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Tonight's Many of One gathering with Peter Olson was reprogramed to include vital updates regarding the opening of the Harmonic Ascension Portal and initiating Ascension.  
This wonderful "Family Ascension Celebration" includes Sananda, St. Germain, Mother God, Prime Creator, Zorra/Father God and Adama, from Inner Earth.
All messages are focused on the opening of the Harmonic Ascension Portal tonight, April 15th 2014, at 10:00 PM Eastern.  
We are asked, "Are you ready?"
Are you?  The Higher Dimensions are fully open, and welcoming arms await you.  What to do?  Listen...
Yes, tonight's announcements open the door to First Wave Ascension.
We are at an historic point in the evolution and Ascension of Planet Earth. We invite you to join us, as we learn, together, 

Kathryn May
Peter Olson
Anne DeHart

Greetings I come bearing great news! Yesterday the whole day as soon as I would close my eyes I would see a whole lot of angels swirling around me. I was shown many visions of what is to come. Many light beings are already here on earth and more are descending by the second. I was told that the clearing and purification process has begun! They are working relentlessly to prepare everyone for what is to come starting April 15th.
Many of you may find yourself floating through space, time may begin to speed up for you and then slow down significantly. What happened in the morning may appear to you as if it has been a few days since. Your body may begin to ache in various places, joints, muscles and heart are all greatly effected right now. Especially the HEART. Many of you may begin to feel heart palpitations. Please know that this is a normal state of being as we are moving closer and closer to an amazing celestial alignment. You may experience mood swings. And many other bodily sensations. Please understand that this is all a normal part of this time.
This is a great time to revisit an article I wrote recently on how to tame the incoming energies..

EVENT On Earth
If you would like to have all of the information related to The Event at your fingertips during and after the time of The Event you may get a pdf book with all information related to the time before, during and after the Event 

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