our previous lives. Is our Earth a place of paradise or not? Although there have no doubt been lives that have lived here near perfection over the ages the sad truth is that as far as history has shown and how statistics appear today, we are heading towards crisis. Our world is slipping very fast into one that would no doubt soon be classified as not paradise. It can be averted and the solution is presented under the topic 'New Human Rights' (click menu).

The Creation is all forgiving and merciful
The Creation creates life… as a gift

For some, Buddhism and the basic writings of other Eastern religions will have some strong similarities with Oneism. However, it is worth reasoning whether prostrating ourselves regularly for lengthy periods of time, or alone in meditation for long periods of time, is what our gift of life was intended for.

The Creation wants each soul
to find its own passion
for universal truth

At some point or other we may all have wondered why The Creator or Angels would not simply come down to Earth to reveal themselves officially and provide with us the truth of what we need to change in our lives, so we can all live to our full potential in preparation for the afterlife.
This seems to have happened in the past however the end result was not what was expected.
Here is the reason: Imagine if such a visitation were to happen today.
One would at first no doubt feel uncomfortable. Nobody finds it easy to change habits, especially changing ones belief with an element of compulsion. Many people will feel uncomfortable that they 'need' to make unplanned changes for a good after life.
Here is why it would not work: Human nature is strange. The moment we are coerced into making unexpected changes to our habits, regardless of what it is, human nature has us feeling irritated, rebellious and uncomfortable. Especially if we are not 100 percent certain on the source of the information, we are invariably reluctant to take a risk.

If you have not set out to seek your own truth,
… you will not necessarily be inspired to change your life

It is also quite unlikely The Creation
Is able to leave its crucial role at the centre of the universe
to come down to Earth either to ‘prove’ itself or ‘save’ us

An element of mystery will always prevail
until such time as the balance changes
and most of humanity becomes enlightened

Oneism and happiness - a human right

Oneism strives towards the attainment of happiness as a human right for all.
Oneism will be seen to emphasize with clear reasoning the importance of the goal of promoting a way to improve constructive living, freedom and happiness as a human right for all of humanity.
Simply because the soul is more than likely a small piece of The Creation…
a micro-sized portion of shared consciousness with our Creator.

The Creation lives within us all.

The Creation ‘lives’ and feels
all the suffering on our planet!

The suffering on Earth cannot be allowed to continue

It is of paramount importance that humanity finds a way to alleviate the suffering and misery of millions of people, gradually working towards change and a greater commitment towards human rights. Sadly it is very unlikely there will be some sort of miracle that could relieve the suffering of millions in a short space of time. Yes humanity can make some changes to relieve some suffering but the priority now must include working as fast as possible to Zero population growth so at least the future has some sort of chance.
A new approach to human rights is only possible if we are all committed to working towards a 30-year plan... a plan that will bring into effect some very important changes here on Earth. Oneism’s approach to such a plan is covered on this website. It impresses on us that it needs a 30-year time parameter because if implemented any faster, war will be inevitable.
The most groundbreaking issues that the plan addresses are Zero Population Growth and Free Education. Improved human rights are only possible if our population is in harmony with its resources and that the population is static.
Something wonderful occurs with a zero population growth and this will make sense in a moment.

The Creation is all-seeing, all-forgiving and all-caring

In ancient Egypt, the symbolism of the all-seeing eye as The Creator is based on very valid reasoning and great wisdom. Freemasonry relies on the all-seeing eye symbolism as representative of the grand architect of the universe. This ‘secret’ is nothing new and only serves to add to one of the greatest truths this society seems to show ancient record of, namely that of humanity’s star origins as identified in the Solomon Key.
However, the sacred texts that accompany the first degree tracing board of Freemasonry seem to have confused the place of The Creation, with the place of human origins. The same thing has happened in three of the worlds greatest religions! In the past Freemason ritual was closely guarded for their chosen few, however more recently they have made a pledge for open study of their historical records and released some of their original documents via a UK university for all to see. The author is certain their most revered record is the original first 'tracing board' of Hiram - one that holds a wealth of knowledge of our breathtaking star origins, explored at this link:

The gift of physical life IS the meaning of life

Since ‘like soul’ habits appear to reincarnate with others of like habits, there is a powerful mechanism whereby those that carry destructive life habits in particular can be rehabilitated.
Once a soul who carries destructive habits is born into a community where other similarly destructive people are present, for argument’s sake abusive people, murderers and rapists - the child would grow up feeling innately uncomfortable when suddenly they are amongst people like their previous life habit that would exist now as a subconsious habit. They would suddenly now become more worried about being a victim. The person would in all likelihood begin to reform him/herself and make the corrective changes to his/her character so as not to become a victim... perhaps even become a peace maker.
There seems to be a universal law that ‘classifies’ worlds as ‘hell’ if most of its environment conditions are not comfortable and especially if most of its inhabitants are destructive.
One has to wonder if this world of ours has the chance for becoming a place of paradise and not completely lost as a world that becomes that of ‘hell’.
What level of chaos such a world needs to reach to be classified as such, is not known. However, once a world is lost in this way the author believes there is universal law that allows it to be pillaged by advanced space travellers, good and evil, for it resources. What they are apparently after, according to some contactees, are natural resources that their own worlds are depleted of. Worlds that are ‘heavenly’ and constructive places of harmonious coexistence are protected by The Cherubim perhaps under universal law so they are not ‘pillaged’ by outsiders. These are the places of incarnation for souls of gentle habit, who will spontaneously nurture and care for their paradise. Our world has been protected... but will we retain protection? Thats the big question.
It appears that there is an ongoing celestial battle between good against evil for the dominion of worlds that are of the ‘in between’ - worlds that are on the verge of classification between ‘heavenly’ worlds, or ‘hell’ worlds. These worlds are targeted by destructive space travellers who try to influence people of power to create more chaos so their resources can be taken.

Who are we and where do we come from... physically ?

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"Our death is not an end
if we can live on in our children
and the younger generation.
For they are us;

Our bodies are only wilted leaves
on The Tree of Life"

Albert Einstein

Source http://oneism.org/wis_med_life.php#link22


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