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The principle of Creation – The Big Bang

The principle of Creation – The Big Bang

The Big Bang Theory is the scientific hypothesis of the creation of the universe in an almighty explosion. This event could not realistically happen purely by chance and would be more plausible if there was an indestructible force, a ‘creator’ present. ‘Something’ that is this unique and complex cannot simply occur by chance from ‘nothing’. In an analogy closer to our own frame of reference, it would almost be as illogical as to believe that something as complex as a fully functional computer microchip can form on its own out of sand… by chance.
The Creation fits here as an indestructible form of pure energy. It would therefore be a spiritual collective ‘energy’ at one special moment… as ‘The One’… with all souls merged into it as one, creating everything with mere spiritual thought.
The biblical Genesis text mentions that The Creation created humanity in its likeness and its form. There are two ways to interpret this:
Firstly… by virtue of The Creation creating an entire universe of stars with their orbital planets, one could say that The Creator is the whole universe, since The Creation permeates the whole universe.
In a manner of speaking The Creation is made up of two parts: A body… the universe, and a soul… The Tree of Life. The Tree of Life is the collective force of an exotic energy state made up of an immense quantity of what scientists refer to as the ‘God particle’, which permeates the entire universe.
Yes The Creation creates us in its image.
This can be true.
We have a body. When analysed scientifically the body is a mini universe of atoms where billions of protons have in their orbit, trillions of orbital electrons, and the space between them is pure vacuum. We have a soul which is a small piece of individuality and in fact a macro part of The Creation itself. A perfect match so to speak.
We are in the image of The Creation in this way, and we all hold a small piece of God within.
The second interpretation of the biblical Genesis text will follow a little later.
In an instant, all matter and antimatter from virtually nothing is created. Both matter and antimatter is spread outward and only that which has dispersed furthest away from its source, thus preventing cancelling out one another, forms galaxies of stars and many worlds, both in two different forms… one of matter and the other of antimatter.

The Creation blueprint design code for all things

Both the star systems comprised of matter and those comprised of antimatter and that have worlds all seem to form within the same given blueprint design code set by The Creation.
The author defines this code as a radiant life force, which he interprets as follows.
There is most likely a radiating field - a ‘life force field’ so to speak – radiating throughout the universe. This ‘life force field’ is bathed in what appears to be a field of exotic elementary atomic particles that the author believes fits with what scientists define as the so-called ‘God particle’ theory. This ‘life force field’ interconnects galaxies, and through stars connects to the planets associated with them. In other words, the way this ‘life force field’ works is like a radio signal interacting with all forming particles and their anti-particles, molecules and anti- molecules.
A clue as to what defines the true ‘God Particle’: It needs to be one that is found in both matter and anti-matter and also permeates the vacuum of space.
Sounds impossible? Time will tell.
In the creation of biological life - the first amino acids form complex molecules - first algae, then bacteria, then more life follows. The life force radiating from The Creation places a life force within these simple forms until more complex creatures emerge following a set design plan. All creatures are given souls, although on a very basic level of consciousness.
Over very long time periods of evolution, what takes place are small changes under an intelligent design code, as does natural selection, for any creature to be more perfect in its environment. The Creation finally brings into being the ultimate life form… a human-like creature that begins to make tools and use fire.
The earliest intelligent beings emerge and appear to be given a ‘multi-layered’ soul that for the first time is more directly linking with The Creation.
Put simply, this is how The Creation as a universally radiating Cosmic Tree of Life works will all life forces, especially those souls that are more advanced (that are linked to The Creation directly):

Souls are released
from ‘the branches’ of the Cosmic Tree…
like seeds dispersed in a cosmic wind
As each life ends, it returns through the
Cosmic Tree’s ‘roots’
to be judged and reprocessed
according to its habit
and begin again in another gift of life
somewhere else in the vast universe…

This is the cycle of life and it is eternal

A good reference for the radiating life field is the Egyptian King Akhenaton who experienced some of The Creation truth and tried to depict it in his ancient murals. Akhenaton is well known in research circles of having very ‘alien’ looking features to say the least. Especially his unusual elongated skull. Images of him show our star (the Sun) radiating The Creation-linked life force with the Ankh - a ‘life’ entity symbol most likely representing the Cherubim/Grey entity - the protectors of all life (see angelic references much further on).
Generally speaking, the Egyptian depiction appears to be quite accurate.
Since by chance, it seems that the ultimate beings, The Cherubim from our universe of matter (not antimatter) were the first to explore space and were the first to find the physical place of The Creation at the centre of the universe - they were the first to be inspired by The Creation to build the Eden biosphere (of matter) to protect it.
The Creation itself would no doubt value this kind of constructive intervention by advanced entities who would want to help improve the perfection of creation by creating a permanently radiating blueprint template (see ice statue blueprint template later) for more perfect life forms thus relying less on ‘natural selection’ in evolution. This would ensure that all life forms would become more efficient.
Perhaps the most important aspect of such a more perfected Creation life force radiation is that competition between different species reaching perfect form on the same planet would be averted.
For arguments sake if the perfect creature like the blueprint life code for the dolphin evolves to being able to stand upright and were to become intelligent, the radiating life force would in all likelihood prevent other creatures on that particular planet from developing any further evolutional changes to compete with it.
Perhaps this explains why the most successful reptiles on earth like the crocodile have not evolved a single bit since the first appearance of the ape hominids.

The Ultimate Destination to visit in the Cosmos.

The Creation with its protective biosphere would also be a place of learning for life in the universe. All the souls of both matter and antimatter of the entire universe can be taken there in spirit form. However only physical life made of matter can be taken into the biosphere (made of matter) in physical form.
As the universe begins to contract inwards in time due to super gravity (already seen in astronomy where galaxies collide and begin to create a ‘super gravity’) the universe will most likely contract and come to a big crunch.
All souls will become a part of The Tree of Life once again before the rapid process occurs when the last few galaxies are locked in collisions hurtling towards The Tree of Life with all life forming as one… within The Creation. The biosphere around the Cosmic Tree would be destroyed in the process and another cycle of Creation begins in a new Big Bang.
This is the cycle of Creation.
For a long time The Tree of Life will be almost invisible again in as a vast more spread-out light. Its ‘tree’ form will hardly be recognisable until the first life finds it again, binds it and builds another biosphere to develop life and once again protect it from destructive beings.

Tree of Life – Tragic misinterpretation of the Serpent

Traditional accounts of The Tree of Life are covered in the Biblical story of Adam and Eve in the books of Genesis and Revelation. One of the biggest mistakes found in Genesis text is the mention of the cosmic serpent. Unlike what most interpretations have led us to believe, Oneism wants to dispel that there is anything destructive about the reference to any serpent imagery in anything relating to the universe or The Creation. It was in all likelihood part of the detail of The Tree of Life itself, erroneously interpreted as an evil serpent.
The author has well-founded references to reason and prove that this ‘serpent’ was most likely a plasma-like ribbon of ethereal light that merely looks like a serpent, since it was made up of ‘living’ streams of light.
The serpent like streamers of energy from The Tree of Life are of the same exotic particle make-up of The Tree of Life itself.
Such a plasma ribbon from the tree would have allowed anyone touching it access to all knowledge … the symbolic ‘fruit’ of The Creation Tree of Life.

Cosmic serpents are
the branches and roots
of The Cosmic Tree of Life itself

In deep space they appear to be what scientists
theorise… as worm holes

Perhaps the advanced angel-like beings who have taken people from Earth to this beautiful place called Eden were warned that they were not ready to have access to the recorded knowledge of all good and evil, since their primitive warlike nature might take advantage of destructive knowledge.
Perhaps what is written in Genesis does not refer to the first man and first women after all and it was recounting a multiple witness event of The Tree of Life by many human beings.
The first clues come from the Hebrew text itself in early volumes of the Bible.
In Genesis 1 : 26 :

“Let US make man in OUR image after OUR likeness”

Then in Genesis 2 : 22 :

“… man has become as one of US”.

Here are four examples of the plural. None of them are saying that man should be created as an emulation of simply one person/one being/or one single Creator (as this text has been interpreted through time). This being the case, what is written is unlikely to be a misprint.
There can only be one answer to this: It is the Eloheim speaking about the creation of man, and not The Creation itself speaking. The Eloheim are most likely Angels.
In his book titled ‘Testament to the Truth’ - that now appears to be missing from circulation and libraries - the author Marcus Walker suggests that the Hebrew spoken word “Elo” translates as “people” and the word “Heim” translates as “heavens”.
The two together most likely refer to ‘people that come from the heavens’.
For more… see Adam and Eve under The Biblical Genesis text on the home page.

Earth Invasion

It raises the possibility of chapters 1 and 2 of Genesis speaking of the human being, replacing Neanderthal (the hominid that was once destined to inherit the Earth), in an ‘all out invasion’ of our planet.
Translated from early Hebrew as seen earlier, those Humans (Adam) that had been given ‘life’ (“Eve”) and who had ‘children’ (Hebrew spoken word “Cain”) were perhaps told by the advanced beings (Angels) and not by the Creation that they were not ready to interact and have access to all knowledge from The Tree of life since their nature was not at all like the lamb.
In essence, there is a single omnipotent ‘grand designer’ Creator at the centre of the universe - and it is not likely to be a man. Instead it is likely to be an eternal light, and which the holy books of many belief systems tend to describe as something remarkable resembling a Cosmic “Tree”.

Destructive dominion over knowledge

Every time a civilisation in the past that had knowledge of the secrets of the soul, has created order, happiness and good life for all its people and after building great stone temples and pyramids, something would go wrong in a short space of time.
The author ascribes this slipping into chaos and war, to the greed of the ruling hierarchies and their determination to keep what they had been shown, such as the secrets of the pyramids, the secrets of the soul and The Creation, for their own personal gain. Some of these nations even went as far as sacrificing their own people based on the misnomer that this is what their Creator wanted from them.
In later years, with later generations ruled by new kings and subject to strange new celestial visitations, things became even more confused.
The author believes that in isolated cases some destructive leaders of the past may have been targeted and influenced by destructive Cosmic visitors who want dominion over our earth’s resources and the enslaving of the masses.

The interference with sacred works

Mortal hands have throughout history manipulated its original testimonies of truth and thus manipulated society to gain obedience to its tyrannical leaders. Society has taught us to live in fear of a vengeful Creator when in truth one should live in honour of our gentle all forgiving Creator.
Oneism fulfils the soul with purity and a gentle peaceful deep understanding of everything.
Over the ages, society has justified discriminating against women and foreigners - that it is ‘good’ to conquer new lands, and more bizarre than anything else so far, that it is ‘okay’ to kill other innocent human beings by implementing the human law of ‘war’.
Two of our biggest belief systems to date have text where one states that it is ‘okay’ to kill those that are not born in their land who do not follow their belief and the other that it is ‘good’ also to use foreign people for slavery. (Leviticus chapter 25 : 44-46).

It is time to identify and search for clarity on what is right and what is wrong.
Oneism will never be forced onto anyone. It is only for those seeking it. It is humbling, caring but more importantly more constructive in nature and more peace abiding than any traditional religion. It outlines what many will say is a more pure and perfect constructive way to find peace of mind and happiness while developing one’s soul towards purity.

Morphic Resonance - Chaos

There is a theory that our planet is influenced by a ‘radiation’ field that could be affecting us in a destructive way. Many New Age proponents would say this is a ‘negative energy’ field - Something along the lines of renowned scientist Rupert Sheldrake’s theory of morphic resonance, but with a morphic field of absolute chaos.
If this is true then what he is saying is that the radiating field of suffering on this planet is affecting others.
The author of this website reasons this against the probability that at present more than 80% of the world’s population is suffering in one way or another in our chaotic difficult existence, be it starvation, homelessness, stressful work, abusive people, and this suffering is affecting our consciousness.
If this theory is true then all this suffering and anger is inducing a small amount of negativity or chaos into our own consciousness, perhaps clouding our thinking, even making us lean towards destructive tendencies. If this is real, it is however something a strong mind can overcome.
A strong mind/soul can overcome this field of negativity with meditation and positive thinking. Especially if the soul/mind has developed to a level of meditation that allows it to differentiate clear thinking from the chaos, tapping into the ultimate source… divine intuition from The Tree of Life.

The manifestation of dreams into reality

Positive thinking is nothing new (contrary to what the latest craze, ‘The Secret’ seems to suggest). The real secret is to use positive thinking during deep meditation (see secrets of meditation) to role-play good, constructive goals to facilitate their manifestation into reality.
Incidentally, making back-up plans when a specific goal is not reached is very wise as you need to maintain a level of responsibility for each step, turn or choice you make. It is therefore not ‘negative thinking’, or detrimental to your ‘power’ of positive thinking by working with back-up plans.
For special goals involving the elevation of humanity, you may find that with great dedication and ongoing meditation, special guidance may come your way from The Creation. Invariably it is The Creation that will select the most appropriate timing for the execution of your higher purpose and may require patience on your part. If your higher purpose is humanitarian, stay with your purpose, for even if success is not immediate, when they do occur they will be immeasurably overwhelming.
The Creation will not continue to let humanity suffer
Since The Creation is an integral part of all existence, and the soul, a little piece of The Creation itself connects directly with The Creation, it most likely shares consciousness with all human life.
If the majority of people are suffering on a daily basis on this planet in the kind of existence so prevalent today then The Creation is also suffering.
This cannot continue at all … and a cataclysmic disaster will no doubt be imminent.
Here is how this can be reasoned:
How would The Creation end suffering if in all probability it cannot interact directly with us, say in the form of a miracle?
Many religions expect far too much from our Creator, and completely overlook the best means of help we can receive from The Creation via divine intuition, whereby our souls receive guidance for our own lives and to help guide others, be it on a spiritual or physical level.
More often than not people expect miracles to happen. People even expect God to make them rich.
It is quite likely that The Creation can only interact with individuals in a much smaller way, even providing signs as guidance. For example, what we ‘expect’ from the Creator has to be manifested in the way we are living and our connection with The Creation. By developing the soul with constructive meditation and feeding the soul with learning and knowledge, we can begin to connect to our Creator in stronger ways. In time, there is a way one can learn to recognise divine intuition and unique signs.

Cataclysmic events – Planet Earth

If it is true that there have been advanced celestial beings protecting Earth from meteor impacts for the last 10 000 years, then it is important to know that:

There are now valid reasons for advanced life
wishing to protect Earth any longer

Seen from the ‘eyes’ of The Creator - outside help from other advanced beings would be seen to be destructive if interference is prolonging the agony of the majority of human suffering on this planet.
Only The Creation can take souls from this world in a gentle manner in some sort of natural cataclysm. It is absolutely unquestionably destructive for any human being to interfere or harm the valuable life of another.

Preventing Suicide

What must be considered very seriously though is that we, as human beings, cannot take life extinguishing acts into our own hands in any way whatsoever. This is especially so with suicide. How disrespectful it must seem to our Creator for us to destroy our gift of life with the notion that as a consequence we would be given a better one.
Statistics give shocking numbers. Someone somewhere is taking their own life every second of every day.

Suicide is an extremely disrespectful
destructive act against our most precious gift
- the gift of life

To commit such an act would be at the peril of jeopardising the extraordinary rewards of the afterlife. Proponents of acts of suicide in the name of God are doing humanity the greatest of injustices, and what they stand for is invariably extremely far removed from the constructive traits of The Eden Principle.

Human life is Sacrosanct …
there is a little piece of God living in us all

If you are feeling suicidal, here is something to guide you, sadly of course only if your mind is not already tied down by the shackles of ‘enslavement’:
During your agony and suffering, find a place in nature that is quiet or if possible play gentle music (New Age-type music with no percussion as used on this website tends to be best).
This is very soothing and healing as one gently falls into a meditative sleep to help heal your soul, especially just after a traumatic event. Visualise the Cosmic Tree and its splendour. When you awake you will begin to feel relief, with repeated action gradually allowing you to think clearer and on a heightened more optimistic level.
But more importantly during your agony…

Visualise a door in front of you

Visualise the simplicity of life… many chaotic busy little creatures running around trying to find happiness and love… many passing through doors of opportunity… some with outcomes not exactly on a par with those envisioned.
Now convince yourself of the simplicity of finding a new door to open… one with changes… wiping the slate clean… setting off in a new direction even if all you have are the clothes on your back.
This is the path to take, instead of ending your valuable gift of life.
As difficult as it may seem at the time, be brave and open a new door to life… awake… there are other ways out there, be it to find love or happiness.
Believe that you are putting your past behind, as if in rebirth… you are precious, and worth more than what you have just endured!
Consider how differently you would be able to start a second life if you were a new soul entering your body at this very moment without any knowledge of what you have already been through.
It is important to try and erase your emotional pain. It can be turned off if you really want to turn it off. It is the power of your mind with prayer in meditation.
You will be amazed how differently you will see everything.
Suicide is never the answer… a door is waiting for you to a new beginning… in THIS life.

Human harmony in crisis

In a perfect world, it would be constructive and harmonious for all populations across the globe to be able to understand one another with one language and one belief, and for us to be more circumspect about the display of our individual cultures and religions. However, reality has us heading in the complete opposite direction.
Through time immemorial humanity has been celebrating its diversity in language, dress and culture, more often than not in front of those with different traditions and beliefs. It may seem harmless but subconsciously it creates a sense of difference rather than unity.
Obviously when we travel we want to be enriched with the new and unfamiliar about other people, yet when these idiosyncrasies start to permeate our daily existence, for many of us they cause a very deep hidden discomfort and on a subconscious level less harmony.
What if we were to keep those more obvious facets of tradition as a collective group to our home turf, so as to ensure and bring about greater harmony with all around us.
If we were able to work towards this challenge, future generations could live in a world in which neither language, culture or tradition permeates they daily lives, and defines and segregates them from one another, allowing everybody a more harmonious co-existence.


Nature IS pure Creation. It is the loving product of The Creator. Appreciate the beauty of nature and you are already in harmony with The Creator and have a wonderful afterlife to look forward to no matter what you believe.

One’s judgement at the end of one’s life
will NEVER be measured for what one believes -
one will be measured for one’s life performance
which in essence is a ‘fixed’ habit of any soul
in the context of all in the Earth ‘Eden’ environment

For example, let us say that a soul, after it has left this Earth carries a destructive habit tendency, in its next life, some of that habit (which is still prevalent) would be a threat to a place of paradise.
Evolution appears to be the adjusting process of all species over time, working towards the fulfilment of a grand design human blueprint code, while naturally selecting and self diagnostically adjusting to their environment.
There can only be one species per world that will achieve grand design. Perhaps natural selection in worlds that are hotter and warmer make perfect conditions for the reptile to flourish. In these worlds it is likely that the reptile will be the creature that reaches grand design. But in more perfect subtropical temperature worlds with beautiful Eden environments, the dolphin mammal seems to be according to the author, the most perfect gentle mammal that has the biggest chance for grand design. (see Cherubim Angel).
In historical accounts here on Earth they appear to evolve into creatures that live on land and not in the sea.
It seems that the dolphin lineage was one of the first land mammals on Earth 250 million years ago. However a cataclysmic event appeared to change conditions on Earth to be warmer. Because of this, the dolphin took refuge in the waters to escape the flourishing large reptiles that suddenly began to flourish.
Around 60-million years ago another cataclysmic event altered the conditions on Earth yet again. This time to a cooler climate and the ape became the next ‘available’ creature destined for grand design. However, the Earth ape, the hominid, did not get his chance to inherit the Earth.

Alien Invasion of the Earth

For the author all indicators are that the ape was robbed of his destiny when his distant ‘cousins’ from another star system - modern human beings - invaded Earth.
The author believes it is highly probable that the moment one species reaches a stage of evolution where it is close to reaching grand design, then something happens to the radiating life force from The Tree of Life, and the evolutional development of all the other creatures in a specific world remains static.
There is no question about it that evolution is measurable from small creatures, to ape, to hominid. However, what the author contends is that the human species seems to have evolved somewhere else. It arrived here and took over this world, either by invasion or ‘universally acceptable’ fair replacement after Neanderthal perished in a natural cataclysm.
Click here Human origins
All species also adjust to their environment through natural selection in a self-diagnostic process.

Neoplatonism - a past religion that held many truths

An ancient lost religion of the Greeks called Neoplatonism by Plotinus and Porphyry once carried an invaluable truth about The Creator. It was they who recognised The Creation as the Cosmic Tree of Life and called it “The One”.
Many will say that Oneism is merely a revived version of Neoplatonism. Although this may not be too far from the truth, the difference is that Oneism dissociates itself from aspects of Neoplatonism that are far from perfect.
What Neoplatonism does however have in common with Oneism is the way in which it outlines human behavioural patterns in its time differentiating good from evil, and which Oneism has revived with more modern-day terminology.
Would you like to know more

What is Heaven and Hell ?

Hell - A world or any place here on Earth where we are incarnated as intelligent life. Worlds where intelligent life is treated as being of little value instead of being regarded as sacred. Places of chaos with dreadful climates, places with a prevalence of frightening predators, places of sickness… the list could be endless. They are places into which intelligent life is being born and hence are the places for the reincarnation of souls that previously did not fulfil the greatness of their potential.
But each soul on re-incarnating into intelligent life has been wiped of its memory, so as to be given the chance for a fresh start. The soul takes on the intrinsic penchant towards good or evil of its parents as an inherent basic habit at birth.
Heaven – The historical meaning is probably a general reference to worlds of incarnation out there in the heavens… the Cosmos.
The age-old belief in Karma makes a lot of sense. Live well and do good deeds and your soul will be rewarded with peace and happiness.

The reward for living in harmony
with all Creation is paradise

If souls carry bad life habits,
they risk damaging fragile ‘Eden-like’ worlds

Their destiny will be places locked in chaos

The old belief that the afterlife is only a spiritual realm needs to be re-evaluated and reasoned. Not only does the notion of a mere spiritual existence seem unlikely, it is also quite imperfect.

Spiritual existence mostly as an ‘in-between’

Try to imagine a Creator surrounded by billions upon billions of passed souls. All these souls as spirits, pretty much like tiny flying ants at night around a street light after the first rains have set them into reproduction frenzy.
Somehow this is not in tune with the blissful or peaceful perception of heaven we have been conditioned to look forward to. Yet, this is probably synonymous with how heaven would be if every soul had to spend the rest of eternity in a single place called ‘heaven’ with our Creator.
Also imagine how life would feel in spirit form. Speaking as a witness and with reasoning, the author believes that it would be unlikely that spirits would be endowed with all the sensations and stimuli that the physical form is endowed with for its sustenance and maintenance. The physical form can languor in the comfort of sleep, can savour the taste of good food, can revel in the physical act of love making and reproduction, can soak up knowledge and new experiences, can challenge its reasoning powers, all within the context of an ever changing physical reality.
The human form is the ultimate vessel for experiencing the aforementioned pleasures, provided of course that it can get its environment and people into gear to make the changes outlined under the topic of a 30 year plan – the changes Earth so desperately needs for it to be paradise.
In all probability, with only the senses and hence a very different way of ‘seeing’ and feeling vibration, it can be reasoned that there is a lot missing in spirit form. And even though the perception of time in the spiritual realm seems strangely different, this would not be the ideal way of being for the rest of one’s existence,

Bring about change or suffer the consequences and war

Oneism endeavours to rectify something subliminal encoded within the earliest copies of the Old Testament. The author is of the opinion that this valuable truth was only decipherable by hierarchies who would deliberately keep what they knew from the masses they controlled.
Encoded, what is revealed is a secret ‘Demon’ and ‘Magi’ reference to sacred stars forming a cross in the heavens, the coordinates of the grouping of stars in the night sky that those who come from above (who were most likely our ancestors) originate from and hid in subliminal messages. Also see: The Key of Solomon
The same falsified destructive mythology of symbols seems evident as having been added to a human blueprint code. The grand design as seen at the top of the human trait pyramid images that follows below on this website. What is clearly shown is how the human blueprint code becomes a pentacle when the human form in the combination of a woman and a man is depicted upside down… in desecration of the sacred gift of life.
But most importantly, although the description of ribbons of plasma from The Tree of Life appears serpent like - and the technical device that binds The Tree of Life with rings, appear like coils of a serpent - it is NOT a serpent OR the devil OR anything destructive - it is part of the pure and wonderful Creation itself.

If the two largest world religions continue
to delude their people into believing
that their holy books have never been altered
that only ‘they’ are the chosen ones,
then the worst war this planet has ever seen
will soon be upon us.

Another situation that is an unfailing recipe for war is the apparent manipulation of two of the world’s largest religions by its earliest leaders. In all likelihood they felt compelled to ‘adapt’ what had been written in their holy books to justify war and dominion over foreigners, and satisfy their own interests.
Oneism has great difficulty in identifying with religions that suppress equality and free thinking, especially those that set out to harm others who release studies on what was originally written in the ancient texts.
One particular religion that cannot be mentioned by name due to their threats of aggression against those who question any of its meaning - claim something that simply cannot have originated from a Creator that created all of humanity. It is believed by many scholars that a specific line can only be interpreted as follows:
It seems to call for sever action to be taken against that all those that do not follow it and convert to it.
The biblical account of Leviticus Chapter 25 : 44-46 is an important account that needs to questioned in the same context. Something that simply cannot have originated from a Creator that created all of humanity.
It condones the buying and selling of ‘foreigners’, including their wives and children, as slaves. In fact the only solution to this particular text is to consider having it completely removed.
This is not an error of translation… and such a completely inhumane destructive directive could only have come from the human hand…. not from our Creator.

How to interpret the miracles of the holy books

The interpretations of The Creation the author makes here on behalf of Oneism are being done with the greatest respect to readers comfortable with what they believe, and are not designed to offend, merely to open the possibilities to new outlooks.
Ancient texts all seem to suggest that The Creation visited our world. It would have been highly unlikely that The Creation would have been able to do this, while holding together the entire universe in order. It seems that how it would have connected to our world, would have been through prophets and mediums, and perhaps on a less conspicuous scale, visitations by beings not of this Earth.
All visitations in the past are therefore most likely only references to ‘angelic’ beings, in other words, beings that visited our world of their own free will, who were actually able to fly with technology and more importantly wanted to teach us about The Creation.
They have such advanced technology that to the ancients it would without doubt have seemed as though they were performing miracles.
Now when reading the sacred books, if you have no outside constraints to prevent you from thinking freely with your God-given mind, rely on your wisdom to consider the marvel of these historical visits! They came in celestial ships and spoke of The One – the home of all life – the Tree of Life – the light at the nucleus of the universe - our omnipotent Creator.

Is Oneism for you ?

No one will ever force anyone to believe in what this website wants to share with the world.
It is only for those that seek it.
And there is no doubt that it will create discomfort for some. Change is difficult, new ideas often prove to be in contradiction of what we have believed for so long. And if your religion has made good, loving and caring people of you, The Creation is no doubt proud of these special lives (referred to as ones ‘book of life’ in biblical texts) and the seeds have already been sown for paradise in the next. These good people of other religion no doubt have the insight to see the good texts and have lived by them so there is absolutely no need to ‘change’ belief to Oneism… in a way you have already lived it without putting a name to it.
But there will be those free thinkers among you who will want to break away from the outmoded romanticised traditional belief systems that place implicit trust in our holy books. After all, they have been rewritten over and over again by mere mortals.
Even the seemingly most inconsequential among us, has been given the God-given gift of the mind. And we owe it to our minds, our soul, to look at the whole picture - to take into account the founding material of all religions, the accounts given worldwide of ancient paranormal events, and what the sciences have to say - so as to be able to compare the invaluable common ground that may be derived from them all.
If we can become more open-minded at the very least and think for ourselves outside the box of the primitive and aggressive ways our traditional societies have instilled in us, then at least there is a shred of hope for us to start making the necessary changes for the way ahead. And further global suffering can be prevented.

Oneism.org unlike religion today
can be a basis to start afresh from the beginning -
with the advantage of using all sources as a foundation

Oneism takes an intellectual approach
and will be a constantly adjusting new study
working towards the truth

Oneism will be taking into account ancient paranormal events but more importantly, comparing and re-evaluating all the ‘commons’ with the study of modern paranormal accounts. Some modern-day encounter events will be referenced that are seen as consistent. Credible cases that stand out in obvious ways, with multiple witnesses or witnesses that have credibility by their status -testimonies of people who claim celestial visitation or contact with beings not of this world - will be compared with others that appear to be fabricated.

There can be only one truth

The time has come to remove misguided tradition from our holy books.
Tradition that has been altered so many times in history by the mortal human hand, by figureheads that subscribed to slavery, had very little education, they believed the world was flat. The belief that it was flat was so implicit that anyone daring to contradict this ‘fact’ would have been put to death in public. They would set them on fire! Any free thinker or researcher speaking of alternative interpretations of ancient manuscripts would be put to death as witches or demons.
The collections today we call our religion, claim different meanings and in most cases oppose one another.
There can be only one truth.
Oneism is a belief system that aims to neutralise the differences and focus on the remarkable uplifting detail that is working its way to the truth and unity. This website will provide a base for it to begin.

Celestial ships - Accounts of flying wheels

The first two images below are available as posters or wallpapers. Simply click on them to get to the link and then save them to your computer.
The image below is a recreated image of the Biblical epic of Revelations, Christ retruning riding a cloud:
The Biblical epic of Revelations has many lines describing the future visitation by a messenger riding a cloud that will uplift humanity. All the cryptic lines describing this event and what it represent are reconstructed here from copies of the Bible that were in circulation over a century ago. It also involves fitting the Matthew text of the three celestial Kings which 'follow' to the Bethlehem star.
The image below is a recreated portrayal of the Biblical epic of Ezekiel and his flying wheels within wheels:
In Ezekiel chapter one it begins with theses critical pieces of evidence as to what was seen in the sky:
"Each was a wheel within a wheel, that did not turn, BOTH upon their SIDES". 1: 16,17 (Here is the ultimate description of a flying disc, not like wheels that run upright... they were on their sides in the sky!)
The text shown here is from editions of the Bible predating the year 1900. Scholars believed it was important to be changed! It reads in modern Biblical accounts now as a wheel INTERSECTING a wheel! How can this be allowed!
The balance of evidence is as follows with page references:
"There were crystal domes on the top of the flying wheels". 1:26 (firmament stretched forth over the beings heads).
"The rims of the wheels had eyes all around them". 1:18 (The edge of the flying disc rim perhaps describing illuminated port holes as seen in modern sightings).
"The strange fire beneath them was cold". 1:4, 10:2 (Common in modern sightings).
"Each produced a cloud and bright rainbow colour" 1:4, 1:28 (Common in modern sightings).
"Each of the four flying Cherubim made sounds like running water" 1:24 (Important ref to the same entities as the author).
"There was 'something' that 'resembled' MEN (plural) on thrones on top of the four crystal domes" 1:26 (cannot possibly be God if there were four of them, but more importantly it was a shape that merely 'resembled' a man!).
The text shown on the Ezekiel Biblical epic image here is direct referencing of lines taken from copies of the Bible that were in circulation over a century ago. One has to question who and why the alteration was made in recent editions. The flying wheel within a wheel 'both' on their 'sides' is no longer a flying disc if it becomes a wheel INTERSECTING a wheel. Do religious authorities have the right to change it to be different to the flying discs of Egypt or Sumer, or are they trying to make their holy account different to the flying discs of other holy books? Perhaps more importantly they are trying to make it different to what many believe is the ultimate cover up conspiracy theory: Worldwide governments agreeing to hide all records of a secret truth. ... the subject of UFO's.
The image below is an ancient depiction of the Vimana, the flying discs in ancient India, described in the Sanskrit epics. In books by Srila Prabhupada, they are referred to as "airplanes" or "spiritual airplanes".:
In the Ramayana, the pushpaka ("flowery") Vimana of Ravana is described as follows:
"The Pushpaka chariot that resembles the Sun and belongs to my brother was brought by the powerful Ravana; that aerial and excellent chariot going everywhere at will .... that chariot resembling a bright cloud in the sky ... and the King (Rama) got in, and the excellent chariot at the command of the Raghira, rose up into the higher atmosphere.'"

Wisdom is to take your own religion
and compare it against others, science and new studies

The first thing one will realise with a little historical research is that most religious works have had some recent changes made compared to the earliest editions.
“Who has dared to alter these sacred texts?” no doubt is the first question that will cross your lips.
Why did they change the original sacred records you might ask?
The bird wing teaching mechanism was convenient for a primitive people who could not conceptualise the notion of an angel, but the motivation for alterations and deletions behind much of what had been changed was way more damaging than this.
Interfering with sacred texts could give these figureheads more control, allowing simplifications and misnomers to instil in the people a greater obedience and a fear of God. These leaders thus soon had full control of the resources of their unsuspecting subjects.

The Temple of Oneism - It is your own Body

There is and always has been one sacred place where meditation and prayer is initiated from. It is the human body… your own body. Meditation and prayer do not completely require a ‘holy’ building or temple of stone, although when studied for their architectural efficiency, the author believes the original temples of the earliest ancient civilisations do amplify a spiritual connection to The Creation, and much more.

Ancient Temples - Their design and their locations

Briefly, it would appear that the original pyramid-like design plan of high volumes of solid stone, as well as its location - invariably in close proximity to fault lines and running water - would enhance the spiritual connection to The Creation of the ‘initiate’ when inside it.

Reincarnation – The meaning of the human life cycle

Souls appear to return to The Tree of Life after each and every life span - they are judged for their ‘habit’ of constructive or destructive traits.
Like goes with like, namely reincarnation in an ‘after’ life so to speak, as flesh and blood life and most likely not as traditional accounts will have us believe as an eternal spirit. According to such accounts consider billions of souls without a bodily form living together in heaven (in space) around The Creation. Most likely the only senses they would have would be sight and sound (dissociated from a physical body).
The meaning of life – is life itself – it is a gift and should be cherished whilst striving to achieve peace and happiness, and your higher purpose, which only you are cognitive of.
The Creation, because of its perfection, would NOT intrinsically want life for us to be a struggle, chaos, and submerged in suffering and worry.
A ’30-year Plan’ of crucial changes is possible that can slowly evolve, elevating and enlightening all people from chaos and suffering, but only if the simple measurable truth of Oneism is spread.
How or where we are reincarnated is to be determined, or in old-school language, judged. Those measured as been habitually gentle, loving, caring, in other words embracing harmonious living with everything that is naturally created (fellow human beings, flora, fauna, the environment), will most likely reincarnate into one of many other worlds of paradise in the universe.
Those that have lived destructively and not in harmony with all Creation will most likely incarnate into worlds that are not perfect and in turmoil.
The Creator is a real cosmic ‘anomaly’ of the science of astronomy so to speak at the centre of the universe - the place of the Big Bang Creation event.
Laws of science are the grand design laws of The Creator and the ‘force’ referred to as The Creation.
The soul is eternal - it is our consciousness and our mind. Every human life force carries a small piece of The Creation.
Evolution is a factual science. Human beings did NOT transpire on Earth as a result of evolution on Earth. They evolved most likely in another star system and replaced Neanderthal, not because of evolution on Earth, but because they appeared on Earth as an arrival. As farfetched as this may sound, the author has substantiating arguments for the arrival of humanity from elsewhere in the universe.
Humanity is a descendant of those advanced people that came down from the heavens (who evolved somewhere else).
A major cataclysm on Earth, causing the oceans to wash over the continents, reduced the survivors of this advanced group of people to hunters and gatherers.

You too can be an integral part of gathering of the truth

From here forward Oneism.org can be the foundation for a way ahead that evolves towards the truth with more and more amounting evidence. A new collaboration of knowledge will be established for the first time ever, where everyone can make their own contribution towards the collection of the truth. See link at the bottom of every page on this website.
In this age of communication, the internet is the perfect tool for everyone to submit links to material they believe to be important. If you happen to be someone who believes with certainty that you have another piece of the puzzle, write a short account (less than 300 words) of your experience and submit it. Images – less than three at a time or it will be classified as spam. These new testimonies or links will be added as references as the site develops.
Oneism.org will remain the responsibility of the author until the moment it reaches a level where scholars are involved and after a council of at least seven wise responsible spiritual people are selected by the author to protect it.

The rich are getting richer while the poor get poorer

It is inevitable that Oneism will come across resistance. There will always be an element that prefers us to be controlled and manipulated, and it will find ways to prevent us from thinking constructively and in harmony with nature for ourselves.
The campaign for human rights has never been without resistance. There will always be those who prefer to maintain the status quo for their own ends, especially when it comes to further enriching and empowering themselves. If Oneism prevails, it will make it its mission to campaign for a fair distribution of wealth to bequeath that vast majority of the world population that has never had its human rights met, with some of that happiness and peace of mind every human being is deserving of.
Interference and manipulation by a select privileged few has occurred throughout the ages, and that is why we have so many opposing belief systems, and truths that have been tampered with.
This will not be allowed to happen to Oneism.
There can only be one truth.
Protective copyright action, as well as important back-up plans, are already in motion.

Join the Quest - make a difference

There is a way that every individual can make a difference in promoting a more constructive way of living. If you believe in the importance of Oneism.org and you want to see a future with the constructive changes it foresees for the world, then you can help.
The most valuable thing you can do is to spread the word to others… do it in an unobtrusive way that will not offend or upset the majority population in any way.

If even one influential person in the media
who would see the value of Oneism
were given a link to this website
Oneism would probably spread like wild fire

Oneism button

If you want to make a difference, carry the Oneism logo (see bottom of page) on your website, or perhaps wear a button or even print T-shirts with the free logo. No doubt this will have a ripple effect with people subconsciously recognising the image and asking about it.
If you are financially comfortable please consider being a part of the quest to help cover the costs of promoting an awareness of it with a donation (see bottom of page). As we all know, the cost of doing any promotional activity in any field can be quite substantial. Oneism will eventually be presented with much more detail as a book by the author for those who can afford books, but the basics will be freely available to all right here.

Billions of people right now
have no chance of appreciating their gift of life

Preventing the poor and repressed from enjoying their gift of life is so destructive that we may find that soon we may all have to pay the price for this as The Creation will not let so much suffering continue.
Every suffering soul is forcing The Creation to share some of the pain.
The author has been shown a simple way that the world can make important changes fast, if we want to save ourselves. However, this way needs to work its way by word of mouth or by letters to heads of state and governing bodies before any changes on a large scale will be attainable.

We are running out of time

The full potential of Oneism will start
once the ‘movers and shakers’
in our community learn of it by word of mouth -
celebrities in whom there is extensive media interest
and constructive people of great wealth

The author was shown in deep meditation that firstly a new super broard band internet of a completely different and independent streaming method will be possible.
It will be completely independent from regular internet and will run parallel to the internet system. It will also have less chance of being tampered with. It will be freely accessible by all.
This special internet will be only for learning and knowledge and new research.
Every subject of study, every scholar’s syllabus, every piece of factual material in every subject including that of theoretical research will be included.
It will be designed generally along the basis of Wikipedia but with far more graphic design and virtual reality imagery. It will be compiled by responsible special access editors and not the general public.
The new type of internet will have sensitive monitoring for hacking.
Secondly, the building of all syllabi of every subject from nursery school up to university will be presented in an audio-visual format, compiled by filmmakers in a whole new experience of learning. Compilations of very dynamic new entertaining presentations of all learning.
In place of uninspiring classrooms and sometimes poorly trained or incompetent teachers - theatres of learning will be the norm with interactive keyboards for its students.

Large screens, 3D animations and sound
all with an element of entertainment
will be the norm in special theatres of learning

Invigilators replace teachers who maintain order, monitor and evaluate students’ input.
Fast learning, well-behaved students are separated from the slower learners, as the latter will need more hands-on teaching.
Each student can interact with questions via their keyboards and work on projects with access to the footage they have seen on the screens and more.
The author was also shown that due to technology already available, this new learning method will cost a fraction of what education costs today.
Once storage data banks of all learning are accessible to all it will be available and free to everyone anywhere in the world.
It will begin in one single language that is chosen as the most developed first world language at its time of inception.
It will be available first to children in their first grades as an experiment then once it is seen to work it will work its way forward right up to university level.
The author will promote this possibility of an educational project with every opportunity that arises and if possible, to generate funds for it.

In a nutshell – Oneism

Oneism is an intellectual belief system offered to all who have the freedom to think for themselves. It is based on The Eden Principle where one can reason perfect Creation, what is good (CONSTRUCTIVE) against what is evil (DESTRUCTIVE). It values all of the most consistent testimonies recorded in the beginnings of all ancient paranormal events and modern accounts today now classified as Ufology.
It upholds absolute peace and harmony of a vast universe designed by a single Creator to sustain the gift of physical life.
It recognises that The Creator is an omnipotent spiritual nucleus at the centre of the universe, the original place of the Big Bang and it appears as a Cosmic Tree. This gentle belief system provides a solid foundation that will sustain ongoing updating adjustments making its way towards truth.
The element of worship is replaced with honour, love and cherishing all that is created and the element of humility will be seen in a whole new light as a vital human trait in our fast moving world of distorted value systems.

Oneism has three degrees:

Oneism 1
The foundation: Creation seen as a ‘general Light’ at the centre of the universe Values: The Eden Principle – measurement of good/evil Designed for schools - children of all religion (due to Oneism - level 1’s religious neutrality) Aimed at adults of who want to enrich their own religion
Oneism 2
All of the above, with more detail, and the historical proof of the Tree of Life Introduction to basic meditation as prayer
Oneism 3
All of the above, and everything on this website The study of pyramids and temples, cosmic beings, soul development in advanced meditation using unique and simple techniques becoming more connected to The Creation to be enlightened and develop wisdom.

Who are we and where do we come from... physically ?



"Our death is not an end
if we can live on in our children
and the younger generation.
For they are us;

Our bodies are only wilted leaves
on The Tree of Life"

Albert Einstein

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