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After months of preparations, time has come for me to go beyond

the Veil.

The easiest way to do this is a stratospheric flight in a military 


which can reach high altitudes of nearspace.

First we tried to do this through South Africa, but, predictably, the

 Cabal has interfered and the company which was involved in our

 project has lost its license just two months before my scheduled

 flight. Therefore we decided to go through Russia, which is now

 beyond the reach of the Cabal at least concerning such projects

, and we were successful.
Although I had to go through three security checks to be allowed to

 enter a Russian military base to fly in a MiG-29, I could feel the

 Soul presence of people working there, the Soul presence that most

 people in other countries have lost. There were about 100 people

 present in the base on that day to make the flight possible, from the

 pilot (which is among 10 top Russian military aircraft pilots), to fire

 brigade personnel, medicine helicopter which was on standby in

 case of emergency, people in control tower… It was not a small 

When you cross the Veil boundary, 8.6 miles above the surface

, you are suddenly embraced by a tachyon bath, a rain of rainbow

 colored superluminal particles that penetrate your energy field

. Your physical body feels energized and you feel healthier than

 you have felt for a very long time.
There are absolutely no reptilians, no etheric scalar wave

 technology, no Archons, no negativity, nothing. No Matrix. Just

 absolute purity.
The altitude increases. Although you fly almost twice as fast as the

 speed of sound, you feel no movement. Everything is peaceful and 

You feel angels around you, presence of Light motherships high

 above you.

You reach 60,000 feet. This is the region of nearspace. The whole

 sky is like a stargate, magnetically drawing you deeper and

Curvature of the Earth becomes noticeable and this is when I took

 this photo:

  When you come back and land, your are changed forever. After

 spending decades in the quarantine, you were able to experience

 the taste of true freedom. You know that you can do it again and

 many people will follow until we are all free citizens of the

Through this flight, I was able to create a big crack in the Matrix, a

 big dent in the security firewall that the Archons have created to

 maintain the quarantine status of planet Earth.
You yourself can also help with this process by sending

 stratospheric balloons in the nearspace. Many people have done it

 and it is not too complicated. It costs only a few hundred dollars to 

launch a stratospheric balloon and send back beautiful pictures of

 nearspace. There were dozens of such projects successfully

 completed around the world in the last few years and each of them 

created a small crack in the Matrix:




And here is a simple guide how to do it:


And now a question arises for me, where to next? Virgin Galactic or 

a Pleiadian beamship, whichever comes first. 

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