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The essence and reasons of an attachment to anything or anyone, and any relationship between people or things in life.

From what is it from , the need to subdue anyone and that someone owe you or must to do anything?
 It happens because of the attachment anyone to you, or anything... your own.What is an attachment  itself?

Attaching to yourself anyone on anything.This is not love ... and this is fear. Whether it is ,relationship or any other thing ... it does not matter, because it is expressing in the same way... so that the man and anything is the same thing .. and they are endowed with the same ... as the general hologram of the Universe.

Attachment is a very  interesting question.This is  primarily the fear of losing what you have.And this fear comes from something that you really loved,and no matter with which feelings or emotions it is expressing itself ... and no idea of ​​how things will go in your life without it. 

No ideas about an existing  in a different way, constantly, daily, weekly living your  life .. Because there is also a fear .. fear of otherwise, of the unknown behind the canvas ...

And the feeling of security while you are staying in what  already known , in tested way of living your life, in other words, not the new, the old, which is probably going on already for months, a year or generation, sometimes not just one ... but evolution requires a change, everything was created with an absolute prerequisite for eternal development, improvement, nothing lasts forever, because it is transforming and changing constantly.

But should we really  hold on to what is already known and understood, although it is comfortable and studied area, if there are  so many unknown paths and roads, people and things, so many untested new capabilities ,so much of new and interesting..Yes,though its unexplored, and sometimes frightening, but its frightening just with not knowing of it
... With Knowing it all fears will disappear, as if they were not there at all, and you'll laugh ... at yourself and at your fears ... for a very long time, reveling with a pleasure of your new awareness, leaving the security zone, already tested and known well to you .
Whether or not to become attached to anyone or anything, either? The choice is yours.

But the truth is in that everything has its own time and everything is not forever, and sooner or later, to move forward, you will have to lose something anyway, to drop it, let it go and go on ... and no way without it, this is an Important and a true condition in order to move forward ... to develop, to improve and to know yourself .. and self-discovery comes through the  world surrounding you, and not only in meditation.

The world is just your mirror.There is no any unified Picture of the World. The World for you only those, which you are seeing it, with all your ideas and visions created by you yourself.In other words ,world it is not something separated from you.The World is an extension of yourself

 , and it is true, and you made this world yourself, and not anyone else ...

And you may at any time recreate for yourself a NEW WORLD.But  what if you are this world itself, and  everything is just learning by the  game of playing roles and experiences. Whether so much to upset and to  tie to what will not be with you forever anyway... to what is only a temporary experience, a temporary game.And when the time to finish the game comes it will end in due time, it will not be late for ending, any experience and any game , and it also has its beginning time.Everything is at term.And the road has a lot of ways , but it leads to one ... everyone... to realization that the universe is in you and you are God ...
guiding within everyone.And it is essentially impossible to lose forever )))) Nothing ever get lost ... in fact,  its just going away... and continues in a different way, just as you are.

Let's enjoy each other's beauty and the World ... enjoy with that WE and OUR WORLD is just living, like the beautiful flowers which bloom on earth until you pick them up (until attaching  them to yourself)

And when the realization of that comes to you there is no already fear, but there is an interest in the new, and calmness to let go of anyone or anything, that passed and learnt and enter a new game in the New World, created by you ...

It is so cool  to rejoice that the old experience and the game passed with a gratitude in your heart, and it can be transferred to others.And greeting the New World!!!

So it is

The power is in you. The answer is in you. And you are the answer to all your searches: you are the goal. You are the answer. It's never outside.
~ Eckhart Tolle

  Natalia Maznitsina

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