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 Hollow Earth Civilization, the story and describing of it...is told by one who came from there to the surface of the planet , and today he is speaking to us about this brave life story for all of you...

The link for listening is here: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/hollowearthnetwork/2014/06/07/messages-from-hollow-earth

You will find here what you wont hear on the mass media , schools or TV...its for you to discover it now


This Featured Episode is extremely comprehensive in getting to understand the basis for Hollow Earth Network.

We hear Zaraya (Zorra's son) give the most detailed recount of his appearing before the Hollow Earth Council where he and his sister were requested to be relocated on the surface... and why.
We hear of his early childhood abilities, his induction into the Air Force, stationed at the Pentagon, in charge of Area 51 where he, on several occasions, took the "bullet vessel" through glassy tunnels to Inner Earth and Hollow Earth. Ramtha years.
Zorra gives a complete healing pulse.
Quazar deftly manages a very interesting interview of Zorra, including, "Who are you and where did you come from? Do you have other children? Where are they? Is Zaraya's anatomy different? How?" 
Zorra: "You are now at Dimension 5.6 - nothing to stop you from Ascending. Your Higher Self knows when it is time; here is how to learn your departure time.
How our discernment works.  Prime Creator speaks: "The dark's days are numbered, but still sending entities to slow your Ascension"
Zorra tells of an entity from England among us, former warlock from the dark side, asking us to send him energy for his work. "Do not do this, he is trying to trap you. If you already have, use this statement_______" 
Q & A's for this call will be on Wednesday, June 11, 5 PM Pacific - 8 PM Eastern.   

Telephone Replay:  1 209 255 1099 + 439724#  Ref: 30#
Thank you for joining us.

 The respond to this call is here where the questions will face the answers ~~~*~~~



Tonight's episode will accomodate all questions that apply to Saturday's Featured Episode of June 7 2014.
Zorra will be on hand to handle any questions relative to our June 7th episode.

This is the link for listening


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you may visit its radio show website


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