Sunday, July 1, 2018

What is a purpose of my life- what is my mission -why am I here, on Earth?

It took me many years to find out the purpose of life and what is going on, the truth and my mission of being here. And I do not regret the cost of it. It's extremely important and it's impossible to describe it.

Many things on the way, people, obstacles,other stuff are always trying to take it away, to take an attention to something else, whatever on the road of your life.

It's about mastering it. And always coming to the inner knowledge, to the core being within. Always checking how responds absolutely everything that happens within your core being - this is the key to finding the true answers. It's an inner compass which everyone has. The truth is -- that nothing may ever give you the true answers: no books, no movies, no stories, no sciences,no other people, no other stuff. All that is --- just to guide you into the right direction, to hint you. That is all. But the answers may be given with your true experience of each thing while your life: spiritual practice such as meditation, listening to how everything responds and making a full puzzle within you and other.

Being Real and not being sold for the fake price - is worth it. It might be difficult, but from my experience, nothing can truly stop... if you really desire something.... It takes to be brave, and after finding out what's the most important - following it.

We are to master this reality and our life, to take an advantage of it and the final ripe fruit.


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