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  Broadcast in Spirituality

How will we, the new Galactic Humans, the Gods and Goddesses, fit in and interact in the Cosmos?

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Zaraya and his mother Saryya give us a peek at life in Hollow Earth.  
Is our government is getting compassionate??  
How does Hollow Earth's Council of Twelve make and carry out plans without paperwork, appointments, or TIME?  
You are becoming Galactic Humans.  
Media horror stories? -- Those that passed on (died) are ahead of you!  -  What about "death?"
Q & A: Will Nibiru harm Earth? - Who is protecting Earth? - Is Earth a hologram? - Did our experiment work? - What race(s) are the Earth humans? - What is the cosmic plan for us? - Her children are missing, but she knows where they are. Zorra confirms - Do I want to be a Galactic Human, or Angelic Being? - He saw Ellenin and filmed it - Will RV and Disclosure happen together? - Who will we see first, Agartans or Galactics?
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