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10 Traits Of A Fully Empowered Woman

 10 Traits Of A Fully Empowered Woman
(Higher Perspective) Women were treated as second class citizens in many cultures dating back thousands and thousands of years. There are still some in today’s society that believe that women should be subservient to men, but let’s be real: those men are squares who need to get with the times, and empowered women know that.
What are the most common traits of empowered women?

1. She take responsibility for her life.

Empowered women don’t need to marry rich – or even marry at all if they don’t want to. They’re responsible for their own lives. She faces her fears, heals her own wounds, eliminates self-sabotage and kicks any belief that held her back. An empowered woman takes on the world, questions societal narratives, and challenges the limited role of women in society.

2. She makes her own rules.

An empowered woman doesn’t need to ask a figure of authority whether they should take a new job, move to a new place, or begin dating a potential long term partner. She makes her own rules at hte end of the day. She doesn’t need permission from anyone.

3. She honors herself without question.

An empowered woman honors herself and her body. She understands that life is a gift, even though some aspects of life may not be that enjoyable. She honors herself with positive choices, good health, and vitality. She spends time in nature, rests when tired, and understands and embraces her cycle.

4. She follows her own compass.

An empowered woman will listen to and act on her own inner knowledge. She trusts her own intuition and doesn’t rely on others to give her direction. She knows what feels right and knows that, however odd her intuition may seem, it usually knows what’s going on.

5. She greatly values what she’s passionate about.

An empowered woman values her passions and interests so much that she can structure her life around them. She knows it’s worth it to live an inspired life. She acts on what she loves and not what she doesn’t without excuse.

6. She chooses partners who empower her.

But she also understands that a relationship is a two way street with compromises to be made and joint decisions to consider. But at the end of the day, her partner supports their greatest good and sees them for who they are. They play a supportive role in every arena that they can.

7. She doesn’t pick fights, but an empowered woman knows when to take a stand.

An empowered woman isn’t a victim of her circumstance. She stands up for herself when she needs to and sets boundaries to protect what she values.

8. An empowered woman has a relationship with her fears.

Fear is like the enemy. Keep your enemies close, right? An empowered woman is a courageous soul, but not fearless. It takes courage to meet the edge of your comfort zone and continue onward. An empowered woman has compassion for the part of her that is afraid.

9. She wants to empower other women.

Empowered women are at their best when they’re support other empowered women. One falsehood popularized in our culture is that women are in constant competition with each other. Competition can be healthy, but at the end of the day, strong women will work diligently to empower one another, not conquer.

10. She isn’t afraid of her own pleasure.

Empowered women are worthy of receiving pleasure in the way they see fit, be it in their bodies, a good book, beautiful flowers, or a favorite dress. They feel no shame in indulging themselves in what they love.
Source: Higher Perspective

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