Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Any creation begins with faith, this is the first stage of Manifestation.

If you want something to work or manifest something in yourself as well as in the world, then you need to believe in it, and trust in the inner work of this. Then you will be able to apply it and it will go into full activation.

This includes:

For example: the pineal gland (3rd - eye), DNA strands, energy centers, special abilities, the establishment of God in its entirety, anything you wish to manifest. You are a Divine instrument (body), along with all that you are. And how much you believe in the work of your instrument-body and true self will determine how much you manifest. Remember all you have got is just your instrument to use as a tool to create what you desire, and create the Universe within yourself ...  and it will affect from within you to outside...you are creating the universe by yourself...within yourself.

If you want something to manifest, you must fully believe in it. With your faith, you create. With faith any creation begins, since this is the first phase of manifestation. Faith allows you to create anything you want and it will be manifested.And it will work for you so far as and in the way you will believe in
. The more you believe in it, the more you create in what you believe. Without faith, however; manifestation will not be able to be achieved, which is why it is important to have faith. (if you want to create something, such as your reality, the reality of your universe, or anything )

Believe in yourself

First of all you need to believe in yourself; all while performing, displaying your essence of God (believing that you exist, the one who will create). Believing in yourself will give you faith in your power, unity with all things, which are all interconnected and reunited and give your strength. As all things are interacting
 with one another and immediately responding to your call. Believe that you are A ONE WHOLE BEING, the unity of everything, which is boundless and who has power over everything in his or her reality. 

If you're going to believe that you are getting old or sick,. Or that something can affect you negatively, along with any negative entities then it will be manifested into your reality. If you believe that, something does not work or in something you cannot do,(limiting yourself) so it will be.

Any creation starts with faith in it.And in the way you create with your faith Thus its gonna work.

For example, I believe that I am God, I believe that I can live forever and my body transformed into a completely new or younger body. All the organs, tissues and systems, each cell and DNA strands will be fully regenerated into a fully new (updated, healthy living, eternally healed.) body

An Affirmation to use                                             

“I believe that what I say and create in my imagination; immediately comes into fruition. I believe that my desire will be implemented and will instantly materialize.”

Faith infuses life in every creature, animates it, making it real, and existing. If you believe in goodness, love peace and unity in the world ...so it is.


In what you believe, you create. If you believe in your talents and special abilities, they will manifest. Begin to use them, and to trust in the work of your creation with your faith and it will enter into a manifested activation even more.

Creation through faith - is powerful. If you reach the deepest depths of it ... you will become limitless, you can materialize anything you desire instantly ... 

I believe and I wish love for all creation, I believe that everyone will create with FAITH FOR THE BENEFIT OF ALL THAT IS... consciously. 
Nataliya Maznitsina

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