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today's call had some beautiful new information, and we can expect more of the same, 8th january!

You May Listen HERE 7th january call 
as connection wasnt good enough on that day it took just the last hour of the radio show, so Zorra moved it to the next day to 8th january


ZORRA'S FINAL "FINAL" CALL! - 2 HOURS! 8th january

In this special show, we bid good-bye to Zorra, from Hollow Earth.

As we enter the fourth quarter of our fourth year with Zorra, we learn that Zorra and Prime Creator have determined that Zorra's scheduled shows shall end.

Zorra briefly commented on this possible decision on last Saturday's show and said he would update us. We have now learned that it has been decided, and on Wednesday, January 7 2015, Zorra himself shall gently awaken us to our new reality -  the wisdom that we shall recognize and implement the Power we have always had, but did not acknowledge.
Join us on Wednesday, January 7th, as Zorra concludes his almost four-year Mission, awakening the surface population to the existance of this advanced, benevolent and loving civilization living within our Hollow Earth and soon to emerge on the surface and walk amongst us.  Through Zorra, we have also grown to know the Galactics and learn that they, too, will soon be here amongst us... mentoring us ... a long-awaited reunion with our Star Families.
We invite you to join us on Wednesday, January 7th, to say farewell to Zorra and awaken to our Future... which is fast upon us.

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