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During the current cardinal Grand Cross, the Archons and 

their etheric minions are putting pressure upon the 

Lightworkers and Lightwarriors, trying to inflict despair

and separation. I understand very well that many of you

are tired, but the key is perseverance, remaining calm as

much a possible and keeping unwavering focus on our vision

 of a bright future for humanity. We can not remove 25,000

years of darkness from this planet in a single day and it

would be unrealistic to expect one victory after another.

 Regardless of all setbacks and delays, we will be

People wanting proof, waiting passively for the Event and

 seeing each delay as an »excuse« are using the wrong

 strategy. Instead of complaining, do whatever is within

your power to assist the planetary liberation. Every small

action counts and brings the Event a little closer.

The first part of the IS:IS activation was successful to

 the point that no big disturbing global events happened

at the peak of the cardinal Grand Cross. It is true tha

t this activation was a little more demanding that the

 previous ones, but the Resistance perceives the awakened

 part of the surface population to be able to man up to

the task. Many websites and blogs could support the Light

 by publishing intel about the IS:IS activation, but for

 whatever reason chose not to. Many people were not able

 to handle the etheric Archon pressure and this is an

indicator to the Resistance that the etheric plane is not

 yet clear enough for the surface population to go through

the Event as at the moment of the Event the pressure will

 be even greater. This is precisely the reason I can not 

release certain intel, including but not limited to the

 Ascension plan, no matter how much I would like to.  

The Chimera group is a bit stronger than previously

 thought. It appears that they have access to a certain 

weather modification technology, triangular aerial craft and even a few cloning facilities. Therefore my assessment that the physical plane is ready for the Event was a little bit premature. 
It also appears that the QEG technology is not yet a fully

 working technology that can be easily reproduced, but a

prototype in development. The Fix the World team and all

 groups working on the device need as much support as 

possible to bring this technology to humanity soon:
Regardless of all difficulties of the liberation process,

 the Light forces are with us:
Strong alliances of Light are forming.
A special task force, named Round-op Alpha, has been

 formed on the surface of the planet. Their purpose is to

 assist in the mass arrests of the Cabal. Although I can 

not completely confirm their timeframe of the operation

 and all names on their list, you are more than welcome to

 assist them with intel or in any other way possible:
The Anonymous is cooperating with the Resistance:

To summarize all this, after the opening of the Pleiadian

 portal, the planetary situation is expected to improve.

EVENT On Earth

If you would like to have all of the information related to The Event at your fingertips during and after the time of The Event you may get a pdf book with all information related to the time before, during and after the Event 


or Read it here :

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