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 These Technologies Will Revolutionize Your Life! Oh Wait, They’re All Suppressed Technologies. Nevermind
(Higher Perspective) Suppression of technology that challenges the status quo and the technologies currently in use is not exactly a new phenomenon. Nikola Tesla is a perfect example of someone whose genius was largely ignored in his time.
Tesla was involved in a lot of work that undermined Edison’s inventions, which led Thomas Edison to lead a smear campaign against him, and went as far as to compel bankers to render the inventor bankrupt. That’s pretty messed up!
Tesla invented things like free wireless electricity, which would revolutionize how we power our lives and run power companies out of business. Give you one good guess why that technology was pushed down.
Okay, it’s money. Money was the reason.
The video above talks about some of Tesla’s marvelous inventions that would revolutionize your life, if only they were around.

Source: Higher Perspective

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