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There is a new energy on the Earth, being sent to every human being on our planet. It comes from the Divine Source of All, or God.
Anyone can utilize this energy to “awaken” to higher levels of consciousness. Here are a list of signs i have gathered, from personal experience and research, that you are being activated.
If you are on the path of raising your awareness, to be whole and complete, then these are some indications that you are definitely ascending towards true inner freedom and divine love:
–Signs that you have been Activated–
1. listening to your Inner Guidance for solutions, instead of looking outside you.
2. becoming conscious of harmful, negative thought-patterns that no longer help you.
3. noticing synchronocities more.
4. able to stay present in the Now-moment longer.
5. receiving flashes of insight to guide you towards better choices.
6. your heart is guiding your actions .
7. compassion for others suffering, without getting emotionally pulled into their problems.
8. a knowing that everything will turn out alright.
9. feels natural to meditate, anywhere.
10. letting go of harmful habits and addictions.
11. able to visualize what you want, easier
12. seeing beyond the surface appearance of people, ideas and things
13. believing that what you FEEL is true, not what you’re told
14. animals seem more human-like, you sense their spirit 
15. feeling connected to Nature and the elements
16. hopefulness increases
17. your body is healing at a quicker speed
18. able to manifest what you want
19. better, more genuine relationships with friends and family
20. being able to admit when you’re wrong
21. sickness/illness doesn’t last as long
22. positive uplifting feelings for “no reason”
23. youthfulness returning to your inner and outer body
24. able to laugh and enjoy life
25. solving problems more efficiently, using new methods
26. able to understand the meaning in wise words that seemed too “simple” before
27. eating more fruits and vegetables, drinkin more water, making healthier choices
28. choosing to forgive yourself and others
29. thinking of Angels often, or seeing heavenly symbols of peace
30. being true to yourself

I will add more another time, i hope this helps you to recognize that you are growing spiritually, and here for a reason.. just relax and let the Ascension process unfold here on Earth. welcome to the Golden Age of Truth.  
peace be yours,
Ari Ellumina (akj)
Source: http://ariellumina.wordpress.com/2013/11/24/signs-that-your-dna-has-been-activated/

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