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BlogtalkRadio with Ryan Leslie and Bear Saorin

you may listen by clicking on the link below

NewEarth Radio PrimeTime - StudioA

New Earth Radio Studio A
    New Earth Nation live radio - special guests from New Earth nation, Humanitad. Stay tuned on Facebook for the shows on Blogtalk.

    1-3pm Ryan Leslie, New Earth Retreats https://www.newearthnation.org/locations/retreats/
    3-4pm Bear Saorin, Academy of Wisdom Keeping Director https://www.newearthnation.org/institute/academies/wisdom_keeping/



    Jesaka Ahau Ra (Dj Cosmic Deva) Music Co-Ordinator for New Earth Music speaks with Misha Whirlwind Head of Operations for New Earth Music about the Vision of New Earth Music... As well as The Healing & Transformative Power of... more


    1-3pm Sam Coultrane & Jutta Alba, NE Zero Point Learning Faculty http://www.newearthnation.org/institute/faculties/zero_point_learning/ 3-4pm Laura Uplinger, Director: Birth & Dying Faculty... more


    Mission Our goal is bring full awareness to the people around the planet of the physical effects on plants, soil, food, air, and our own bodies by deliberate manipulation of our water. To offer an outlet to gather our own research and... more


    1-3 Jill Mattson: NEN Academy of Sound https://www.newearthnation.org/ 3-4 Gregory Rice: Solar Car Project https://www.newearthnation.org/


    1-3pm Rysa Perisan, Founder of Goldring http://goldring.wikifoundry.com/ 3-4pm Dr. Konstantin Korotkov, Sacha Stone & Anna Crozier: Biophysics and bioelectrography


    Join us at the special, earlier time of 10:30 to 12:30 EDT for the launch of Zero Point Time. Hosts Andrew Bartzis and Cosmos are joined by the ZPTime creative team of Six..., Lindsay and Duke to celebrate the start of our new clock... more


    1-2pm Marco Missinato, Composer - Unfolding Secrets http://unfoldingsecrets.com/ 2-3pm Scoritarrius, Academy of Wisdom Keeping https://www.newearthnation.org/institute/academies/wisdom_keeping/ 3-4pm... more


    1-3pm Ryan Leslie, New Earth Retreats https://www.newearthnation.org/locations/retreats/ 3-4pm Bear Saorin, Academy of Wisdom Keeping Director... more


    1-2pm Desmond Green, Consciousness & Spirituality Faculty https://www.newearthnation.org/institute/fellows/ 2-3pm Six... on ZPTime 3-4pm Jamar, NE Sports Network... more


    1~2:30pm Misha Whirlwind New Earth Nation Music 2:30~4pm Robert Measure New Earth Nation Youth Council (ages 8-29) https://www.newearthnation.org/ Schedule updates: https://www.facebook.com/The.New.Earth.

    New Earth Radio Studio A

    New Earth Nation: Michael Hoyland & John Button

    1~2:30pm Michael Hoyland, Director NEN Design & Development Faculty https://www.newearthnation.org/institute/faculties/design_and_development/ 2:30~4pm John Button, Director NEN Conservation & Ecology... more
    New Earth Radio Studio A

    New Earth Nation: Academy of Water/Conservation & Ecology

    1~2:30pm TechZ, Director NEN Introduction to the Academy of Water 2:30~4pm Anna Crozier Introduction to the Conservation & Ecology Faculty https://www.newearthnation.org/ Schedule updates:... more
    New Earth Radio Studio A

    New Earth Nation: Michael Tellinger & Natalia Rose

    * Note you will notice slight audio problems the first minute or so of the show. 1~2pm Michael Tellinger Head of the Ubuntu party, Candidate for South African 2014 General Elections http://www.ubuntuparty.org.za/ 2~4pm Natalia Rose,... more
    New Earth Radio Studio A

    Urban Outreach Program Director: Andrew Miller

    Introducing Andrew Miller New Earth urban outreach program Urban Outreach Faculty... mor
     Source: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/newearthnation

    EVENT On Earth
    If you would like to have all of the information related to The Event at your fingertips during and after the time of The Event you may get a pdf book with all information related to the time before, during and after the Event 

    or Read it here :

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