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The New Kingdom of the Goddess Has Arrived

The New Kingdom of the Goddess Has Arrived
By Therese Zumi Sumner
This article is about the power of collective force. It aims to show how the combined efforts of Lightworkers of all kinds have cooperated on every level and every dimension to allow the Goddess presence to once again take its rightful place on this beautiful planet Gaia. It’s already happened! We now have the Goddess energy firmly planted on this planet again! We may not yet have the physical evidence of this energy completely verified with things like a new financial system and free energy in place but the new realm – the new kingdom is already established and growing stronger day by day and people are finding more and more evidence to support this in their daily lives and experiences here on Gaia.
SpiralIn March of 2013 we learned about the ultimate technology of the Light Forces that would finally dissolve the Matrix on the astral and etheric planes around our planet. We learned about the Goddess Vortex and how we could become anchors of this presence on Gaia by doing the Goddess Vortex meditation. We learned that the Goddess Vortex is an Angelic Presence that goes through our bodies and anchors into the physical plane and how we could learn to feel that Goddess Vortex in our bodies and become instruments for anchoring the return of Goddess energy to Gaia. To learn about this meditation, go here; http://2012portal.blogspot.se/2013/03/goddessvortex-goddessvortex-is-ultimate.html
For years and until recently many have practiced the Goddess Vortex meditation regularly on Sunday Nights. Through renewed contact with an old friend who has worked for decades teaching others how to connect to Gaia and Goddess energy I discovered that there are, without a shadow of a doubt, groups of people worldwide who are regularly doing similar meditations to anchor Goddess presence.
Many of these groups have contact with elders from the many tribes of wisdom on our planet.  These elder’s wisdom has spread from their tribes to groups worldwide who are once again practicing connecting their heart and souls and minds to Source and to Gaia and learning to connect with their heart center which is the surest and quickest way to opening the so called 3rd eye.
I am providing an extra link here for those who might wonder why the dark cabal have chosen to use the name of ISIS for their terror group.    The Archons have deliberately chosen ISIS as the name of the jihadist group and their Islamic state to associate the name of Isis (she is a Goddess of Light) with darkness and horror in the minds of the human masses, especially now after we have partially opened the IS:IS portal and when there is great further potential for Goddess awakening in 2014

Unity + Collaboration + Community + Communication + Full Disclosure

All of Earths true Lightworkers can now recognize that it is the united efforts of so many people on so many levels that is bringing forth this Shift of the Ages. We need to totally understand that arriving at full disclosure is not merely the result of various websites posting the truth about what’s really going on. Yes, all of the truths need to be fully exposed and finally reach mainstream media. It’s true that the more blogs and websites that are involved in telling the real truth, not just smoke screens that attract attention and can serve to divide people, the better. However, remember that there are in fact tens and tens of millions of people who in one way or another are contributing towards this full disclosure. You reading this now are no doubt doing the very best that you possibly can in your life to live according to truth.
You might be a weary mother devoted to a very sick child that needs your love and full attention, you might be a healer of some kind using what you know to support others health, you might be an earth keeper doing what you can to balance the energies on Gaia, in fact no matter what work that you might be doing it is so called light work when you do the work to serve others in some way, where your focus is upon service to others and not merely making an income. Many believe that the so called ‘new age’ movement is another religion of some kind that only adds to our problems. This is sadly true to a high degree because the greedy and fearful always find ways to utilize a good thing to their benefit. However, in the core real new age movement which (I’m guessing is close to 30%) you have the most amazing people doing work as healers, advisors, health practitioners of various kinds, musicians, etc. all great Lightworkers. Mediumship is also an area that might be considered as belonging to the so called new age area and here once again we find that those working from the heart and with only a desire to support will be receiving wisdom that needs spreading. You cannot be mistaken when a channeled message comes from a true source and is not merely some concocted gathering of info. A true message always has a focus on LOVE – it always brings you more clarity, its fresh and new information that supports growth, it very often affects your emotional body and brings on tears. These are my reflections/experiences.
If there is some way that you feel that you can contribute to a Full Disclosure of truth now do not hesitate to take action. This might be by spreading some new reliable information about the truth to someone you know. Every single person who awakens to the truth on some level moves this process further.

Things Are Moving Forward Very Fast Now

LightforceThe point that I’m trying to make here is that things are moving very fast now because of the many free sovereign people using their free will and declaring that they serve only the Light/Love energy.  These people will have openly declared that they have broken all contracts with any dark entities on all timelines and dimensions and will from now forward only serve the Light. People are doing this worldwide now. Yesterday I read the recent interview between Rob Potter and Corey Goode who has been deeply involved in the SSP – secret space program. In this interview Corey tells us that he did not earlier have so much faith in the arrival of a positive change for us all here on Gaia but this has now changed he says; “Corey – Things are moving so fast. The SSP have stuck to the timeline that a Full Disclosure was going to unroll between 2018-2023. That’s what I heard the whole time I was out (on missions in space etc.). Things are moving so fast; I don’t know how we can get to 2018 without it happening. Everyone is seeing all these incredible things that are occurring, even in mainstream right now.”

We Need More Men Anchoring Goddess Energy Now

I am not in the least surprised by things moving fast now. Thousands upon thousands of people have been working steadily now for 3-4 years on a daily basis anchoring the Goddess Energy upon Gaia. These are people who mostly anonymously have devoted their time to anchoring the Mother’s Tsunami Wave of Love energy between heaven and earth. Untwine reminded us in a new article yesterday about the need to take responsibility for what we want to do to affect change. Cobra said years ago “one woman utilising Goddess energy can prevent a war”. Using Goddess energy demands the taking of responsibility upon oneself without being asked by anyone. You don’t continually ask for things to be served up to you. You take responsibility for your life, your decisions and what you devote your energy to every waking hour so as to keep a balance in your life.
We are in the middle of this sandwich of Love energy. We have the light of Spirit and Source energy directed towards this planet ever more intensively these past 4-5 years. We have the love connection from the entire Co of Heaven willing and always ready to connect with us daily. We have our Galactic Light Family ships sending us their Love and Light from above. We have the Agarthan 5th Dimensional community of Light along with millions of Resistance Movement Light Family below our feet also transmitting their Love to the surface and we on the surface are the anchors of this energy in our bodies. This is the work that has brought the Goddess energy back to Gaia to remain here for all eternity.
Do you remember in December 2014 when 144,000 people from the Resistance Movement and the Agarthan Network came to the surface to join with us briefly in one of those important meditations? It was the occasion of the IS:IS Portal Activation. This was the first time this happened in 25000 years!! With the energetic support of this activation, in which tens of thousands of Lightworkers on Gaia took part, and around this time “the Light forces have managed to remove vast proportions of the Chimera scalar plasma grid. This is a very significant achievement, since this is the very first time since the 1996 Archon invasion that any kind of victory over plasma scalar technologies on the surface of this planet has been achieved. The scalar energy attacks on us are now expected to slowly wane out.”
To read more from this fascinating update go here; http://2012portal.blogspot.se/2014/12/isis-portal-activation-part-ii-report.html
I am reminding all of you about these achievements to convey an understanding of the importance of every single individual taking part in this transformation on Gaia at this time. Yes, Lightworkers like David Wilcock, Corey Goode, Michael Tsarion, Benjamin Fulford etc. are paramount to this change taking place, doing tremendous work with their unique knowledge and abilities continuously working against all odds in this battle between Light and dark and so are thousands upon thousands of others contributing daily one way or another.

At the end of that update linked above Cobra said the following “The Goddess energy, pure unconditional feminine aspect, is returning to the physical plane of the planet as never before.”

This photograph was found at this time in the Space Weather Gallery by American Kabuki
This photograph was found at this time in the Space Weather Gallery by American Kabuki
Then on Jan 7th 2015 you might recall that we got the amazing news about the Goddess Dou Mu who descended from a higher dimension to live among us here and help to anchor Goddess energy on Gaia.
Sky-Goddess“During and after the IS:IS Portal activation, a high level connection was made between the Resistance Movement, the Eastern Agartha network and the Andean Agartha network. Nothing more can be released about that connection at this point. 
At the IS:IS Portal activation, a cosmic Goddess named Dou Mu has left her home star system, teleported into the Eastern Agartha network and then arrived on the surface of the planet. Now she lives in her physical Light body on a very powerful vortex point on the surface somewhere in Asia, channeling cosmic Goddess archetypes of Nut (sky), Maat (justice) and Hathor (love) for the planet, with members of a certain Dragon group being her guardians:
This is a very significant development as it has initialized the Breakthrough phase for the planetary liberation and the beginning of the disintegration of the Veil. This is the first time in many millennia that a cosmic extraterrestrial entity of Light is living on the surface of this planet. 
Dou Mu is the Goddess who has activated Halaf/Hassuna-Samarra vortex 7000 years ago. Now she has returned to the planet to heal that vortex, as Islamic State militants are trying to destroy the feminine in that area:
Presence of Dou Mu already has positive effects, since after the IS:IS Portal activation high ranking government officials are starting to refuse to use the name Isis for the Islamic State:  
To read this fascinating update in full go here;

All True Lightworkers Are A Synchronized Collective Force

We know the goal! There are so many of us now! We cannot possibly fail! There is only Victory of the Light ahead. The Goddess energy has returned to Gaia to stay and things will only improve now daily. We will have Full Disclosure without a shadow of a doubt. There is much discussion about Collaboration, Unity, Positive Communication and so forth. I dare to say that this unity of purpose, this collaboration is already a fact between all of the true Lightworkers on this planet. We know who we are. We recognize one another easily as being part of truth and Love. We feel one another’s sincerity of Spirit. We feel the heart connection to those who tirelessly, lovingly, devotedly continue the battle for liberation and freedom for every single human being on this planet. These are exhilarating days ahead of us. We also have the support of all of those who truly care for their fellow humans. They also serve who only stand and wait.

The Return of Fairies and Angels

Many among our readers will have experienced a strong affinity with and a love of being out in nature as often as possible. We know that this is a powerful healing tool. Some of you will have already had experience of sensing the presence of these elemental beings around you. Eventually when the Shift has taken place there will be many more of us developing these abilities to communicate with the unseen etheric energies surrounding us on a renewed and clean Gaia.  Cobra told us on Feb 18th this year that “Because of this significant progress on plasma plane, the energies on etheric and lower astral planes are improving quite much and some fairies and angels are already returning to the surface of the planet to remote spots in nature, far away from humans. These subtle beings do not like harsh energy of most humans, but they welcome loving contact and you are invited to go into nature and seek the loving connection with their energy.”

Contact with Our Galactic Family

So many people are now receiving inner contact with Galactic Family members living on the ships in our solar system. One friend explained how she had had those contacts before the ‘Great Forgetting of 1996’ http://2012portal.blogspot.se/2015/10/the-great-forgetting-of-1996.html and they had now re-established contact with her. Her contact seems to be some kind of commander on a ship. She smiles and gives confirmation that all is going to be very very well here on Earth. There seems to be a lot of activity and busyness on the ship as if they are in a hurry to be ready for something. She feels that this contact is Pleiadian. Now I am sure that many of you will have similar experiences and also physical experience of seeing the ships on occasions.  These are such exciting days now! In truth it is an amazing time to be alive.
On that note I’m reminded of Nassim** in the video link below telling a group that we are ‘floating in grace’. I have no doubt at all that we are in fact floating in grace because without the support of the Light Forces and the protection that the Motherships provide for us here from all manners of danger we simply could not be here at all right now.
And some more info about Nassim’s work ** http://prepareforchange.net/2016/03/14/nassim-haramein-interview-from-the-conscious-life-expo/
And for those that might have missed this ‘The Pleiadians are in Antarctica too’: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sqM1MF4gce8

Free Sovereign Beings on a Free Planet Soon

This is where we are going to find ourselves in the not too distant future. Here is just one quote about what this word ‘sovereign’ entails: “As each individual brings balance of the divine masculine and feminine within them, they become more loving and compassionate with themselves and all others. They become passionately engaged with their true authentic selves and in the expressing of this truth in the world around them.”
So if there is any work that is still of importance for anyone to do right now as we approach the Shift of the Ages it is the work of becoming truly acquainted with our true authentic sovereign self. This demands taking responsibility for everything that we do. We have to stop taking other people for granted. We have to stop projecting our frustrations and our own weaknesses onto the behavior of others and what they chose or do not choose to do.
When the Golden Age of Gaia is finally here, when we no longer have any concern about food on the table or roofs over our heads and such things, we will be faced with a choice as to what we desire to devote our time and energy too. What would you like to spend your time doing? What might lie in the way of that desire or activity?  What is the change that you would most like to affect in your life now? The energy is changing daily. Miracles are happening daily. People talk about getting the flu and after just a day they are well again! Relationships that were very difficult earlier are becoming easier as each person consistently takes the responsibility to do what feels right for them at each moment and stops adapting to the other. Are you ready for the Shift – The Event?
What brings you joy? That will always be a guide to what you might like to be doing on the other side of the bridge. The choices will be endless. It will be so exciting. Do not allow yourself to put limits on your vision. The sky’s the limit, funny that! That’s what we used to say. The sky will no longer be the limit! People will find kindred spirits among those who exist on similar dimensional levels. The average range of dimensional experience upon Gaia will be somewhere between 4:4 – 4:5 and up to 5:3 – 5:4 to begin with. This is taking into account the so called cities or areas of Light where people can learn more about the Ascension process.
There is absolutely nothing to be concerned about. This change is inevitable and nothing can prevent it any longer. We shall indeed have liberation from slavery on this planet. We shall experience peace upon Gaia. It’s a given!

Victory of the Light

— Therese Zumi
Website: www.veritasgalacticsweden.net
Source: Prepare for Change

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