Sunday, March 31, 2013

Lymph system and Blood system the ocean of life in you

its important to keep lymph system and blood system clean :) and do from time to time cleaning :) its all luquids of life, and they are important for the whole physical body condition :))) if you alkalize your body's luquids , then it will be automaticly be clean from any fungi, parasites, worms and other forms of alien parasites, because they may live only in sour ambience, and this great cleaning and alkalizing through kuquids all your body ambience,will also do a great cleaning all your energy devices ;-)

drinking 1,5 alkalized water per day instead of any other luquids, and using natural remedies for the cleaning  


Coral club site http://zdorovielyuctiy.ucoz.ru/
with very good products for cleaning and health
                                          BLOOD SYSTEM

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