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Each of the 250 CREATIVE COMMUNITIES will include a Community Center utilizing the design depicted in the drawing above. This is only one feature of the Communityas each community will be a self sufficient complex that will include housing, farms, an orphanage, relief center, retirement home,commodities, hospital and all things needed to allow the residents of the community access to everything needed, so that travel will not be necessary to obtain supplies needed. In other words a complete self-sufficient community.


PURPOSE:           The purpose of this center is to provide a working example of how people living and working together utilizing the Vaastu principle can create an environment that is healthy & productive and serve as an ideal to the whole community. A place where People can come and get their bodies healed and meet in an atmosphere where they can learn to be sovereign individuals and learn the techniques to keep our earth in a pristine and healthy condition. A place where the indigenous artifacts, sculpture, statues and antiques can be saved & viewed by the public.

FEATURES:           There will be six major facilities built in a circle around a circular water fountain using circular buildings or domes, on a large working farm where all the food will be raised and grown in an holistic atmosphere and the center will be built utilizing the vaastu and permaculture principles The six major facilities will include a Performing Arts Center, a Healing Center, a Hostel, a Dining Facility, a K thru 12 School, and an Adult Education Facility. Each center will have an art gallery, museum, and a library.

BUILDING 1:         The Performing Arts Center will be built to accommodate as many as 500 people or more if the population in the area demands it, and will be customized utilizing building materials indigenous to the location. In addition to cultural activities, the center will be used for seminars and workshops for large groups of people and musical lessons for the children.

BUILDING 2          The Healing center will provide individual practitioners a place to treat patients utilizing alternative methods, along with educational classes. A Langenburg healing spa and a futuristic hospital will be included along with a large “hands on” healing and meditation area for yoga, Tai Chi, and other healing modalities.

BUILDING 3          The Hostel will provide accommodations for people who are coming to the center for various reasons, including healing, re-locating, performing or conducting workshops, teaching or training. The center of the building will have a reception area where guests can be entertained or small meetings or training classes can be held and provide administrative offices.

BUILDING 4        The K through 12 School for children will provide an education that will include some organic gardening, animal husbandry and, sustainable home economics, along with the necessary curriculum to give the child a well rounded education.

BUILDING 5             The The adult education facility will include a library, an art gallery, and a museum reflecting the indigenous lifestyle of the area and classrooms where an adult can attend workshops where they can learn the basic skills that will allow them to be sovereign individuals. In addition there will be workshops they can attend that will improve their ability to sustain their new way of life

BUILDING 6            The dining facility will provide a place where people who are living and working at the center will be able to consume the organic food and drink the Oxygen water that will be produced,grown and raised on the site.  It will also accommodate 200 to 300 people who are attending workshops, seminars, healing sessions and educational classes.


Each center will be built utilizing the materials that are either indigenous to the Area or will lend themselves to the location. The art and artifacts that are unique to the area will be collected and incorporated into the center for preserving and display.
A large water fountain, statues and sculptures will be used throughout the grounds.  Star shaped and circular paths that are landscaped with beautiful trees, shrubs and flowers will lead to each of the buildings.  Lovely herb gardens and botanical displays will be built with areas where people can sit and spend leisure time in a lovely, soothing atmosphere.
Each of the buildings will be connected by covered walkways and will have access by road to the exterior or main entrance of each building. There will an adjacent guest parking area.  Some of the property will be utilized for on site management housing and the rest will be left as a working farm including a residence that will be occupied by the farm manager & caretaker.
Co-op farms will be built adjacent to the center that will be awarded to qualified homeless families along with assistance in building a home and the owners of the farms will have support and training in the ways of organic farming and sustainable living. In addition, there will be an orphanage on the grounds to accommodate children without parents to care for them. Future plans are in process to build a relief center on adjacent property.


We are looking for people who have a desire to be involved with this project as facilitators and managers of the day to day activities.
Our intent is to provide the facilities and have facilitators take on each facet of the center. We have some staff who will come on a rotating schedule to train and work with on site management to provide ongoing education necessary to make this a viable center that will be an example to the community. We intend to provide the necessary support needed to assist people in a new way of living that will keep our earth in a pristine, friendly condition.
It will take many to run an operation of this magnitude.

A water facility will be built on or near the community centers and that will be our “for profit” part of the project that will supply the funds to run and maintain the centers and provide water for our healing spa’s, as well as drinking water for the center and surrounding or near by areas..
Benevolent individuals who have an interest in becoming financially involved are also being sought. These individuals will realize a handsome profit from the distribution of the water after the costs of maintaining and operating the community centers.

Our intent is to have at least one facility in every state depending on the population and at least one in every country of the world.

If you have a large parcel of land that you would like to donate or joint venture, please contact me at your convenience. Our Humanitarian foundation will work with you to make this an equally beneficial project that will help all of mankind.

For additional information or to explore ways that you can become further involved in this project, please contact:  Suzy Star:  (541) 736-5150

  We are looking forward to hearing from you. You can also contact us at our e-mail address: suzystar@earthlink.net. If you would like to receive emails from us send an email with subscribe in the subject line. Give us the name of the state you live in.
If you are not familiar with our foundation and your first contact with us is online: We would be pleased to hear from you! Please let us know what your needs and questions are, we will be more than happy to help..
You may read about it and more interesting things on this Site http://www.suzystar.net/578.html
and also bring in your ideas and inspirations, join in co-creation and other stuff :)

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