Thursday, May 1, 2014

United Earth Confederation time

"The hour is late. It is too late for human folly. You must prepare for the future as an individual, and you must promote human freedom and unity in the face of necessity.”
The New Message from God,
 “What Will Save Humanity”

To create greater harmony, sustainability, peace, prosperity, and security on Earth, I earnestly propose the formation of a United Earth Confederation.

Explanation of Terms


Perfect, infinite unity – harmony, peace, love, and equality – is the supreme purpose of life, creating the highest good and greatest power for the united. It's unified, collective action that accomplishes the most challenging tasks and empowers the strongest organizations -- the names of many of those on Earth, such as the United Nations, United States (the Union), European Union, and United Kingdom, bear testament to this.


What members of the union have in common is having Earth as a home. Also, the union's will includes the will of Earth, including her animals, plants, minerals, and other natural forms.

Freedom: life flourishes and contributes most to the whole when it's allowed to follow its inner guidance and become self-sustaining, not when it's coerced or overly provided for from without. A union that infringes on the will of its members sacrifices its unity, and because unified action is challenging, so does one that weakens its members through over provision. Therefore, members of the union maintain their freedom, independence, sovereignty, autonomy, and individual power. Unified action is volitional, not mandatory. There are agreements, but not enforced laws. If a member fails to honor its part of an agreement, others are free to choose not to engage with it thereafter, as they always are. Also, the union is open to and includes all, there are no restricting entrance requirements.

Equality: unity entails equality. A union that sacrifices the equality of its members sacrifices its unity. Therefore, the union belongs to all members equally. There's no unjust discrimination among members. None are given preferential treatment, unless perhaps by agreement.

Dedication: in that there's no central ruling power, the union is like an association, and not a federation. However, the union is more than a group of loosely connected members. To most improve the life of the union and its members, members ideally act in unison constantly. In this sense, the union is like a federation, and not an association. The English term I believe best describes the ideal balance between an association and a federation is confederation. Its significance here is its intended meaning, regardless of the official definition of the word.

The nations we're familiar with throughout Earth's history, including the confederations, have generally used different organizing models, which perhaps helps explain why many haven't lasted, just as many are unhappy with today's politics, and as its held by many that our present civilization is dangerously unsustainable.  The model I propose here is original, and I believe has a greater chance of long-term success.

Prospective Members

Earth and her grassroots organizations, intergovernmental organizations, governments, corporations, other organizations, 
people, animals, plants, minerals, and other natural forms.


Unified action on Earth would greatly help solve today's urgent problems. For the sake of the 
people of Earth, may the United Earth Confederation become a reality.

For reading more about it, you may click on the link below to visit the website

Source: https://sites.google.com/site/jmaf6556/united-earth-confederation

EVENT On Earth

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